Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Being afraid of the Dark

I wasn't going to post today because I didn't have any ridiculous bathroom stories that I needed to tell and I didn't want to shy away from my theme after only 2 days.

But, I got over it.

I use to be deathly afraid of the dark when I was younger.

It felt like when the lights turned off I could feel the darkness around me like a living, breathing, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about those feelings.

Now the only thing that makes my hair stand on end is when I realize my stomach is getting old and I can't "Put it Down" like I use to...SCARY!

I attribute a lot of those feelings from being allowed to watch America's Most Wanted at a very early age...things happen in the dark...terrible, horrible, things. I believed it when my Mom said that the Holy Ghost goes to sleep after Midnight...only mine seemed to go to sleep after the Sun went down.

I couldn't even sit and enjoy any kind of beauty OUTDOORS...camping or whatever (Camping=whatever), because I knew that just around the corner...something was lurking and evil and scary.

When I would get home to an empty house, which was pretty rare because there are 6 kids in my family, including myself, I would turn on every light in the house so that I couldn't even look at darkness in any remote corner!

As I've matured, or gotten lazy, I tend to find peace in darkness now. No running around like a crazy person turning on exerts too much energy!!!

At night in the summers now, I'll go out and stare at the HUGE expanse of stars, along with the every changing moon. Who knew it was so incredible? I can see the beauty now that the moon highlights while it's out to shed whatever light it can on the Earth below.

I can't TELL you how many times I've cried by myself in the dark...crying in the light just isn't as heart felt...or pure...or as pretty. When I cry, I want to be alone, I want to feel every emotion that I pour out, I want to concentrate. Crying can be very exhausting!

Plus, I'm not a very pretty crier! I like to be honest here at BlokThoughts.

Another good thing about the Dark? Make-Out sessions. They are only good in the Dark...with just a tad bit of light! They had it right in the old days...there is just something sexy about candlelight and kissing someone!

Excuse me while I reminisce...

I'm back! Body only...mind is still somewhere in the years 1997 and 2002!

Moving right along :)

I wish I could capture the light that the moon brings to the darkness of night. This shot here on the Left is of the Moon and if you look below a bit you'll see a "star"...that basically looks like a white dot...

There were Many stars out...but I can't seem to capture them...this however, was the brightest. I BELIEVE it was a planet..

Hold a sec...let me Google it...


Okay...that white DOT there you see...has been confirmed as the planet Venus.

I love Google!

Whenever anyone asks me any kind of important question, my answer is always, "Oh let me Google it!" Who needs a memory when you can just let Google retain unwanted information that you can retrieve at the tip of your fingers?!!!

If that power EVER ceases to exist...I'm screwed...I'll be just a Homo-Sapien with nothing in the brain but mush...which is what I am now, only I have GOOGLE, so I pretend I know a lot!

Wish I would have invested in that stock when it was just starting out!

Here's another look of an attempted Night Shot...With the Temple as a comparison of light...seriously, I love it! Thanks to my Dad and a frantic call from my Mom...I was able to capture this shot :)

Love Shelle

P.S. Who's still afraid of the dark? Come on...who is?

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