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10 things I learned IN the Okanagan Valley, Canada--Long post but LOTS of pictures!

10 things I learned in the Okanagan Valley, Canada...

I know most of you come to my blog to educate yourself. So I like to make sure that once in a while I relate to you my knowledge of life...and the things I learn from it.

In this case...Canada.

Get your pens and pencils and paper out because you will want to remember this stuff.

1. I learned that Canadian apples TASTE like American apples. Being my third time in Canada...I was determined to find out which country hosted the better apple...and I'll be darned, they tasted the same. (Except they don't sale the WASHINGTON apples in Canada where I was at, that I LOVE so much from COSTCO, and they are my FAVORITE. But I can't honestly say they are BETTER.)

2. Deer eat in your back yard...and when you go to the park around the corner of your house...carry BEAR spray...just in case you come upon a bear. Bear spray say WHAT?

My BIL and SIL punished asked to take a WALK up this a honest to goodness mountain..."Oh it's just a short walk up this hill and you can see the lakes in the Okanagan Valley...our little 4 year old daughter did can do it and you'll LOVE the view"
The ONLY thing they were correct on...I loved the view--next time, I'm renting a scooter to take me up there!

That...OR...I'm kicking my daughter out of the stroller! Heck she's younger, she doesn't need to be pushed like an invalid on a UPMOUNTAIN not UPHILL climb...that should be reserved for MOMMIES!

3. Canadians like to kiss also. Who knew?

4. Red heads are worshiped in Canada. So my little niece is treated like a princess wherever she goes...and my BIL thinks he's KING of the WORLD...not because he's worshiped for being a red head...but because that is JUST HOW MY HUSBANDS FAMILY was raised! Just saying!

5. Ice Skating in Canada on Sunday is like FAMILY HOME EVENING on Monday's in the states. Loved that!!! :) (Okay, that might just be my BIL and SIL trying to appease a certain someone's who are visiting and only have a limited time to visit and wants to try ice skating on a frozen pond...maybe that had a little bit to do with it?)

6. Rated R movies...are NC-17 rated in Canada. Or so my BIL tells me, I have yet to be convinced!!! :)

7. LULU the THING in workout wear in BC Canada. You don't have a LuLu Lemon, you might as well NOT show up to the gym. HOW EMBARRASSING. So I brought the trend to Utah...

I bought a head band.

So THERE...I am IN on the IN before the IN is even HERE! Take THAT! You fashion chauvinists!!!

8. There is a Diet out there for IDIOTS.

I'm an idiot!

So glad I went to Canada to find THAT out!

My BIL looks like he's in high school's funny and I'm jealous! :) My SIL is skinny when she thinks she is no surprise that she looked great also!

9. Redheads love DCAR. I learned that in America also with his other girl's just funny it's the same in Canada! :)

10. In Canada I have a new boyfriend that tells me he loves me...and MountainSport Man...and DCAR...and his love wasn't ONLY for me...but he's got to be the NICEST guy I know. Nead Laup everyone...I love him!!! :) Have a postum on me big guy! ;)

10 1/2: I learned that my husband STILL doesn't know my good picture-taking-side in Canada!

Here's my excuse...I was mid sentence talking to my camera explaining what I was videoing...I can't help my genetics people!!!

Well remember THIS post where I begged you for advice on how to get my STUBBORN husband to cut is hair? Well I set an appointment for me to get a color...needed a change...and set an appointment up for him.

Told him about it the day before...and he said, "I'll see if I show up".

Well HE DID IT guys...and let's just say, I tingled all over just looking at him...aaahhh he's SOOO HOT (to me anyway)!

Long Hair...


I think writing stuff on my blog to get my husband to do things I otherwise would have to drag him to do, is's like MAGIC!

Love ya seriously look SOOOO good!

Did YOU learn anything new? :)



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