Monday, January 19, 2009

I think I'm an addict

YOU GUYS!!! Is it pathetic to feel like I am included in a great group of BBFF's? I'm rarely serious, but it doesn't mean I'm not seriously passionate about things. A few times I like to express things that I am absolutely passionate about and get somewhat serious.

Every time I go to click that PUBLISH POST button I get nervous about what replies I might get or how many FOLLOWERS I might lose...

But reading your comments to yesterdays post, seriously, you made me cry. I love that people FEEL the same way as I do...I LOVE that!

I use to blog because I LOVE to write. I blogged because it was an out for me to express things that I had a hard time expressing out loud and in REAL life. I blogged because I wanted to write down experiences, like a journal, for my kids to read later.

And I still blog for those things...

But I also blog now, and find myself getting on my computer over and over again because, I like the PEOPLE I'm connecting with. Like long lost friends that have been missing from my life!


Okay, enough blubbery, blubbery...

I have something extremely important to address.

Do you have GUILT foods in your life?

I do.

Food is my VICE. I love it. But I also have food that makes me feel GUILTY, like I've done something extremely EVIL. And not in a GOOD way.

So here is my guilt food...Donuts and Hamburgers...I instantly feel bad after I've eaten a really GUILTY CONSCIENCE sort of thing.

No lie...

And I was just wondering if I was the only one?

Or is it just "soft people with extra layers of fat to protect their perfectly skinny body, who have been dieting for more years than their 3 year old can count, even when they WERE skinny"? It's like if I give in, I feel that I have NO self that how a addict feels?

Does that mean I'm an addict? Oh my HELK and TAMNATION...I bet it does...I'm a total addict!

Do skinny people have food guilt?

Not skinny people that throw up or starve themselves, because I don't even begin to understand that...I love FOOD way to much!

But always-been-skinny-carry-a-hamburger-in-their-purse skinny, do they have guilt food?

I can't imagine they do? What does that say about me? Is that totally pathetic or what? Am I NORMAL?

So many questions...

Well, had farking (thanks binks) IN-N-OUT the other day and can't get over my SHAME. So I have to blog about talk about it.

Thanks for being there in this time of need and support... :)



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