Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leave your "advice" to yourself.

Here's the thing. I don't like advice from strangers.

I don't. As much as I'm really a pushover and a nice person in my own right. I begrudgingly hate advice or maybe it's just the advice where someone is telling me what to do? Ya know? Like when I feel like they are being demeaning instead of helpful.

I instantly want to rebel. Call it immaturity call it what you want.

My husband has to deal with this on a daily basis. Our communication lacks, in that, if he TELLS me how to do something it comes across as him TELLING me it's THAT way or no way and I'd be dumb if I did it any other way.

Are you guys still with me? Because I said WAY a lot up there and it may have made some of your brains hurt.

Since I love my husband I sometimes concede to do it his way in certain situations because I a) feel the need to humor him and b) because I realize I am lacking in maturity, for, in that certain situation his way is more logical and usually more efficient. (I do have to state here that I concede probably only 47% of the time which is up from my 10% when we first got married, so I am making progress).

But when a stranger is "giving me advice" but is really telling me what to do, I usually want to throat punch them. No lie. In my head I become very vicious and would probably scare any therapist.

Like when I'm at the grocery store and my son is sitting on the edge of the cart and I'm looking for cereal and I have some stranger come up to me in a belittling tone and say, "You really should make your son sit down because he could be seriously injured. You should pay attention, did you know your son be seriously injured?" -- in my mind, I throat punched that guy and he fell to the floor gurgling for air. What I actually did is said, "Mind your own business please, my child is just sitting there while I look for cereal, when I start the cart moving again I'll make sure he sits down."

Or how about when I'm about to walk out of my work and I come to a closed door that is usually open. I see a guy painting through the window, I take a step closer to see a bit more, and a lady walking down the hall says, "Nah ah ah, I don't think so. If you think your going to get through there you better knock and then ask him to get down from that ladder before you even think about opening that door." -- in my mind I throat punched her and she fell head first into the drinking fountain before she landed unconscious on the floor. What I did was said, "Oh! I wasn't going to go through there was just seeing why the door was closed", and then gave her a smarty smile and walked off.

Alls I'm saying is, is this normal?

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