Monday, March 9, 2009

Tower of Strength and GIVEAWAY!!!

Most of you already probably KNOW Annette Lyon...she runs around in my same crowd...or THIS crowd...or you might know her from her INCREDIBLE writing talent because she is a published LDS author, just check THIS out and THIS out and MORE!

And she is my friend right now, but I fully expect to meet her in Real life I consider her one of my close friends.  I say that mainly because she has this quirky fascination with words (I love how she corrects Mormon missteps, for those of you that don't understand how we SAY things )and grammar, and although I SUCK at grammar, I LOVE words and the dictionary and everything nerdy to go along with that!

Annette gave me the honor of reading her new book that just came out and are in stores now entitled, "Tower of Strength" and giving my honest opinion and review about it!  Then she made the mistake of putting me on her BLOG tour...I'm humbled, but I honestly DON'T FEEL WORTHY!

Here is a video done of the book that has Sher THE Love playing her piano arrangement of "Come Thou Font" in the background...but I love it because it got me really excited to read the book. 

But I have always dreamed of being a BOOK critique if you must know!  So I really am glad that Annette let me preview the book before release so that I might be able to be a part of her FUN blog tour! 

Here is a run down of how a professional might write what the book is about straight from Deseret Book's website so go read it there...

because I'm far from a professional and you're here to hear what I have to say...not some professional right?  

But if I confuse you and cause you distress because I'm NOT a professional...then you can click on that link and get the REAL low down or summary of the book!  K!

I'm going to be honest...that summary is pretty good and sums up nicely what you will get from the book...

But I'm still going to tell you a little of what I got out of it...because when I read a book I get wrapped entirely in it! Which is why, since I was a young girl, reading books has been the one thing in life that has been consistent. It's what I do when I'm happy, sad, or angry! It's my escape!

And before blogging, it was my ONLY escape!

I still read at least three to four books a week...ranging from romance to self-help...

SO you get it right? I LOVE to read.

And Annette's book is about two people, Tabitha and Samuel, who you immediately fall in love with because they are so easily relatable. They are at different points in grieving their loved spouses...but they BOTH rely heavily on their faith in the Gospel as they continue on and find something in EACH other that they need and want.

Tabitha is a single MOM...trying to make it in a time when women didn't have a lot of choices to support themselves, yet Annette finds a way for Tabitha to support herself, although she does have to overcome some challenges along the way, you understand her strength and need as a woman and you can easily see yourself in Tabitha.

I don't want to give too much away, but I LOVE this part and it shows the strength in Annette's writing because I latched on to this paragraph it made me feel something, I just loved it, she writes:

"Life wasn't safe. It wasn't peaceful or predictable or any such nonsense. She had had to be on guard, ready to withstand whatever blows the world had to offer. Allowing herself to feel secure would only erode those walls she had built up to protect herself.
But she wanted those walls to crumble. not entirely--just a chink here and there."

K-I don't want to give away what this leads to...but I totally related to Tabitha's train of thought, her sorrow, her happiness, her as a mother.

Samuel is from London...need I say more? You guys KNOW how I feel about that accent? lol! But his character is everything charming and gentlemanly, in my mind the accent helps all of that, but it was nice to delve into his character...he's not a VAMPIRE, but he has the OLD WORLD charm about him that makes him desirable all the same in my mind.

Her last chapter of the book is Brilliant because if you aren't LDS or even if you are, she explains the history of some of the places she talks about in the book...great added stories and insights.

So to sum it's an EXCELLENT and intriguing book.  It's got a little of everything in it..but MY favorite part is the romance! :)

Here is a little bit about Annette, even when she writes about herself she adds humor, which is why I liked her from the beginning:

Annette Lyon, Utah’s 2007 Best of State medalist for fiction, has been 

writing for most of her life. While she’s found success in freelance 

magazine work and editing, her true passion is fiction. In 1995, she 

graduated cum laude from BYU with a BA in English. Her university 

focus on 19th-century literature proved beneficial years later while 

writing historical temple novels. Her fifth novel, Spires of Stone, was a 

2007 Whitney Award finalist. 

When she’s not writing, Annette enjoys spending time with her 

husband and their four children. She also loves reading, knitting, and 

chocolate—not necessarily in that order. 

Readers may contact her via her website,

Not only is she a fabulous writer and BLOG friend, she is also allowing me to give ONE OF YOU a FREE copy of this book!!!

***All I'm asking you to do is comment about one can she include ME in her next NOVEL?

Honestly...I was thinking she needs to write me up as a raving beauty where every man wants me and I'm totally popular yet humble and sweet and my life is full of adventure and riches...yet I'm still humble, and did I mention POPULAR?


I'll randomly choose who gets the book and Giveaway ends tomorrow morning around 9:00am MST.




Loralee and the gang... said...

Wow- I am honored to be the first to comment and to enter the book giveaway! I need a book that is caramel-popcorn worthy! (When I was a child, my grandma would make us a GARBAGE BAG full of it for a Christmas treat for the family - and I would spend all of Christmas break reading really great books and eating her yummy popcorn!)

Barbaloot said...

That plot line about a book about you sounds inspired. I'm quite certain I've never read anything like it:)

I think she should write a book about a girl who gets her first kiss the same time she has her first make-out session...

Lara said...

I think she could totally have a storyline centered around all your don't you hate it when moments. Definitely.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I think she should write a book about bathroom misadventures and call it "blokked toilet!" Or maybe about a photographer that travels to the midwest to photograph covered bridges and call it "Bridges of.....oh WAIT, that book has already been writen!
OK, what about a book about a quirky, precious, thoughtful, beautiful, fun-loving young mother that touches and entertains so many people around the country just by being herself....she could call the book "Shelle, a Cyber Angel". Because you are~
Have a wonderful Monday!
PS....I WANT that book!

Katie L said...

I love to read too! I'm more addicted to it than TV!!! Enter me in fo sho!!

Kristina P. said...

I don't want to enter, since I also received an advance copy, but your review is great!

And don't be jealous, which of course means be jealous, but I did meet Annette. Buuwwaaaaahhhhh!!!

Jessica said...

How about this? Pick me, pick me, pick me please!!!!! :) I have a New Year resolution to read 12 LDS themes books and so far I got half way through Jesus the Christ and dropped out. I need to get back on the bandwagon with my reading. This would be a perfect kick off!!! It sounds lovely.


T said...

that's easy - her next main character can be a completely normal wreck - who just can't seem to find peace with that until she meets her new BFF (that's you... unless you wanted a bigger role) who shows her that the "perfect molly" just ain't and we can all just relax a bit :)

I love reading books - so of COURSE I need to read this!!

(and don't you feel special when you get to read it prior to release, so sneaky in a non-dirty way)

springrose said...

I think she should write some kind of suspensful romance based in Ireland, You kind of have that Irish beauty about you. Don't know if you are part Irish or not ;o), and I love me an Irish accent! They are about as good as the British ones!!

Natalie said...

Well that's easy...a dark-haired beauty with a love of photography who writes novels in her spare time! (btw, I have been searching for something to read for way too long now. I can't even count how often I've reread the good parts in Twilight. tee hee)

sara said...

So are you really randomly going to pick a winner or should I try to bribe it out of you? I think you look amazingly hot today. That shirt goes really well with your eyes. You should totally be the next hero in the book series. There's no one I find more fascinating.
Do I get any brownie points? And by brownie I mean book...
Did I mention it looks like you've lost some weight? You look amazing!


That is easy I think she could include you in her next book as a young independent woman who is looking for love, someone that never stood out to boys before, but after finding the gospel and relying on the Lord you begin to shine more beautiful than ever thought imaginable and of course you find your true love! That would be a great one!

Anonymous said...

this is exciting!!!!!

binks said...

OK - this is like the 10th time my comment has been eaten by your blog. Are you trying to tell me something? lol

My comment went something like Lucille - you get the gist.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Twin sisters seperated at birth reunited as young woman find they never really felt alone they could always sense that the other part of them was out there somewhere and when they unite they start a grand adventure to find out why they were seperated at birth in the first place:)Hugs Darcy

Kritta22 said...

I'm with Barbaloot...first kiss/makeout session!!

I wanna go read this right now!

Is it fair to everyone else if I win this?? I mean, I already won the Twilight series.

I'm gonna enter anyway cuz that's how I roll!

Anjeny said...

Wow..that is such an honor, you previewing her book before it comes out. I want to read this book, too....pick me pick me!! LOL

Ok, hmmmmm, for her next book, she should write you in there as this gorgous, sexy photographer who because of your incredible talent for capturing the beauty in people through the lenses, has captured the main hero's heart through your talent. And instead of being totally popular, you'd be this shy that's why you do photography and kinda what makes the hero in the book fascinated and curious enough about you to find out the real person within...what ya think? Please tell me this totally qualify me for that book....hmmmm, maybe I should bribe you with caramacs? LOL

Annette Lyon said...

I think I lack the ability to capture your true essence . . .

The Wixom Zoo said...

Ooh! Ooh! You could be a famous photographer who gets called to photograph some world famous event (maybe in London?) and then you get tangled up in a super exciting, super scary mystery of epic proportions!!! (I love me a good mystery novel, I have to say.)
What do you think? Was it good enough to win? 'Cause I could ask her to help you get the uber hot and totally fabulous mountain man in the end...

Becky said...

I wandered over here from Annette's blog and loved your review of her new book. You are a fun blogger! Please pick me as the winner!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I wrote a comment earlier and now it's not here. Shucks!

I can't wait to check out Annette. I had no idea she was a famous author, that's how out of the loop I am.

I think she should create character (YOU) who is holding a candle for this beautiful boy who loves blondes. They are best friends, but nothing romantic. The poor girl promises she will never kiss anyone if it's not him. She has to wait for 5 years but finally he blows down her wall, one chink at a time.

She could write a whole book about you, actually.

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