Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me and the Ghost I don't believe in

I can't walk today.

I'm can't-sit-on-the-toilet-or-walk-down-the-stairs-sore.

I wish I could be all coy and fun and flirty and say I am sore for other reasons than I did lunges and squats.

But I'm not.

I did lunges with a weight over my head the other day at Satan's Lair and my legs can't seem to function since.

Want to know how else I am for SURE it's Satan's lair, besides being sore???  They post pictures like THIS picture below on their website... I'm the one in the middle... with a kettle ball between my legs and a HOLY SHIOT look on my face.  (And NO I don't dress all cute like the other two beautiful ladies to go work out... mainly because I only have my husbands work out clothes to, well, work out in.)

Now don't you all wish you could take those, "You are HOT" words back?  Well you can't!  Once you say it, that's it, I'm keeping them! So there.

On a lighter note...or scary note... depends on your beliefs, I have a ghost who plays around with my iPod touch.

I'm not joking around people.

I someone how made a ghost mad... probably because I told my husband that all the paranormal T.V. he watches, like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, is all in their heads. I may watch them with him... especially Ghost Adventures cause the guys on there rock, and they make me laugh, AND the one on there isn't bad to look at, AND the passion they have for it shouldn't be dismissed.

But it's all a bunch of crock is what I told him. And I think the ghost got mad and wanted to prove me wrong.

Here's how it plays out.

I turn my iPod to sleep. A few minutes later it turns on.

"huh?" I say to myself.

So I put it back on to sleep...

A few minutes later it turns itself back ON!

So I say, "Are you mad at me because I don't believe in you? Turn my iPod ON if you mean yes and leave my iPod alone if you mean NO."

I turn my iPod to sleep.

And... BOOM... it's ON again!

My Ghost, that I don't believe in, is apparently pissed at me that I don't believe in it.

It turns on randomly all throughout the day, and I ignore it, because that is what you are suppose to do is ignore fake ghosts bad behavior so they will quit doing that behavior. But it runs out my battery.

So I decided to power my iPod touch OFF.

And when I want to turn it on again... that darn fake ghost of mine won't allow it to TURN on!

I figured that meant it wasn't mad at me anymore... or that the power had completely died... so when I plug it in to charge it, it's not the power.

Hmmmm... weird right?

So either I have a defective iPod Touch... or a Ghost, that I don't believe in, can't decide whether it's mad at me or NOT!

Any ideas? Discuss in comments.


p.s. I'm sorry I haven't been around to your guys' blogs. I have kept up to date on reader but have been horrible at commenting. I promise I'll get around. Some stuff I've had to take care of during my blog time has been interfering... and me and my fake ghost are trying to work things out. It's been stressful to say the least ;)

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