Friday, July 23, 2010

My Trash Can of Thoughts Friend(s)-- am I the only one?

Do any of you have a good friend over the internet?

And you ONLY know them over the internet?

That's it.

But you are, what you might think of as, really good friends?

Wait, if you're reading this then more than likely you are a blogger?  And even MORE likely you have this kind of "friend"?

Yea, well I have this friend(s) (it may be more than one... just sayin) over the internet... might be YOU, might not be. (You probably can guess if it's you)

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you feel like me sometimes.

I mentally dump so much onto this friend(s). I think of them as somewhat of a trash can for my thoughts. At times I feel so bad because I feel like I may overload them.

I have gotten so use to them being around, that if they are not I kinda feel, well, empty or lost or out of sorts.

I know they actually have lives but being "friends" over the internet kinda makes it seem like they actually LIVE IN the internet.

Does that make sense?

Like logically your brain realizes they have a life, and you read about their life, and you know it's out there, but this friend(s) subconsciously in your mind should always be yours and yours alone. Ya know? Because they are your special mental trash can. And because I haven't actually seen or met them in person I feel like they aren't really real... but the friendship is definitely real! Do you know what I mean? And you just know that if they up and moved right next to you that you would hit it off so well... ya know?

And even after the honeymoon stage of getting to know them online--you still manage to connect in a way that is hard to describe?

And sometimes it's scary to meet these kinds of friend(s) in Real Life because what IF they don't hold up to what you have created for them in your mind? Or what if they meet you and start laughing and think they are being punk'd because YOU don't add up to what they thought of YOU in THEIR minds, and then you lose the one person that was YOUR trash-can-of-thoughts?

Anyone still with me?

*tap* *tap* Anyone out there? Is this thing on?


little button

I need more trash-can-of-thoughts friends (to even out the trash load-because I have many thoughts) and so I thought I'd meet them in REAL LIFE first and THEN make them my "special" online friend, it seems less confusing that way. 

Anyone up for the task?

But then again, I wouldn't trade the one(s) I have right now, and the possibility of meeting them is slim to none, so basically if you are up to hear my thoughts at any random time without warning please apply in my comment box by telling me the color of your teeth--that is an important detail.


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