Thursday, July 10, 2008

Airplanes, Lakes, Fireflys, Ticks, and SYTYCD...Oh MY!

I LOVE Minnesota! So HOLLA to all of those that live out here in this beautiful place!!! That is where we are visiting this week! My kids and I woke up bright and early to catch a flight up to the main hub airport, where we then got on our flight to Minneapolis, MN.

I have to admit and I'm going to brag a little here, but my kids ARE the best travelers known to man! We had a 2 1/2 hour wait from our first flight to our second flight. I found this play area for kids in the airport and we went over there to waste time...well, they took over that the time we had to leave, all the kids knew their names and there were hugs all was hilarious!

And PeePs slept the WHOLE flight to Minneapolis while DCar sat behind me by this Polynesian and talked the poor guys ear off...talking about shape-shifters, and this Nickelodeon contest that he is going to win...hahahaha...I apologized to the guy who said, "He is a cool kid, he made the time go by quickly, I didn't mind at all!" It was a 2 hour flight.

My sister picked me and the kids up from the airport!

Here they are...we are waiting for our ride...who couldn't find where we were~ Hey I TOOK the path that pointed us to baggage claim and ground can't blame me if I ended up somewhere not typical to be picked up? Anyhow...they found us!

Suns Fan #2 had a surprise for us...she was going to take us straight way to one of the many Lakes around...she had a lunch for all of us packed up and everything! The only place to change our clothes was a ummm...I veto-ed the idea of changing into my swimming suit...but I hurried and changed the kids clothes behind a tree and they took off to the water playing with their Uncle.
Here they are...innocently digging in the sand...I was surprised at the sand and the dried up looking grass that was at the edge of the sand...where I live...dried up looking grass=sticker birds...(weeds that get stuck in your feet and hurt A LOT)...well not here in's just grass dried up...nothing left to hurt your feet! Crazy~

Then I saw this...(I thought she would freak...but she didn't)
and this...
So I had them do this! Revenge is sweet! Luckily he was game~
Can you believe my kids have the patience of lie...they kept going until the job was finished!
We had to take a picture of us...I mean come on...
Here is my sister dancing in front of me while we walk to the surprise!...She has great legs!

Then we went to Suns Fans #1 and #2's house...and she MADE us Taco Soup...I was on my second bowl when she asked, "Does this soup taste weird to you?"...I was like...""

Then I felt like purging the rest of the night because I ate so much...but instead, she showed me another surprise!

FIREFLYS...I had never seen them before...and they are amazing! I thought someone had just put twinkling lights in the bushes and thought it was random...but it was FIREFLYS...

DCar ran around like a caveman trying to catch them...he caught a few, then we released them..

.my sister then let me know there were TICKS around...yea, so I am now continually acting like a Monkey picking through my kids hair and bodies checking for any sign of ticks! SICK...


BLAH...BLAH...and BLAH. What the heck...I didn't think it was all that great last night. Pretty disappointed.

I think Thayne will go home tonight...and I'll be surprised if Comfort doesn't go home with him. If she doesn't go then Jessica will. That is my prediction. But I disagreed with the judges on their Hip-Hop...I thought they were good...and WAY better then the KRUMP dance that Twitch and Kherington did...I mean the judges totally knocked on Thayne and Comfort and then turned around and said to Twitch and Kherington...WHO TOTALLY GAVE UP IN THE END OF THE ROUTINE, "I'm going to ignore the last of the routine"...but Thayne and Comfort performed THEIR WHOLE ROUTINE...double standard if I say so myself!
Their contemporary routine would have been a good routine, but the MUSIC SUCKED...what was Mandi Moore thinking? Music makes or breaks a routine and it BROKE this one...slow and unmoving music...if you watch the routine without the's actually pretty...and was done well!

Jessica and Will...All I can say is I agree with Mia, but that was harsh to hear on National TV. I DIDN'T however LOVE their contemporary routine like the JUDGES did...yuck, it was done well, but I didn't like it, I hated the music and I thought it was slow...but whatever, what does my opinion count!

Mark and Chelsea were my favorite's for last I am choosing their Salsa piece as my favorite of the night.


Marie + Jeff said...

So I thought that you were gone as in GONE on vacation, so I didn't think that you would post about SYTYCD.
I did a stent of dance commentator and opinionator extraordinaire for you (since I thought you were GONE). So go check it out, if you want to.
Or if you don't, that's okay. I probably sucks anyway.
Have fun in MN.

Candid Carrie said...

Ha Ha, we watched sytycd last night because I wanted to understand your post buy I can't remember anybody's names.

Did you notice that the dopey judge with hat had holes in her shirt? Does she have scars from slitting her wrists and that's why she keeps them covered with those faux glove sleeves?

I've never watched this stuff but I wanted to kick that middle chick in her horseteeth and say get off your ass and start twirling and I'll rate you sistah!

And the guy makes comments about the womens' dresses so that we don't think he is gay, am I close?

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I'm a little jealous. Never been to MN. Cute pics too. Love the ones on the beach in the sand.

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful little ones. Travelling is daunting. Travelling with kids is easier than most think. Sounds like you all had a great time. The beach looked amazing.

I first came across fireflies when I was 15 when I went to France. I caught some in glass jars. They are so cool, aren't they?

btw, I love Twitch and Kherington.

Natalie Sue said...

Looks like a super fun trip! I missed SYTYCD this week.. you'd think I'd watch it since I stay home all day!

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