Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Lady who Fluffed in my Face

Dear Lady Who Fluffed in my Face--

I was a little creeped out anyway when you were right next to me as I was getting all of our stuff on the security belt.

Then standing so close to me as I was waiting to go through the security gate that I could feel your breath on my neck.

But while I was getting all of my stuff back on and tucked in and laced up...did you HAVE to crowd me then?

And then...THEN...when I bent down to put my shoes on...did you HAVE to wait and FLUFF just at that exact moment? It wasn't even a silent fluff... was HORRIBLE. In fact I coughed because it was like getting slapped in the face with the most horrible rotten-egg-smell EVER to whaft through and up my nose!!!

I looked up at you SURPRISED...

But ALL you did was look the complete innocent to the crime I FULL on knew you committed.

I lost it when my son, DCAR,said, "EEEWWWW!!! What is that smell Mom?"

I didn't even feel bad when I laughed and laughed and know, when you HAVE to laugh but your not suppose to, so it makes NOT laughing even HARDER??? Like in Church?

Yea...well, at least I reacted that way...instead of turning around and drop kicking you for making me smell you!

I mean...

It wasn't ME crowding your space...YOU were crowding mine!

Forgive me if it took a minute to get Me, my boy, AND my daughter all undressed to go through security and then RE-dressed after we got through security!

And now that I think about HELP me if you fluffed by my face on PURPOSE!

I just hope...what GOES around...comes AROUND, in your instance!



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