Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's SEVEN...

DCar is 7 years old.

The kid is a boy...and everyday he gets closer and closer to being a *shudder* man.

My MIL always says, "Oh they are so cute when their young...then they grow up and become a (insert disgusted face here) MAN."

I would smile and nod like I knew what she was talking about...but I couldn't imagine it. Not MY little guy. Not the one that wants me when he's scraped his knee or holds my hand and looks up to me with his ENORMOUS blue eyes and says, "Mom you are SO pretty!"

No...I couldn't wrap my head around him actually growing up.

Well a few weeks ago he turned 7. S-E-V-E-N.

Remember I'm having a hard time with turning 30. He's seven guys. He might as well be doing donut holes in his old pick up truck with is hormonal teenage thrill seeking friends. He seems that old to me.

He completely gets himself off to school. He's responsible enough to come home and do his homework and make sure his room is clean so he can play. No one FORCES him to...he just does it, when I'm not there.

He has an old soul I think. He's chill, he's sensitive, and he's super funny. He throws out witty comments like he's been doing it for a career...

We threw him a party. We asked him if he would like a Mom/Dad Date this year again or a party with his friends. He chose friends...it's all beginning...soon we will be wondering when the last time we saw his face was.

This is his old girlfriend from Kindergarten!

PeePs LOVING that she could come with us! She kept the girl happy during the party! :)

My husband tends to avoid signs like these...or thinks they don't apply to him! :)

And after it was over he said, "Mom and Dad, thanks for my party, you are the GREATEST parents ever!" See how smart he is...he butters us up...he KNOWS already that words like that melt our hearts and gets him whatever he wants.

Today...for the first time since he was 2 years old I heard him SCREAM in pain! I dropped everything and ran outside because I knew from that sound something was wrong. My kid hardly EVER shows pain...he will laugh before he cries.

But today...while roughing around on the trampoline(his friends like to beat each other up, wrestle/grapple, and play WWF) he fell in the hole-with-springs-missing-that-we-need-to-repair-before-some-gets-hurts and rammed his face right into the pole bar with the missing spring and his VAMPIRE tooth speared his lip. IT is a pretty big gaping hole.

After a good cry and a few deep breaths he was calm and almost asleep with the ice pack on his lip.

When he woke up MSM and I informed him that him and his friends won't be allowed to play on the tramp because we can't afford for something like what happened to him happen to his friends...we don't want to get sued.

His eyes opened wide and he said, "My lip will grow back...I don't even feel any pain anymore."

He's definitely growing up. He doesn't even want me to hold him and purr in his ear that everything is okay...he tells ME it is all right. *sigh*

I saved you from viewing the picture...because it's gross...

DCar: I love you big guy. Sorry you got hurt today. You are happy you are older...I am happy for you. But I want you to know that I'll always remember you with your BIG adoring eyes, smiling at me while you squeeze my hand three times, silently telling me you love me. Just don't ever grow out of that!



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