Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello friends...So I wrote about you...

Hey over at Real World I'm talking about my friends. Since some of you are considered my friends--yea you! Not you no sorry not you...but yea YOU, you right there...thought you might want to go and check it out! :)

Here's a blurp:

...Even though my close friends and I don't get together as often as we would like, when we DO get together we start right where we left off. Sure we catch up on what we have missed in each other's lives, but then it's back to eating fattening foods, talking about everyone and eveything, and solving all the world's problems, oh and laughing… laughing until we can't breathe! The people that I'm drawn to...someone that can make me laugh guy or girl...the ones that will talk spirtually with me one minute...but then the next minute laughing at one another as we reminisce at how retarded we were when we thought we knew it all...

Dr.'s report at my 3 week check up. I get to wear the freaking brace for at least another three weeks! D@*M my slow healing bones!!! *shakes fist in the air*

***I just like to milk the whole collar bone because I have friends out there... you know who you are...that LOVE for me to mention it! :) hehehehe (pppfffttt hole in your head...my broken collar bone is much worse. LOL)

Much love to you guys,

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