Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beware you might Scream Out Loud at the end of this've been warned!

I'm high tail'n it outta here for a few days...getting lost outside of the country!!!


Have I ever told you guys how much I LOVE Canada?

Probably not...but I do.

I love going there to visit...and since hubby's brother lives there, it's so fun to go there and hang out and just inhale the culture...and by that I mean marijuana!

See they have this BIG Festival on July first because July first is THEIR fourth of we like to visit Canada on their Independence day because they let people smoke marijuana...that and where my BIL and SIL live there are lakes's gorgeous!

Don't worry, I don't smoke marijuana...come on guys, I'm totally responsible...I just pretend I have a cold and drink Nyquil...

So maybe I won't be inhaling anything in February besides the BRRRR cold...but we might go tubing and eat at a Greek restaurant...and read everything in the metric system...and feel like we are paying a TON for things, but really we aren't...and say EH? Every 5 minutes...because my Brother and Sister in Law love it...and wear our PROUD to BE an American shirts, pants, beanies, scarves, and earrings...

And they love when we come to visit because we ransack their house and then's so FUN!

Thanks GUYS...

Don't worry...Canada gets I'm going to update this blog with one random silly picture a DAY...if I can swing it!

I've been trying to show you video because I have some funny videos...but I can't figure out how to download the video that is on my MAC computer to YOUTUBE or VIMEO, it's not recognizing the file, but I swear it is a .mov file? ...once I figure that out it's ON!!! You guys will be able to view us in REAL time...

Bet ya can't wait for that?

So what are you going to do for Spring Break?

My family DID have some fun with PhotoBooth on the Mac here's ONE for the Road!!!
Okay...I's ANOTHER one for the road...

bbbwwwaaahhhhaaaa!!! Wasn't that scary? Did you SOL (Scream Out Loud)...because even though I was present for this picture...I scream everytime I see it...

It kinda reminds me of someone I creeps me out! And I LOVE it! :)



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