Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eclipse versus Baby who should win?

Okay discussion time people.

I am absolutely floored.

A few weekends ago I was up North and I always listen to 93.3 because it is Country (shut up my fellow country music hating friends-it's like my YOGA-keeps me centered), as I was saying, I was listening to this country station and the radio hosts were asking listeners what they thought about people bringing their babies to the movies and what they should do if the baby starts to act up, cry, make noise, distrub... kind of thing.

I thought in my head... well DUH, everyone will call in and say that it is RUDE to allow a baby to disturb a movie theater during a movie.

So the Radio Host goes on to say that his wife was watching Eclipse and a baby starts to cry. The lady with the baby tried to console it, but didn't take it out of the theater, apparently she was on the very back row. So a lady a few rows ahead of her turned around and SHHH'd her. The lady with the baby ignored it and tried to quiet the baby, but didn't take it out.

I guess it got to the point that the whole theater at one time or another was turning their heads to give stares and their own shhh's... the lady that shhhh'd the first time, from what the radio host said, started calling out things like, "Quiet that baby", others joined in by saying, "Shut it off", "take the baby out of the theater", so on and so forth.

This was at the first of the movie and at this point nobody was watching the movie and everyone was trying to get the mom to take the baby out of the theater. The Mom defiantly started walking down the steps to take the baby out, but she stopped at where the first lady who had shhh'd was sitting and proceeds to kick the lady.

What the WHAT!?

That is the story relayed. Now the Radio Host opens up the lines to ask what people thought of it.

Let me tell you what I think. TAKE THE BABY OUT. In fact, I'm the one preaching to leave the baby home. It's true, I'm heartless. Rent a movie, make your hubs stay at home, call in a baby sitter, or don't go. Most any baby can wait an hour or two to be breastfed. If you are that worried about them not being able to cope without you there every minute of their life... then again I say, don't go to the movie theater, wait until it comes out on video. Everyone there is paying money (getting raped in the process but we don't care) to sit and watch a movie, relatively in silence, undisturbed, and for some...like me, to relax and escape from reality for a few hours.

In my mind, this applies to cell phones also. The bright glare from the phone isn't hidden in the darkness of a movie theater. And your life can't possibly be THAT important that you can't wait a few hours to text whomever may need to contact you back. If you ARE important (and who am I to judge ;) then don't go to movies!!! Don't distract and disturb me. Turn your phone OFF or to SILENT or don't go to a movie theater! I get the whole forgetting to turn it off and it accidentally rings or makes a sound... but please, please and please don't answer it... if you feel the undying itch to answer the phone then WALK OUT of the theater and call the person back.

This isn't asking to much is it?

Well back to my original story. On this radio show people actually called in and sympathized with the mother who had the baby who was disturbing everyone else! (Let's not forget these people were seeing Eclipse, which they probably had to wait in line for, for some HOURS, only to have this happen!!!)

Anyway, I'd like to hear what you guys think.

Okay or not okay to take a baby to the movie theater? And how do you feel about people texting on their cell phones during a movie?

I went to Eclipse on July 4th and I saw that sign (pictured above) plastered everywhere. I guess the theater up North wasn't the only theater that had to deal with these problems!


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