Monday, February 28, 2011

Hacked by MSM and my traditional Birthday post.

Hi Shelle's friends, it's me, Mountain Sport Man, Shelle's better half.

I started a "tradition", last year, to hack into my wife's blog and give her one day where I tell her how incredible I think she is, and hot. If you know my wife at all, anything I do like that can't be done just once, no... she'll expect it now, and I still have no idea how to upload a picture and I'm not going to spend time trying, I could probably figure it out, but that would go above and beyond the call of duty.

It's the day she wants everyone to know about but tells no one, except for me, over and over and over again in different ways so I don't forget. She knows well, I'll forget otherwise, not because it's not important (believe me, I've tried to get her to understand this) but because I'm just forgetful.

But she's worth remembering and so is her birthday, which is today, in case you haven't caught onto that yet.

We were at that 80's party she wrote about just underneath this post and they played a game where you have to try and know things about your spouse that you should know or remember, I really suck at those games, but at parties I humor people. One of the questions for her was, what physical attribute do you think your husband loves most about you. As the answers came from the other wives they were either the back end (which is a thing to behold) or the two beautiful lady bumps in the front. Believe me when I say, I love those things about my wife also, but they aren't the things on her physically that I love the most. Her answer was her lips. She was close, but the thing I love most about my wife, physically, is her dimples. Then her lips. Then her eyes. Spend 10 minutes with my wife and I dare you to tell me differently. They are the final touch to the flawed masterpiece that my wife is.

Yes I said flawed.

My wife has many many flaws all of which I love and love to hate. Without them, she wouldn't be her, and I love HER.

So Shelle, having spent 13 birthdays with you since knowing you, I can say without hesitation and even though it sounds cliche, that I love you more now than when you first seduced me into making out with you (ha-she'll love that one). You're a wonderful mother, you're smart, beautiful, make others happy, and someone I'm lucky enough to call mine. My wish for you is if you could only see yourself through my eyes, then you would never doubt your importance or beauty from the inside out.

Happy Birthday Babe.


ps I think you're hooooootttt.

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