Thursday, March 26, 2009

Death Defying, Heart Stopping, Adrenaline Pumping ACTION!

Let me just start by saying...when watching the video BELOW...what part of "you can make fun of my little girl voice BEHIND my back" did you people NOT understand?


I can't hear ya...speak up ya pansies!!!

Okay, you're right, I DON'T really care...its the PRINCIPAL of the matter...if you guys are to be GOOD little followers you are suppose to adhere to EVERYTHING I tell you! :)

Thank you for those of you who lied to my face, LIKE GOOD BLOG FRIENDS WOULD, and told me my voice sounded fine or normal...for you, I will have you endure another video of me soon.

Your. Welcome.

Did I just hear someone whisper that that is punishment not reward? ya guys...honestly, the wit is what keeps me coming back for more abuse!!!

I was surfing along on the internet yesterday and came upon Dadhouse's blog...he's holding a giveaway and all I have to do is write about Spring Fever and hope it fits into ONE of these categories:

  • Spring romance
  • Spring dating
  • Spring fling
  • Spring as a season for renewal
  • Spring break Fortune Cookie Telling (As CRASH would call it...but the rest of the world knows it as, let me spell it out for all my LDS friends, S.E.X.) Since I never even had a one night stand with ANY guy, cause...HELLO...they all came back for more (kissing that is), and I was a virgin when I got married...this category I have NOTHING for. Although there was that ONE time after I was married...NO, I'll spare you the details... *sigh*
Spring Break where I grew up starts around the end of February, beginning of March. In fact, when I was going through High School people would come down to St. George where I lived and, honestly, walk the Boulevard...(the main street in our town). Lame right? But it was HOT and that is why people came get away from the cold.

There were literally HUNDREDS of teenage/college kids making trouble, Pool Hopping, and getting tans. And the BASEBALL tournament would coincidentally land on that same week? So we had HORDS of male testosterone roaming about.

It was a glorious few days...let me just say.

And there is nothing better than a guy who plays baseball. They are all rogues. Or all the ones I met.

I hated to watch baseball...but BOY did I love to watch guys who PLAYED baseball.

Does it surprise you that that was MountainSport Man's sport of choice?

Well I became a seasoned Spring Breaker in St. George. Which just means, I avoided the Boulevard, scratched tanning because it was useless with my skin, but made sure to go Pool Hopping whenever the time arose.

My first year of college, which was the local college in my town, a guy met me. I say he "met me" because he went OUT of his way to introduce himself to me, TWICE, the first time I said "hi" and "nice to meet you" like any good person would.

The second time he caught me right before a slow dance was coming at one of the College Dances. We became INSTANT friends after that. He was funny, charming, and incredibly smart with numbers and writing...and there is just SOMETHING about a guy who can put his mind on paper. He soon became one of my very BEST friends and we were together a lot.

But I'll never forget our first date, SPRING BREAK week. Our first date he, we will call him TREY, introduced me to Cafe Rio and he almost killed me.

To this day...Cafe Rio is one of my FAVORITE mexican restaurants.

Now to the part about almost killing me.

We had just picked up our Cafe Rio. And we were headed to some secluded spot to eat it in peace, so we could talk, because honestly we could talk about anything, and we laughed a lot was kinda fun and a very romantic thought.

Let me preface this by saying...I have a knack for talking to people while they are driving. Like REALLY talking to people...Trey had a knack for looking at people talking to him while he was driving.

We were heading on a street called, BLUFF, and were curving around a slight bend, and at the end of this bend was a red light.

Trey and I were flirting back and forth...because a date wouldn't be worth it if there wasn't a bunch of flirting right? He was looking at me...I was laughing at him.

All of a sudden I had a feeling to look forward. So I did...I looked forward...and we were coming up on a Red light. I looked over at Trey, his mouth was still moving and he was still looking at me, but at that time everything started to go in SLOW MOTION. I looked forward again and saw that the cars waiting to turn left were rolling out to turn LEFT onto BLUFF...meaning they were headed right toward us.

I actually smiled...I specifically remember that, and said, " light".

He looked forward, but at first it was like he didn't see...what seemed like MINUTES was actually only a few seconds...and then he realized he was running a red light...he sped up, and then swerved to miss the oncoming traffic.

I SWEAR the car that ALMOST hit us...I could feel the HEAT of the headlights it was so close.

Then...after about a minute of dead silence, as we both waited for our hearts to slow down, I turned to him and said, "That was are so IN to me that you almost killed me because you couldn't tear your eyes away from me."

His eyes widened with surprise...and then slowly his face relaxed and we both laughed.

One of the best dates I have EVER been on. Comedy, good conversation, and some death defying, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping ACTION, and I was almost hit be a car. Okay I kid, I was talking about the Almost Accident death defying, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping action.

And for the record...Pool Hopping after eating Cafe Rio and almost really REALLY fun!!!

Just saying...

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