Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm the best actress EVER!

I should have taken up acting.

No really.

Lately I have noticed that I must be an extremely good actress.

This is why.

I'm kinda everywhere lately because I always am doing way to much. But only because the stuff I LOVE to do and makes me happy, keeps me busy. So I'm okay with being busy, the only problem is, my brain seems to attach itself to Shelle-is-to-busy-little-sleep-attention-deficit-disorder or SITBLSADD.

My mind tends to easily wander off. Unless I'm focusing on a project or my hands are doing something, I tend to lose focus. And what I mean is, if I'm just conversing with someone I'm either going to A) cut you off and start a random thought, or B) say "uh huh" in the right place, but really I'm not listening to you.

So how does this correlate with me being a great actress you ask?

Because the last few times I have had a moment to sit and talk with an adult, I haven't paid attention to the conversation for longer than 8.2 seconds, YET it's like the other person has NO clue. They just keep talking away.

It's a beautiful thing really.

In fact, I thought about this while in the midst of my last adult conversation.

I sat there, put my replies to "uh huh" on auto robot, and thought while they were talking about who KNOWS what, "I'm the best actress ever! They have no idea that I'm not paying attention to them. In fact, I'm surprised they can't tell? Usually my face is like a book... I should look like a blank wall right now? Interesting... oh she smiled, I should smile back" so I smile, then I continue, "I should blog about this and tell everyone how cool I am? Maybe it will come off the wrong way, like I'm being mean... but I'm NOT being mean, I can't really help it right now. Maybe it's the cold medicine... yea that's it, that's what I will blame it on... oh she laughed, I should laugh also" so I laugh.

And on and on it went for about 45 minutes!

I should be appalled at myself. And you guys will probably thing I'm a prick just writing this post. Normally I would agree that this is horrible and normally I'm actually a great listener.

But I'm actually quite impressed.

I'm blaming it on the cold medicine though ;)

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