Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two things I've done Right in my life...

I did this newborn shoot a couple of weeks ago for a friend. I was editing the pictures and a newborn always reminds me innocence, even the natural smell of them shouts innocence and purity to me. They should bottle it up...the smell would sell like hotcakes! It also reminds me of how dependant my kids are on me. Just watching the Mom take care of this little guy...his comfort, his nutrition, is all dependant upon her.

I think we have children to teach us lessons...of patience, joy, tribulations, obedience, excitement and what our parents had to go through. We have them so we know what our Heavenly Father goes through, if just a little bit, watching us go through life on Earth. We begin to understand his lessons, we begin to understand consequences, and we begin to understand the complete and utter joy of the success of it all or what it could be.

My daughter taught me how much I really am a BIG part of her little life just recently:

My cell phone rings and I pick it up:
PeePs: Mom, when you come home? (I had just seen her an hour ago)
Me: I'm coming in a little bit honey! (Said a little frustrated)
PeePs: Mom come home I miss you, I wuv you! Come home.
Me: Okay honey, I'm coming home.

So if I die tomorrow...there is TWO things that I have done right and they are pictured below! Have a good rest of the SUNDAY!


mrsb said...

Beautiful photo, and gorgeous kids!

Shannon said...

Shelle- awesome pic! you are so impressive!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Love it! Great post and you're quite the talented photographer. You have a beautiful family and thanks for the reminder of what we all should be thankful for.

Angie said...

Great pics! And a sentiment that I feel about my kids as well. There's nothing like hearing how much you mean to them. :-)

brooken'dus said...

I would have to agree!! Your lesson was very good today to!

Insane Mama said...

Such a sweet post and pictures!

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE!!! and oh so true!!!!

Melissa said...

Love both your blogs! The newborn photos are precious!

Love the photos of your children too! They look so HAPPY!

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