Friday, September 10, 2010

Let's discuss. Why do you blog? And why would you keep it a secret if you did secret?

I have a serious question for you guys that I hope you are open enough to answer truthfully.

If you feel like you'd like to remain anonymous with your answer... please do that.

Why do YOU blog? Whether in secret or out in the open... WHY do YOU BLOG? And if you did do it in secret (even if you don't now I'd like your opinion on this) why do you or would you?

Here is my answer to my own question(s).

I blog because it's an out. Does that make sense? Blogging to me is much like T.V. is for other people or even reading. It's like my escape from reality. I don't get things from blogging that I'm missing from my real life. It's just an out that appeals to me. I get to use my creativity with writing as well as read and validate other people. It's also a bit like watching real live soaps or drama shows... except it's people's real lives. But I don't need it nor does it replace anything in my Real Life.

It's a bonus when I get to bond with people and then meet them in Real Life. But I'd still blog if that never happened. IN fact, for the first year and some it was just like that. Me writing and reading and receiving little if nothing back.

I think we all go through that initial... what the heck? Who are these people commenting and why in heaven's name do they keep coming back? When we first get comments that aren't our family or close friends. If we do blog in secret... I bet we never feel like anybody really is going to read it.

If I blogged in secret, I would definitely do it for a place where I wasn't monitored. Where I didn't have to be nervous about what I wrote. Where I could just write what I felt and who cares if people agreed with it or not. I would assume that would be the allure of being a secret blogger. Hiding your online life from your real world life? You could talk about whatever--whenever--and would never have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings... or anyone judging you?  Maybe?  That would be a reason I would do it.  I mean, there have been many times where I have written a post and then totally deleted it because I felt someone might take it the wrong way... some one in my Real Life.

Anyway... what are your opinions?

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