Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Fall

Can I just tell you how IN LOVE with the Fall I am?

I use to be a Spring/Summer person. I couldn't wait for those seasons to come. I would hum with excitement as soon as I felt that first ray of sun's real warmth and smell the blossoms beginning to bud. I would whip out my shorts and t-shirts and day dream out the window of whatever shelter was confining me, usually school, sometimes work. I would spend hours out in that sun. We were best friends really. I would lay and bask in the Vitamin D and E rays, soak them up, start the beginnings of my soon to be lifeguard summer tan.


Not so much anymore.

I am now a Fall/Winter person. As soon as I began to see the effects of those bask giving rays of sunlight, like when I turned 30 *shudder* and realized that the sun was NOT my friend, but a bitter jealous enemy of my skin, I began to change my mind.

My pasty white skin is not flattering in shorts, I will admit that. I am one of THOSE women. Ya know the ones, the ones that you look at and say to yourself, "Aaahhh she's a mom" or "Poor thing must be allergic to the sun" or "I'm sure glad I don't have that Irish skin tone". I still wear shorts, capri's and short sleeves, and when I really want to throw caution to the wind I will actually slip on a swimming suit… but I douse myself in sunscreen so the sun doesn't have a chance to play "war" with my skin and plus I just don't love to see myself in those types of clothes any longer post child bearing! My fault completely, but now I pay the price :)

And the sun thinks it's funny to dot my skin with brown little spots all over my skin.

Yea, so I spit in the sun's general direction.

I bask in the brisk cool air now. I wrap my body up in great fitting, comfortable jeans, and a long sleeve shirt, it hides all those places on your body you can't hide in the summer, well you can, but it's uncomfortable. I get giddy to go out and shop for my new jacket(s) for the season and boots/shoes to match! Beanies and scarves Oh MY! I'm starting to get enchanted with it all now. The smell of apple cinnamon spice and the mixture of my favorite colors.

Now let's all have a moment of silence because I was able to pull out my favorite pair of jeans and I have worn them like 3 days in a row! If you know where I live you will be happy for me, since it takes longer to cool down around here!

My goal this weekend is to make it to all of your sites!


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