Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LIVE: Oh NO! Not another BLOG to add to my blog reader Shelle!

I want you to know...this video took me like an hour and a half!  CRICKEY...I thought it would be easy peasy...but uh...NO it wasn't!

Anyway...here I am...in REAL TIME.

After you stop laughing and making fun...make sure you leave a comment and go check out the links below!

Video Blog 1 from Shelle Blok on Vimeo.

So go check out The Real World Venus vs. Mars and let us know if you would like to be a regular contributor...or send us an email (realworldvenusmars@gmail.com) of stuff you have written that you would like for us to post for you!

Blogging Mama came up with the genius title and we both thought it could be a blog for people to discuss relationship in's and outs, MEN/WOMEN "discussions", and plain problems that you would like advice on!

My hope is that this blog will make you laugh, cry, and think!  Discuss what works and what doesn't...discuss why MEN are so DIFFERENT from us women...(okay, or VICE a VERSA)...

We also would like people to guest post and you can always post Anonymously!

Anyway...the blog post over on
the site tells you in more detail what it's all about. 

And if you feel so inclined, COMMENT and/or FOLLOW us because if you don't do that in less then 10 minutes after reading this post...bad things will happen to you...(Fine, I'm lying, but do you REALLY want to risk it?)

Men welcome, dating singles welcome, and couples welcome. (Women...it is assumed that you are welcome of course!!!)

Relationships are hard to define, but extremely fun to peek into!!! :)

We are open to all suggestions...but be warned, we might ignore them...okay I kid...a little.



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