Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm not are!

Okay first before you read my first "Just Cause" post in like FOREVER... you need to go read this post over at Southern Sage's. And then read Desperado's comment. Great stuff, and I look good in red so I'm in!

You want to know what drives me absolutely batty or what has lately? When people say, "I hate Stupid People".

That always throws me because it always says to me, "Hey, I'm perfect and I look down my nose at those that don't do things the way I do".

Hate is such a strong word, I mean even dislike isn't appropriate. What is required of one to be deemed stupid enough to hate? That is what I wonder, because the times that I have read that sentence in a post or heard it voiced out loud it is always directed to someone who has clearly made a mistake or isn't quite paying enough attention to what they should be doing right?

I find those people entertaining mostly, at the worst a bit annoying, but I wouldn't say I hated them, mostly because at any given time I AM one of them! I mean who isn't? Who hasn't said something that put their foot in their mouths? Or was distracted at the grocery store or wherever and walked to slow or took up the whole aisle not realizing someone was behind them rolling their eyes? Who hasn't accidentally pulled out into traffic and realized a little to late that the car you just cut off was going faster than you thought? Who hasn't been asked a question or talked about something with someone and took the wrong meaning so what you say doesn't come out as sounding that intelligent?

I think people that say they hate Stupid people, in a way are saying they hate themselves, which if you think about it is pretty darn funny!

This all stems from a car cutting me off in traffic and their bumper sticker said, "I hate stupid people" and I thought it pretty ironic. Then I got to thinking about all the posts I've read, (and yes I still read your blogs but it's usually on my phone, in fact I'm typing this post on my phone, and it takes a lot of my battery to comment), but I started seeing the trend. Almost always after someone says they hate stupid people, their next post is about something stupid they did!

And I Hate those People! ;)

What do you guys think?

Hope you're having a good day!


P.S. In group therapy today over at Real World we are talking about if women want s.e.x. as much as men do? Go over and give your opinion because I KNOW you have one on this topic!!! :)

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