Friday, January 23, 2009

Where my family goes from Somewhat Respectable to Redneck White Trash...I love it!

This is my Brother, I deem, The Traveler. He's the oldest of my OLDER brothers. He's a perfectionist and has always had all is ducks in a row.

But the times I LOVE him most is the times when he is NOT perfect...

He had the opportunity to take part in raising me...lucky guy. He taught me responsibility and to always have a plan A,B and C.

That is his KMART model look...he's perfected it. Mine rallies his though, I should have been a KMART model...oh well, that time has passed...

Okay, so he TRIES to be evil...but he can't be, he's totally NOT evil in Anyway. He didn't even KNOW about French Kissing until he was closed to being engaged??? And he didn't get married until he was 31...What the What? I'll never understand that...(Sorry Heidi, but it's just so FUN to French Kiss!!! In my HUMBLE opinion!)

But like I said, I love when he gets surprised, when the unexpected happens to HIM...

So the FAMILY Christmas party I planned we had a FIESTA. What's a Fiesta without a pinata? In my world of's NOTHING without a Pinata. So we had ONE pinata for the kids...FULL OF SUGAR treats and cheap penny toys...they LOVED it.

We filled the adult one with MONEY. Cash and Change...but we didn't tell anybody about it. We wanted it to be a surprise...catch everyone OFF guard. And THE TRAVELER was NO exception!

As soon as my Dad swung at that pinata and money went FLINGING family went from Highly respectable REDNECK WHITE TRASH! (And I mean that in the MOST respectful way :) )

It was Glorious! Then at the mad scramble for the brother--my perfect, reliable, and handsome brother...slipped on ice we had covered up with the tarp and UNGRACEFULLY and UN-Perfectly! And I caught the after math on CAMERA!!!

Flat on his back--at least he can still smile at himself...the pants next to him is Suns Fan #1...he was asking if The Traveler was watch...

He's laughing...everything is good...

Still laughing...Suns Fan #1 is pointing his finger and the black coat with skinny jean legs is The Traveler's wife...notice she is turned around still trying to nab some money! :)

Okay he's getting up...

This is my White Trash Redneck Family...The only ones paying attention to THE TRAVELER is either pointing at him and laughing...or just plain laughing.

The Traveler's wife is showing the DOLLAR she nabbed...

The others? They are all still attempting to pick up whatever LOOT they can get their grubby hands on...notice the left hand side of the BIL who I talked about in my FIRST KISS story...he's on his 6'5" hands and knees SCRAPING for a nickel...or maybe a quarter! *shakes head*

The Traveler is flexible...we are a PERFORMING is he is in a FULL lunge stretch!

I hope it didn't ruin his coat...maybe we should have warned him about the ice? Or maybe about the money so he wouldn't have been so EAGER to be the first to the scene of the Pinata LOOT?

OHMYGOSH...I LOVED IT! It was the best pinata party EVER!!!

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