Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The LONG boring Picture Post!

I want to apologize to all my SMART math friends for not giving a shout out yesterday to SQUARE ROOT DAY!!! 03-03-09 The square root of nine is 3...(That is assuming I have smart math friends)

How totally insensitive of me!

It only happens 9 times EVERY century...and I don't even acknowledge it...instead I whine about NOT wanting to be a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER...I'm surprised you are still my friends...really I am.

The next one won't be until April 4, 2016...i might not even be BLOGGING by then...and if I AM blogging still...I'll be WAY to famous to remember something like that! ya know?

Now for the awaited BIRTHDAY trip in LA!

First of HUSBAND stepped up to the plate. I woke up the morning of my birthday for my early morning pee and thought I was being attacked because he had placed a bouquet of balloons outside our door with a card attached to it!!!

Then I walk outside to go to the airport and look at what he did for me as he puts it, "freezing his butt off at midnight"

I didn't believe it was him at first because it was done TOO pretty!!! lol!

He also sent me a steamy text while we were in LA...but that stuff shall remain private!!! But I missed him terribly after that! :)

Let's do this trip picture style...

Well, to be honest...I only got half the Mom got all the fill in the blanks...but since she only empties her camera once ever 6 months, I'm not getting those any time soon!

I STILL think the best part of the trip was when we were driving to our hotel. My lil sis was navigating and told me before I hit the freeway exit to TURN RIGHT off the exit. So I told that to myself three times and drove along our happily merry way.

I see the exit...Shelle gets off the exit...lil' sis screams, "LEFT Shelle I said TURN LEFT!"

Me: "I thought you said RIGHT!

Lil' Sis: "NO! I said LEFT!"

So I veered to the left and got onto the main street. We stop at the first stop light there and I look to my right and I see the TRAVELODGE that I was going to book us at. So I point over that direction and say, "Hey that is where I was going to book us at before Mom took over HOTEL detail!"

My Mom: "Trashy Shelle! Glad we aren't staying there!"

Me: my pride and sensibility was a little pricked and I said, "But there is a Denny's you could eat breakfast at and everything! Plus Mom, you COME from trailer trash...what the heck are you complaining about" we all laugh.

My Mom: "Well I'm glad we aren't staying there!

I continue to drive down the street. We pass, THE WESTIN, THE MARRIOTT, La Quinta INN and on and so forth. I suddenly realize we are almost to the airport I say...someone CHECK the numbers.

We realize we are going the wrong way!!!

So we turn around...

Me: "You meant RIGHT...huh lil sis?" We laugh.

We pass the "TRASHY" Travel Lodge toward our hotel, which was the RAMADA. All of a sudden my older sis says, "LOCK THE DOORS!"

I actually LOOK at where I'm driving and there is BARS on the windows and "different" sort of people making their homes on curbs.

Older Sis: "MOM! We are NOT staying in this part of town!"

Mom: "It will be fine...don't worry!"

Older Sis: "Shelle did you lock the doors?" half laughing.

Lil Sis: "Mom! Are you SERIOUS?!" laughing out loud.

We finally spy our hotel...The paint that says, "RAMADA PLAZA INN" is chipping off and lets just say the "Trashy" Travel Lodge was a step up.

While pulling into the parking lot I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe...I would have died happy because it was the funniest thing since I don't remember when...and I did hit the sidewalk think in the parking garage because I couldn't see through my tears.

My older sister made me call right there in the parking garage while looking at the receptionist and CANCEL our hotel!

We ended up at the Marriott for $40.00 more...but well worth the money! Believe me!

But that started the great short trip we had.

We decided, by recommendation of the concierge, so drive to Santa Monica BLVD (Thank you Sheryl Crow) and shop Third Street Promenade...

First of all...we ALL love to get our pictures taken...has soon as my camera was poised to snap, my sisters and Mom would be ready!

See What I mean?

Don't you love my lil' sis baby bump? She's having a boy...and we are all so excited for her...I'm the FAVORITE Aunt...there is NO question!

I think the coolest part about this street full of shops like THE GAP, H&M, and MAC is the fact that self designers set up shop there is so much VARIETY...

Plus you walk down the street and get entertained by street entertainers like this:

These guys Father and Son...did like a Cirque Du Soleil sort of thing!

And then these guys...the creepy one on the Left wouldn't stop staring at I snapped his picture...creepy? Or what?


I tried to snap a candid picture of my Mom and Lil' Sis...never works...

Anyway...we spot the MAC makeup store. I'm sorry, but I'm obsessed with lipstick and lip gloss and make-up and all that sort of stuff. Well, my Older sis LOVED and RAVES about MAC Make-up...SOOOO we went to the store...of course!

That is where my MOM and SISTERS decided I needed a Make-Over! i think they were hinting to me because later that night at the SteakHouse when I opened my gifts from them were Manicure/Pedicure and Facial...HMMMM....

This beautiful BIG black lady did my MAC's the result:

That lipstick there...doesn't come off...NO LIE! I ate, drank, and SLEPT...and the next morning it still LOOKED like this! I love it...I'm going back there to buy one of EACH color that looks good on me!

Lil Sis got just her eye's done:

I went into H&M and bought me some clothes...everyone else was tired from walking around...but I was on a Birthday HIGH...I spent 45 minutes in that store by myself while my family members indulged in ice cream and people watching.

That night before dinner we all got dressed up and the picture taking began...did I mention we LOVE the camera?

Yea needed to fix my bangs here...beautiful right? lol!

Just in case you didn't catch that picture the first time! lol!

We ate and got back into the hotel...fully intending to go to a Comedy club or something...BUT

We went to bed.


10:00 pm.

Lights Out!

Best Birthday DAY ever!!!



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