Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MY first kiss/french kiss/make-out!

Crash and the rest of the girls over at her place who are blogging across America totally PEER PRESSURED me to tell my First Kiss story…so I'm totally blushing right now, but I don't want to be the Party Pooper…

So this is going to be a longer post than usual...feel FREE to skip this one…I'm anything if not completely THOROUGH in my telling of important life events…and believe me, this definitely falls into that category…so HONESTLY…you don't have to read ANY further!

It's funny, first kisses…

When I met the guy that was to be my first kiss I was 12.

I was infatuated/obsessed/admired/looked up to my older sister Dance Masta, for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be EXACTLY like her. I remember sitting in the bathroom while she got ready to go out…I thought she was the PRETTIEST most BEAUTIFUL person EVER!

So when she introduced us to her boyfriend, now husband, we will call him Trey, (Pat you would of loved him, he played for BYU Football until he did something awful to his spine!), of course, I thought he was the most PERFECT guy in the world. I just KNEW I was going to find someone EXACTLY like him…my 11-12 year old heart wouldn't think any different.

So who better than his younger brother who was my age? Kevy Jay.

I met him at one of Trey's Football games. I fell for him and I fell hard!

I just KNEW he was going to be THE ONE (like I knew I was suppose to marry him! ). I was way into boys at the time and TOTALLY appreciated the male body at a very young age, and KJ had a great body…even for a 12 year old because his GIGANTIC Norseman looking brothers had him lifting weights as soon as he could walk, I'm sure.

As long as I had known KJ he always had a girlfriend and she was usually a blonde.

That didn't deter me.

Growing up with 3 brothers to surround me I was one of THOSE girls that were thought of as a FRIEND more than a girlfriend. I didn't mind…truly I didn't, guys were SO much easier to get a long with and a lot less drama. I didn't want to really get serious with any guy and since KJ lived 5 hours away from me, he was put somewhat on a pedastal and I put all my crushing on him…so I was never really tempted to even WANT to be a girlfriend…if that makes ANY sense at all.

When I was 13 I had an experience were I was dared to go in a closet with another boy, that I didn't know, to kiss. He was more than willing, but for SOME reason, in that moment, I didn't want to give my lip viginity up to just anybody, and within that closet, at the YOUNG age of 13…I decided I only wanted ONE guy to be my first kiss.

So I turned my cheek to the guy in the closet (who always held a grudge after that…sheesh…if I would have known kissing was SO MUCH FUN…I would have let that guy kiss me…a lot!)

So after that I just kept myself a FRIEND to all the guys I hung out with, and made sure to keep just enough distance between me and any guy so I would be just that…a FRIEND. I did have some guys profess their NEED to kiss me…but I never did…I waited for KJ, to drop his blonde girlfriend!

FREAK it took a long time! But we WERE really good friends. Any chance I got to go and see him, I did.

I definitely liked him more than he liked me(you have to know I HATE admitting that)…and I never EVER told him I liked him…but everyone KNEW I did. How embarrassing right?

SO 5 terrible, horrible, unkissed years later it was New Year's Day, or it could have been New Year's Eve Eve…I honestly can't remember…and UNLIKE Crash…I couldn't find my Journal.

I was 18.

KJ was blonde girlfriend-less-ness…and we were both at my Sister's and BIL house…

We had slept in the same room MANY times because we were "Just Friends". I was going to take the couch and he was going to take the floor.

I don't know HOW I ended up on the floor next to him, which was again pretty common we WERE friends, but all I know is he turned off the T.V. and we just started talking…I had snuggled up to him, because we did that, and we just talked.

I looked up to him because all I remember is he had said something to make me laugh and I wanted to see his face…and then he said something similar to, "I think I'm going to teach you how to kiss…" or something like that. I'm sure it was WAY more Romantic like, "I've been DYING to kiss you for at LEAST 6 years…" lol.

And then he just did…kiss me…I didn't even have time to say YES or NO…which told me later that he KNEW I wouldn't say NO. But who cares about PRIDE when you are kissing for the first time?

I do remember the instant butterflies in my stomach and that his thumb was rubbing my cheek in small circles which gave me GOOSE BUMPS everywhere...and I DO remember that his first kiss was tenative and soft, yet strong, like he was very sure of himself, which he had every RIGHT to be, but he wasn't quite sure what I would do as a reflex :) I don't remember details after couldn't ask me to remember my name!

You guys, it was absolutely worth waiting for!

Of course I had NO idea what I was doing, POOR GUY, but I enjoyed my lesson in kissing immensely and he didn't just teach me to kiss but to FRENCH kiss also…and one kiss turned into TWO and TWO turned into THREE and you get where I'm going.

We honestly kissed for hours. I couldn't get enough. We would kiss and then talk and snuggle and kiss and talk and learn, there was a lot of learning…he taught me quite a bit, and there was a lot of laughing because we WERE friends ...

and I can honestly say I LOVED him for that…for always being my friend even though I'm sure he knew all those years how much I adored him!

We did that(kissing/making out) for WELL into the morning hours and I didn't get much sleep…

but WHO REALLY cared…I got my first kiss/french kiss/make-out in ONE fell swoop!

After he broke the dam I was a kissing slut! I loved it! And KJ was an EXCELLENT teacher.

And you will never guess, but it is actually his Birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday KEVY JAY!!!

He is married to the most BEAUTIFUL blonde girl, I never had a chance…lol

... and we still DO hang out and we really are GOOD friends…and I still totally ADORE him in a very different way then I did then…but we will ALWAYS have that KISS! :)

Here he is...a recent WAGER among friends! :) For your birthday! You're Welcome!

Don't mind me saying OH MY GOSH like 5 should have caught on that I say that A LOT!!! lol!



P.S. Now it is your turn!!! Spill the beans!

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