Monday, December 31, 2007


I got tagged?!

Mickie tagged me so I tag anyone that hasn't done this.

what's his name? Klayton Kolb
how long have you been together? Let's see we dated a year and have been married for 7 almost 8-so I guess almost 9 years...WOW!
how long did you date? Check answer above.
how old is he? 33
Who eats more? Klayton...I wouldn't admit it was me even if it was...but it's not.
who said 'I love you' first? squeezing my hand 3 times...after that I'm not sure who said the words first?
who is taller? Klayton
who sings better? Klayton when he sings...which is rare
who is smarter? Depends who you ask...but since I'm writing the answers...definitely me!
who does the laundry? Me...about 90% of the time!
who does the dishes? both!
who sleeps on the right side of the bed? My right or looking at the bed right? Looking at the bed it would be Klayton.
who pays the bills? Me and Me!!
who mows the lawn? Klayton
who cooks dinner? Both of us. .
who drives when you are together? Klayton.
who is more stubborn? Klayton when he's made up his almost all of the time.
who kissed who first? ?? Klayton
who asked who out first? We made a bet and I won so he had to aske me out...tricky huh!
Who proposed? Of course he did! What kind of question is that!
who is more sensitive? I cry at important when my feelings are hurt or when I don't feel like I'm understood...or during a chick flick...He crys when he watches Extreme Home Makeover...but I'm more sensitive...he has no idea what that even means!!!
who has more friends? I do
who has more siblings? Klayton...He has 6 and I have 5
who wears the pants in the family? I am going to say me cause i always get my way!!

Okay Katy, Amber, Maria, Shannon, Lisa, Mandy, and Emilee...and whomever else I're TAGGED

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