Thursday, July 17, 2008

Incorrigible and SYTYCD

Thanks to all of you who read my really LONG post...yea all two of you...

I see that most of you are like me when reading others want to escape, read something that will make you cry laughing. I understand, to bad I have a hard time delivering...I bet I would be WAY more popular than DOOCE or Confessions of a Pioneer Woman or even Candid Carrie if I could shorten my posts...oh and have a comedian type personality...yea I would be rockin' all over the mommy/humor blog world. Unfortunately, trying to get me to type a short post is like getting a newborn baby to pee in the's unrealistic is what it is. So sorry, you'll just have to skip those posts when I continue on...I might continue with the story or just REALLY give you my ideas on how I think heaven is going to be...either way, you will not sway me from my course...I am determined to see it through... :)

Okay none of that REALLY matters...what matters is...wait! Do I have your attention? Are you out there? Are you still with me...I mean, I have only written like one sentence and ONE whole paragraph, which should probably be two, but I have admitted that I am no good at determining that kind of stuff...

So just read on...or just skip to the end where I give you the low down on SYTYCD...because my opinion counts!

I'm all about connecting the pieces, solving the puzzle, helping you understand the complexities of my life growing up...I was searching for my next big FLASHBACK when I came upon this picture...and I laughed, and laughed, and then cried, wiped my eyes to see through the blur and continued to laugh!

I couldn't believe it...or yet, I could believe it, but I couldn't! Remember THIS post where I introduce my Native American Sister? She stayed and lived with us for a few years while she attended the high school in our small city. Then remember THIS post and THIS post where I introduce my sister's wedding dress and then show you where we were saving money and I wore it to my end of year concert...the shoulder pads making my head EXTREMELY small.

So I'm scrounging through old pictures when I come upon this picture...Jammie, my Native American, Navaho, sister was in a Native American beauty pageant. Apparently we were still in the throws of having little money and Jammie apparently didn't have a friend to borrow a dress guess what evening gown she wore?
My mom is incorrigible, is she not? Of course, Jammie looks dead sexy in it because of her natural, beautiful, brown skin. Her head still looks small next to those shoulder pads...but let's be honest...whose head wouldn't?
SYTYCD: Tonight night was Dave Scott's Night. His style is fun to watch!

Chelsie & Gev: I really did like their contemporary...I still can't get over the choreographers's ridiculous, but hey, more power to her! Gev's first leap was right up there with technical, but the second and third one you could tell his lack of technique...not pointed toes and no follow through. They ended the show with their Jive and I have to say...even though Chelsie was draggin' around Gev...I didn't notice it the first time I watched it because I was only watching Chelsie...but the second time I watched it through after the judges ripped on Gev...I understood. She really could make a manican look good!

Comfort & Twitch: Yea, Comfort is back!!! (Don't feel sorry for Jessica...thought she should have gone before Comfort) Peeps I like the girl...I think she has a personality to boot. Now their first number with the waltz...ummm...yea, it sucked. I was embarrassed watching them, didn't want to suffer through the comments was horrible. They came back with their HIP HOP!!! Seriously So fun to watch and one of my favorites for the night. Sidenote: Who in the WORLD do they have designing their costumes? They stink at it...and I mean it...what kind of space hip hop costumes where those? YUCK! Since Lil C explained what BUCK meant...that hip hop routine was definitely BUCK! Enjoy!

Katee& Will: BOTH of their numbers where awesome! But of course my favorite was the second one they did! It was beautiful...they weren't flawless in it, but they were close...and I like what Nigel said in the end, when he pointed out that if they would've hit that perfectly, they may never have stepped above it! Enjoy their Pas de Deux!!! (The fact that they danced to Imagine sung by David Archeletta and has become one of my favorite songs...helped a bunch on why it became one of my favorite for the night!)

Courtney & Joshua: So I've decided I really like this guy! He's amazing. I also liked their hip hop routine. Thought was entertaining and fun. She wasn't nearly as good as he was at it, but she didn't do bad. Then their Rumba was exotic and sexy and they hit it right on!

Kherington & Mark: If any couple deserves to be in the bottom should be this couple. Really! They did awful on their first they didn't practice very much on it. I thought it could have been exciting to watch if they hadn't missed almost every hand connection. Their jazz piece was okay...they danced it well, both of them, but it wasn't THAT mediocre...and they definitely needed a piece to boost them up after their first one. Oh well...this just shows you that a partner can carry you...but when you get switched're going down.


Kenz said...

There you are! I thought we were supposed to call each other when our husbands were gone, what the h*^# happened? Your blog is so fun to read! Love your opions on SYTYCD, and I agree with for the most part. I don't like Comfort at all! She should have stayed gone! Call me and lets go see Mama Mia this weekend!

MomMega said...

Hey Shelle! I've been MIA for about a week or so, but wanted to tell you to KEEP WRITING! I love reading your stories, I think you are a great writer. Keep up the good work!

Kritta22 said...

I love it when you defend your's so funny to read your reasons for wearing such clothes!! :) You crack me up!! I'll have to post some of mine!

brooke&dus said...

Man it's a good thing your sister got married....or you guys wouldn't have anything formal to wear!! haha!! I'm just kiddin!! I love it!!

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