Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He totally broke his neck looking at me!

So the other day I'm walking back from my daughter's elementary school having just dropped her off. I was ready for the day because I was going to work.

So basically what I'm saying is... I didn't look like I just woke up, which can be really scary.

Anyway, a guy there totally broke his neck trying to look at me. He may or may not have been ... well, I'm not going to be rude, so nevermind.

I'm not saying that to be pompous... or vain... or "I'm all that"...

There is a point.

And the point is... what happens in my brain after something like that occurs.

Let me know if I'm alone in this thought process.

First of all my brain thinks, "hahahaha... that was so nice"

and then, "Oh yea, I still got it."

and then, "Wait... what if I just have something hanging out of my nose?"

and then, "I bet my skirt is tucked up in my under garms?"

Check nose, check under garms... I'm good.

and then, "Maybe I'm just really weird looking? Like he's never seen hair color my color... or my breasts are WAY bigger than is normal for natural breasts... or maybe he can't believe my butt fit into my skirt?"

and then, "Oh well, hahahaha, he looked funny looking at whatever he was trying to look at!? Maybe it wasn't even me!? Maybe there was someone behind me that I didn't notice? Hahahaha... people are funny sometimes."


Does someone else think I may have a problem with the voices in my head?

Am I the only one that follows this pattern?

How abnormal am I?

Let's discuss.

Thanks in advance.


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