Monday, November 9, 2009

So I met somebody...

Hey everyone!

See this pic with my daughter...sigh...back in the good ol' days when my collar bone was in one piece??? Those days are gone... I was happy back then, I didn't appreciate the collar bone like I should have, and NOW my collar bone/clavicle modeling is no longer...sigh. HEHEHEHEHE...

If you can't tell or don't know... I'm feeling MUCH better now! MUCH MUCH MUCH better!

I'm not healed. But I can lift my arm to take pictures and I can edit on my computer. Me so happy! :)

So you all have been so great about still coming to my blog and I want you to know that I have some posts up my sleeve so although I still won't be posting obsessively like before... I've some funny things to tell you and I can't keep them to myself!

So I met someone.

I went to Vegas and met someone. My curiosity got the best of me and I took my broken self off alone in our little Honda Accord and drove myself-literally single handed-down to Vegas, not just to meet up with someone, but to also connect with my new LOVE.

If blogs aren't for confessions what ARE they good for?

So here I go... I'm spilling the beans.

On Sunday, November 1st 2009, I, Shelle, drove myself down to Vegas to go watch BULL RIDING (My new found LOVE since I first saw it at the beginning of the year this year-reruns, but I fell in love anyway)!!! That's right... I went down and met up with Jules at IT IS JUST JULES and went to the Finals of the PBR in Vegas!!! You GUYS first let me just tell you Jules is just as fun and outgoing as she is on her blog, plus she was willing to go to watch Bull Riding with me so that means she is pretty much awesome!

When I met up with her she had a gift for me. Peeps...she makes jewelry, and not fuddy duddy jewelry, but really really cute jewelry! Pictured below! :)

We honestly had so much fun.

And the PBR EVENT! You guys I ate it up! I loved every second of it. I sat there and drank in everything and had my little score sheet and whooped and hollered like a professional when they guys rode 8 seconds and gave an appropriate gasp when someone got hurt or got to close to the bull. It's so unpredictable and exciting. So did I tell you I loved it? In fact, I didn't even have the mind to take more pictures than this one:

And thankfully for Jules and her brain we got this one together! Since my collarbone was out of a commission...she took the picture... her arms are good for that. The girl is long and lie...sigh, I was envious.

Forgive the quality it's a phone pic!

There were cowboys and wranglers and bulls and clowns and bull fighters and lights and music and...aaahhhh just to fun. I didn't even really talk to anyone around me...if you know me you are surprised huh! I didn't, I just watched. I'm still giddy thinking about it! Anybody ever needs someone to go to an event with... PICK ME!!!

Then I took JULES to Cheesecake Factory and she is such a light weight we couldn't even try the cheesecake, she got full to fast!!! lol! But the conversation was good and easy going like we have been friends for years! We took this picture after eating...again, she took the pic...her arms... her arms... remember?

So I met someone and connected with a new love.

Tell me what you guys have been up to! I'm coming around to visit you on your blogs... but I want to hear the funniest thing you have done since I've been away! :)

Here is how I feel while wearing this figure 8 brace! Just so you all know...


P.S. You have to go read the hilarious post that Sage wrote about his wife's spending habits over on Real World--HA! It is so funny! I'm not kidding! Go give him some comment love! :)

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