Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I didn't break my shoulder and it's not a back pack!

To those of you that wonder "how my shoulder's doing or why I'm wearing an 90's mini back pack": (this one is for you CoachDad--cause I know how you love for me to mention that thing that rhymes with taller phone ;)

I'm sorry if you think it's rude of me to answer, "My shoulder is fine, my collar bone however is still in two pieces, but it's getting better everyday! I like to stay positive", when YOU ask, "How is your shoulder doing?" I can get a bit snappy when it's the upteenth millioneth time you have asked and I have given you the same answer, I didn't break my shoulder, I broke my COLLAR BONE or CLAVICLE (imagine me saying that really seductive).

Don't worry though, I laugh every time...I think I'm being quite witty really!

Let me whine a little here. You see I have to wear this figure 8 brace that pulls my shoulders back so that my clavicle can try to heal and it looks like an old 90's mini back pack or one of those plush stuff animal back packs that kids wear? Yea that is what I have to wear, but there is nothing PLUSH about it.

In fact, they don't make these things comfortable at all.

The sides are something hard then they cover it with a shady layer of cotton and then cover it with this beige looks-like-soft-but-is-really-rough material and my armpits are feeling the wrath!

No lie.

They are being cut into so the blood circulation is barely making it to my fingers and toes let alone my brain which holds my the part of me that discerns between nice and jerky, and let's not talk about the's sensitive. If I mention it at all it flairs up because it is so self conscious of hiding in the pit...the arm pit that is.

So my shoulder is fine and I'm bringing mini back pack BACK!

All of you that would like to jump on the band wagon now let me know and I'll make you an honorary member of the FIGURE-8-AIN'T WE Gr8T Gang, better known as F8AWG! It's all the rage this holiday season!

***I want you all to know that I satellite stalked Southern Sage's home and saw that him and his family started Christmas light decorating a little early... but they're Rednecks...give them a break. Here's the picture I took of his house and his lights... hehehehe...
Disclaimer: This may or may not be Sage's actual real home, I might have gotten this in an email on the internet.


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