Sunday, July 13, 2008

And the winner is...

Okay I am back from my little vacation! And I have to tell everyone...that even though there was the threat of major hail and tornado's one evening, and sheets of rain pored upon us as we traveled home from going to "Old Chicago" to eat...yummy...I LOVED Minnesota. I honestly went there with low expectations of the state, but I have come from there a more enlightened person...very appreicative of the beauty that surrounds the state of "10,000 Lakes". So really if you are NOT picking up what I am PUTTING down...I loved it there and all it had to offer...rain, hail, tornadoes, and all!

On to more exciting things! The announcement of my BIG GIVEAWAY! I didn't want to just do a Random over the internet I went for more old skool methods...of writing everyone's name on a piece of paper, tearing up the paper, and then drawing the winners out of a bucket.

On top of all of that...I videoed myself doing it...or rather had my son DCAR help me video doing it or drawing out of the bucket or whatever...but now for your viewing pleasure I am posting the video's of the winners!!! The LAST video being the BIG winner!

WARNING: I video who wins and then attempt to re-inact what the winner would say or do if they were there IN PERSON winning the giveaway. Let me just say that I have NO ACTING SKILLS what-so-ever...I was the PAW of the wolf in the play I did in High School...I was the PAW people...the lasted ALL of 2 seconds, that was it, that is my don't shoot me when you all sound like "VALLEY GIRLS" with a slight southern drawl! Just take it in stride...laugh...and enjoy finding out WHO WON!!!

Oh and I sound like I have a lisp...and I TOTALLY don't, or at least I don't think I do...but with the sound fromt his video you might think different...just saying, I really don't have a lisp :)


Imitation of 3rd winner-a copy of Breaking Dawn when it is released...drumroll please

2nd winner and imitation-a copy of Breaking Dawn when it is released...drumroll please

Sorry, DCAR...isn't a very sturdy video-er!

THe Grandprize WINNER...and imitation...Choice between the Twilight series (all three books-1st two paper back, 3rd Hard Cover) and Breaking Dawn...or The Host and Breaking Dawn...drumroll please...

And there you go...if there are some of you that cannot view the video that want to know the winners...just email me at and I will gladly let you know who won!

Also, those who did have to email me the address you want your winnings mailed to! Love you all!

I will post later today a add on to "What I imagine Heaven will be Like".

So how do you rate my acting skills...remember, there is no such thing as a negative the lowest you can rate from a 0-10 scale is 0! lol!


Lyssa said...

K you are hilarious! I am glad you found my blog so thus, i was able to find yours! You blog is so fun! and heck ya for Twilight!

Candid Carrie said...

Oh My Gosh . . . I, I, I don't know what to say. You did such a good job imitating me that I can't even imagine what I would say right now.

Once again, I'd like to thank the Fisher Price Little People and Marie + Jeff for being illiterate and unpopular with the Twilight crowd.

Also Stephanie Meyer, thank you for inventing vampires. A special thanks to the person who designed the book covers for the entire Twilight series. Wow, they are so pretty that I am considering re-doing my bedroom in black, white, and red to match these stylin' books.

Oh, and thank you to Al Gore for inventing the internet. That was a really great idea and I find it so intriguing that you were instrumental in developing the Internation Highway and Global Warming.

Um, I need to thank Shelle for giving me a southern accent, a lisp, and young fresh skin during her imitation of me through the acceptance speech. Other than those spanish angel awards, I have only won one other drawing and that was for a frozen duck. So, this book means a lot to me.

If it isn't too much of an inconvenience for Shelle, could you please autograph the book to me before you mail it? I am convinced that your blogging is going to take you someplace big and it would mean so much to me to have a Stephanie Meyer book with your autograph in it so years from now I can show the people from Entertainment Tonight out of control you were during the summer of 2008.

Well, live via satellite from an undisclosed place in Sheboygan Wisconsin (damn, I gave it away again), thank you.

DeGraffenried's said...

I'm crying now :( I never win! But you did a great job on your impersinations. I was hoping to win so I could see you get up and do some jumps and tumbling as part of my acceptence speech! Maybe next time!

Kritta22 said...

Umm...I'd like to thank all the little people out there, you know who you are..umm like totally thank Shelle and the chance to win. You inspire me. I'm soo excited! Thanks!!
(I totally do talk like a valley girl but no southern accent!)
I'm so really excited! I was just watching them for fun cuz I just think you are the coolest thing..and my name popped up! I screamed and my hubby just about threw his computer at me in fear! (HAHA)
I want you to sign ALL of mine too! I'm gonna need the series cuz my friend just bought the Host. Thank you so much again!!
When I get back, I'm sooo doing a giveaway!

Kritta22 said...

PS your little assistant, too going to be a woman-killer when he's like 10...keep an eye on him!
PSS You are so stinkin' cute!!

Natalie said...

You must have been one amazing paw cuz that was AWESOME! I was amazed at the anticipation that I felt in my tummy as I was waiting to hear my name called. Oh well... Did Candid Carrie's millions of comments make her name go in to hat millions of times? I will have to comment my heart out for the next one!
You are awesome for doing this. Just letting you know I've been saving a Barnes and Nobles gift card I won at Bunko to use on Breaking Dawn so you don't need to worry about me...cuz I know you were. :)-

Staci said...

That was so awesome I wish I would have entered the contest those were some sweet prizes@ Hey I have a favor remember that fruit pizza you posted about awhile ago can I get the recipe for that would be awesome thanks and I def give that a 10

brooke&dus said...

AHH your always entertaining!!! Yea I'm so excited!! Will I finally be able to talk to other mothers and know what they are talking about?!?! YEA!!! I told dus, you gotta come watch this....he's all....why don't we hang out with them?!?! She's so funny!!!
Ok to be super honest which book did I win?!?! The first book or the newest book coming out? That's how uncool I am!! :(
Your impersonation was fabulous!! Would you like me to e-mail you my address or just tell you that I live around the corner?!?!

Kandace said...

It's sad and funny all at the same time how disappointed I am that I didn't win.

Congrats to the winners.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Ok. You are officially cracking me up with this. By the way, what's Twilight? Do I sound like a total dork in asking this? That's me ... DORK.

Marie + Jeff said...

I'm glad to see that my work here is done.

Bryce & Annalee Bergeson said...

hahahahahaha!!! I love the imitations!! You are an awesome actress! I was there to see you play THE PAW, and you were the best PAW EVER!!!!

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