Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Discussion on Body Image... HOW?

Another Discussion Time:

Body Image.

Okay so if you didn't read my post from yesterday, then this post isn't going to make a whole lot of sense. So scroll down and read. But if you don't, you still will have an opinion, I bet... so maybe forget about the reading below? Who cares. We need to talk regardless.

I wrote yesterday's post because I needed to. I felt compelled to tell you guys that my experience with my before picture came as a surprise and well, there wasn't much I could do about it. THAT'S how I looked whether I liked it or not. I mean my body didn't get that way by itself. It had help. Particularly my hands and mouth and love for food.

Regardless. Whenever I mix ME, and looking at my body, it most always equals a bit of depression and "Whoa is me" sort of mood, maybe some tears if I'm really feeling good and dramatic.

So I was surprised that I reacted by laughing. It wasn't a normal response so I think my subconscious has given up on me and decided that it just doesn't care anymore--so it laughed at me. Either way, that was the whole point of my post. Seriously. Well, that and the video. ROCKED!

But now I want to discuss. Because anytime I bring up BODY IMAGE I almost always get those of you who tell me that you have been through the same thing but have conquered the big FIGHT and have found a place of happiness and peace withIN yourself, particularly your body. You have come to terms, you are now centered, you are whatever is the point where you are OKAY with your body.

My question is HOW? HOW did you get there? How do I tell myself my body looks good when I can look in the mirror and see that it doesn't.

 Am I healthy? By most standards, but not always. I'm not extremely obese or over-weight no, but I'm not slim by any means either. I'm slightly above average (meaning I have some va-voom and junk in the trunk-literally-if you count the Peanut Butter M&M's I ate almost constantly when I was pregnant with my first.)

I don't know where to start? I don't need more confidence or a higher self esteem. I just want to know how you become okay with your body? Even when I WAS in shape, according to society's or should I say main stream media's standards, I was never really okay with it. My body image problem didn't grow over night, it has cultivated itself over many years, it isn't easily overcome.

But I'd like to know how I get there. Do I hypnotize myself? Do I meditate? Do I see a therapist? Do I read some book? (Besides the BofM-cause I's already DONE that yo!)

What do I do?

I'm extremely happy and may I say jealous you are there, to that point. I WANT to be there. I WANT to work on my body and when it gets to the point of NON VOMITNESS in an AFTER picture, I want to be happy with myself. How do I see myself BETTER than I, well, SEE myself?

I know this screwed up way I thwart my body image is half my battle. Mind over matter. I believe that with all of my heart.

So tell me... what did YOU do?

Guys--how are you okay naked with a beer gut and hair on your back? How do you STILL feel sexy?

Girls who are at peace with their weight and body image--HOW did YOU get there? How did YOU change your mind from not being OKAY with your body... to being OKAY with it?

In other news... Some of you were disappointed I didn't share my before picture: Here you go you jerks!

Okay I MAY have gotten that in an People Of Walmart email.  Like I was really going to put my BEFORE picture out there!!!  I'm a sissy, deal with it.  But you get the general idea now of what my butt looks like ;) Come on, that's funny right there. I always tell people to appreciate my LOVE for layering... or else you'd get that picture above!

And I want you also to know how dedicated I am to this new lifestyle change. I did 75 pull ups(among other things in the workout) on a bar (assisted with a rubber band-not going to explain it) and got these suckers.

Take THAT for commitment! (And it's WAY worse in real life)

Okay... discuss away. Tell me your seeing-my-body-image-in-a-better-light SECRETS.


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