Tuesday, January 25, 2011

C'mon Ride this train-Dance Central Kinect-Challenge

I realize more and more... I'm not really a philosopher.  Shocking!  I know.  I have my serious thoughts, but let's be honest, I can't be serious or take anything serious for very long.

And it's funny because I always have these things that I could complain about or bring up to cause some kind of discussion or controversy, but then I'm like--"oh! I see sparkle" and I can't remember what I was going to talk about.

So when I bring the deep thoughts, count yourself lucky that day.  :)

SO here's something way serious.  3GirlKnight challenged me to a Dance Central Kinect dance off--that link is his challenge to everyone, but he challenged me in email... and I'm not one to let go of a challenge.

I challenge him to video himself next time!  Just sayin.  Cause I did it via Flip cam and I brought out the leg warmers and the unbrushed hair...  Bring it 3 Girl Knight!!!  His score was 549,708.  Here is what I got live and in color!

Deleted NOW... sorry slackers!

I will be taking this video off within 24 hrs. But there is your proof that, well, I beat his score!!! Just jump to the end if you don't want to watch me pump my fist in there air while trying to mirror a cartoon person on the T.V.

Anybody else up for the challenge?


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