Monday, January 10, 2011

Go over and LAUGH at the comparison! Just a teaser...

I have one of my regular contributors, that has been less regular, and now seems more like a guest--actually contribute today! And he did a smashing job as always, but he's over at Real World Venus vs. Mars--my OTHER blog, the one that I host but rely on the blog world for my posts!!! :) The one about relationships. He talks about how his relationships with his boys and girls differ... awesome read. So click over there! Below is a teaser--made me laugh!

Howdy, neighbor! It's me. Brian. Tysdaddy to you Twittering types. Around these parts, I am sometimes known by my blog name, The Cheek of God. Or you may recognize my avatar. Affectionately known as Balding Old Man With Mustache.

Whatever. I'm the guy that used to write here quite a bit and then up and vanished like a fart in the wind. (And ten bucks to the one who gets that movie reference, without using Google . . . ) But it's a new year, and like Frankenstein's monster, "It's ALIVE!!!!!"

Or something like that.

To my Mars homeys . . . Word! And I must say that the Venus ladies are looking as lovely as ever.

Speaking of lovelies, have you ever noticed how much this lady . . .

. . . and our gracious and wonderful host . . .

. . . look so much alike?! I triple dog dare ya to watch one of those commercials and NOT think of Shelle. Just sayin's all!

But seriously . . .

SOOOO--head over there and laugh with me about the comparison... and then if you have anything to add about what Brian says... let him know! Love ya guys!


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