Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girl time with PeePs!

I have like five minutes to type this.

I am at a Dance Convention that I put my daughter in. It is her very first one.

Doesn't she look so cute.

She has just been a sponge and has just ate everything up that they have thrown out at her. She's new to all of it so she isn't always sure exactly what's going on, but she has thrown herself into the whole experience and it has been so fun to watch.

It's kind of weird being the MOM in this scenario, since I have always been the dancer... really weird.

Here she is with one of her "favorite" teachers. But you know what? She has named all the teachers at one time or another as her "favorite"... but this is the only pic I have on my phone.

Anyway--I was reminded of something. Did you know that Mom's with fake boobs, and skinny minny bodies, and great tans, and really are just pretty-- are incredibly nice and fun ladies? Yea... they are. I don't judge them, it just surprises me sometimes... I have no idea why? But I thought I'd do ya'll a favor and remind you that they are fun and as goofy as they come!

It's been a blast and I'm sad today is the last day. My daughter and I have had some incredible bonding time, except when I have to drag her kicking and screaming out of the pool, other than that... it's been great girl time for us!



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