Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good, Great, SYTYCD...Don't forget my Give-away!

Okay, first of all, don't forget to check out what I am giving away, so click here...I'll wait for you to come back...but don't TAKE your's not like I have ALL DAY!

You back? Did you enjoy yourself? Cause I just sat around here like a fly on a garbage can waiting for you. Next time, be a little more sensitive and stay up on my posts...gosh, you'd think you have a life or something that you had to live...everyone who's anyone, knows that THAT excuse won't fly this're just lucky I am nice enough to wait for you...I almost left you...I did...I wouldn't try it again if I were you.

Anyhow. Went to two lunches with old friends in the past week! It was so fun and exciting to catch's funny because the first friend I went with was the friend, you know the one, that you were envious of...well at lunch I told her...FINALLY let it out...that I was ENVIOUS of her legs...all through high school that I knew her she had the most INCREDIBLE legs...she was a soccer player, I was envious of that also, but her legs were perfection...guess what? They still are, she would disagree with me, but I was and in person...and guess what still have GREAT LEGS...

With the other friend, Maria, well she is that one friend that I never could get enough of. I looked up to her in SO many ways and she has that addicting Karma. Everyone who meets her wants to be her friend, and she has this way of making you feel like you are her FAVORITE friend. I love her!

Well we got to talking politics, Maria and I. As much as I love humor and laughing and just plain fun, I knew that I could comfortably talk with her and she wouldn't laugh or think I was stupid for my opinions...I knew she would be up on the up. I asked her how she felt about the two Presidential Candidates...and did she ever have an opinion...I was so glad to hear what she had to say...and I feel better informed. Thanks.

So here is my two cents...not worth much I know, but since it's Independence Day tomorrow I wanted to write my feelings on how I feel about the up and coming politics.

I'm scared. Plain and simple. I feel like I am trying to decided between the better of two evils. I don't feel either candidate fully represents what I want or feel like this country needs. I am highly religious...I believe deeply in the religion that I choose to follow...I KNOW that the constitution was and came from God or our Father in Heaven. Every man that signed that Declaration of Independence, I believe from what I have studied and researched, believed in a higher power also...they understood that this document that they had put together was going to be the guidelines of what was to become the Strongest Nation in the world...they also knew that this couldn't happen or wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for God's influence in their lives and his influence on what they wrote. Which is why it states in our Pledge, where we give our Allegiance, "One Nation UNDER GOD" which will make us "indivisible" and will give us our "liberties and justice for ALL".

I am scared that one of the candidates, to me, isn't proud of this nation or country...why are you running for President then? I understand make better, there is a lot that needs to be worked on, I can give you that...but we are still blessed, we still have our freedoms, and seeing the flag blowing in the wind proudly showing the colors of our nation...should give you a sense of pride.

I believe that the reason why America is what it is, is because of the people that live in this country. Those that feel the power of the freedoms we have. Those that respect and honor it.

I heard a quote on Sunday that I think sums it up quite nicely:

"America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."
Alexis de Tocqueville
On a much lighter note. SYTYCD: HOLY CONTEMPORARY...Mia Michaels was on FIRE last night...but Mandy Moore didn't do to bad herself! Oh how I love you contemporary...let me count the ways...

Jessica & Will: The Jive routine couldn't take my eyes off of Will...he's So entertainer and technique to boot. Sorry but Jessica seems to heavy for him...I know she is NOT, that she is beautiful in her own right and she IS her own worst enemy...but they don't fit together to me. The shirt dance...LOVED it...yes I did...I LOVED it! Watch Will fly at the beginning!

Comfort & Thayne: The West Side Story routine was so-so for me. I LOVE Comfort's personality though...she cracks me up whenever she's up there in front of the judges and the pieces before she dances! Thayne's smile is just weird...sorry can't quite get past it...I love that one of the judges finally pointed it's kinda fakish...ya know?

Kourtni & Matt: Sorry's your time...I didn't like the hip hop, at all, the way they danced just looked uncomfortable on them...I felt embarrassed for them the WHOLE time I was watching them. Pretty much on BOTH of their numbers...I'll be surprised if one of them is NOT kicked off this week.

Chelsie & Mark: They were good...not the greatest of the night...but good.

Kherrington & Twitch: The paso doble was entertaining in the way that I laughed the whole time. They definitely played up their parts to try and distract from their technique...good try. The contemporary bed dance, however, was EXCELLENT, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, and any other word that goes along on that same line. One of my top two for the night!

Katee & Joshua: Once again, Mia Michaels' choreography was the story in their first dance. Seriously you have to keep your eye on when Katee throws herself through Joshua's arms and he catches her like she's nothing but a light feather...and then the run across the floor where she looked like she was running on air...genius! Katee & Joshua were great in this routine. My other favorite by far! The West Coast Swing, however, don't even get me going...I didn't like it at! SO SLOW...I think I had time to YAWN through it...blah.

Courtney & Gev: The East Coast hip-hop had Courtney all over it...she out did's true and sad. The New York City broadway routine was cute. That's it...just cute.

Re-watching these routines I see that the stylists had something with Sleep wear this week...


Jessica said...

Mia Michaels' routines rocked this week! Very emotional and entertaining :) Loved it!

DeGraffenried's said...

I agree with you with the west coast swing dance - boring!! And I also loved both of Mia's numbers this week.

Marie + Jeff said...

Rock On!
I would have to say yes, yes, and yes on all your critiques of the performances this week. I definitely agree with the swing routine that Katee and Will did. When they announced their dance I could have sworn it was announced as a "Western Swing" and I was expecting that. It would have been better in my opinion.

brooke&dus said...

I just wanted to say that I feel exactly the same about the canidates!!! Scary!!

Insane Mama said...

I actually don't watch the show, but maybe I wil after watching the snipets

John said...

This is John from church...hey, I wanted to add you to my blog and was wondering if you would add me to yours...

I am so new to this and you have an awesome blog!

John Scovill

Candid Carrie said...

Hi, Did you have a good holiday? Me too. Enjoyed the political touch, just the right amount on the topic ... though inducing yet not too opinionated. Well done.

Now, did you pick my name yet?

John said... my comment. I agree with you totally...I am glad that we have some independent thinkers here...

I need your help with making my blog better...would you help a friend?


Shannon said...

hey shelle,

you are way too kind about my legs--you made my day!!!

totally agree with you on maria and the presidential candidates. scary!! (canidates not maria)

hope you read this i was out of town and did not read blogs for 4 whole days!!!! gasp i know, i know!

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