Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shelle rockin the 80's

So thanks for the outpouring of love and concern about where I've been. Thousands and thousands of emails have come in along with Facebook and Twitter statuses wondering "Where for art thou Shelle". (sentence dripping with sarcasm)

I bet y'all are surprised that I had very few people wonder where I was during my week or so of absence... you know who you are... and your check is in the mail. I truly love you as much as anyone can for only knowing you online.

Anyway, I'm not here to complain or tell you how I have hacked up both of my lungs until I decided I was sick enough to head to the doctors where he promptly told me if I would have waited much longer he would have hospitalized me with puenomia. Instead, I just have Bronchitis and a sinus infection that we are treating aggressively. I'm good and it was all so dramatic. Yet I live.

I'm moving on... or backwards... depending upon how you look at it.

Two Saturday's ago MSM and I were invited to an 80's prom night. We freaking rocked it... I meant to take my flip cam and show you how it all turned out, but instead, I was getting SICK--so I totally forgot the flip cam... all's I have is my blackberry and the camera on it.

Here are some of our poses. This isn't the actual Prom Backdrop they had, a PROFESSIONAL photographer was taking our pics for that (yea, these peeps went all out) but we took these at another poster they had made and put up. The night was a blast--I love stuff like this.

I, however, hate 80's hair and still do... but if you are going to do something like this, my philosophy is "GO BIG OR GO HOME"-- even as I was ratting my bangs, my husband walked in and said, "Babe, ya gotta get them higher than that!?"

So without further ado... I present to you... Shelle, how I would have rocked it, in the 80's if I would have gone to a CASUAL prom, in the 80's.

I tried to make this look all old and 80's like to kinda fool ya, but my camera phone sucks... obviously.

Classic Prom pose.  You're. Welcome.

This is suppose to be the... "I am awkward and in High School and don't know how to pose for a prom picture" pose.  We were going to MORP--the more casual prom if you couldn't tell.
 It was a good night... and the last thing I did before the illness over took my life and tried to conquer it... literally.

If I'm absent in the coming days... it's because I'm trying to catch up from missing work and stuff.

If you have an 80's picture to link up to or have a bad 80's prom story... don't hesitate to share. 

We may or may not have done inappropriate things in the back seat of his car... just sayin.


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