Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay don't HATE...but I DO need your help

Okay this was planned but not very logically (as my husband would say), but I'm never logical and don't think I will be in any NEAR future...SOOOOO, I planned a trip to London, England.

My extended family had a BIG reunion a couple of years ago very near my home here...all having to do with genealogy and tracing our routes back to the pioneers and all that stuff. It interests me...REALLY it does.

I showed my face at the reunion then HIGH tailed it out of there as soon as my husband and I could exit. You see, my extended family is filled with a BUNCH of crazy's and you never know what's going to happen, so your safest bet is to just slowly walk away so that you don't draw attention to yourself.

Especially because I don't know 95% of them.

Don't get me wrong, there are normal people, like me, in the family...okay, never you get my point, it's filled with crazy's,so let me continue with where I was going with this post.

So YES I am going on another trip next week I am going to London, England, for another Geneaology family reunion, for the geneaology, of course. So lets chalk this trip up to WORK, hard, hard, work...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go, I am as obsessed with their history as I am their accent-remember this post? Anyway, I will get SOME time to tour around London (5 days) then I will head over to Manchester to the reunion (1 day), then tour around the area (2 days) then go home. So see what I mean, I will be overwhelmed with work, hard genealogical work people!

But the few days I will be free to tour around I want to go to ONLY the best places. So those of you that have been, heard, or daydreamed about going...will you give me some advice? I don't want to waste my time.

I will, however, spend plenty of time trying to get one of those guards at the palace to crack! Should I video it? Should I take a picture of it? Or both?

Either way, I will continue to don't get all depressed and go into a fetal position while sucking your thumb...I'll be around, I knew you were worried. That's how I am, I'm here for people.


Kritta22 said...

I haven't ever been there or even thought about going there so I got nothing to help!
But I did watch your video again and laughed just as hard this time! Thanks for that!!
I can't wait to read the letters to the people of London!

Amanda said...

You are officially not my friend anymore.

binks said...

Now I was probably there before you were born and I am sure it is very different, but I really enjoyed the Tower of London (even saw a knight ghosty) lots of history - if you like that kind of stuff. I too was root finding and can go way back. Have fun with your crazy Brit family.

Shannon said...

First Hawaii, now England! Since I don't like to fly, I guess I just get to live vicariously through you! So... where are we going next??? :)

mrsb said...

I don't know whether to hate you or rub you for luck, lol! Hawaii and now England -- two of the places on my "I really have to go there" list. If you come back and announce that you are going to Africa for a safari, I am officially going to throw a hissy!

Have a blast and take lots of pictures!

Candid Carrie said...

Shelle, don't you dare go any place until you have put my book in the mail. That's all I am saying.

Well, that is all I am saying for now.

Shannon said...

hey you suck! really you suck! two places i really want to go and you just dash off whenever you feel like it? what are you made of money? (can you tell i'm jealous?)

all i have got to say is call me next time you go........i want to come too!!

DeGraffenried's said...

Can I have your life for a bit? Or can I come with you?

Staci said...

Hey thats so awesome you get to go when I went I was in 6th grade but we had a lot of fun I would totally recommend if you have time to go see Les Miserables its amazing and buckingham palace was really cool we went to some really neat castles warwick and windsor and then we went to the hard rock cafe which was okay but not somethin to go back too hope this helps

Pammy said...

Hey so you don't know me... my sister referred me to y our blog... but I just got back from 6 months in London... Some of the best places are the ones that you KNOW you have to see... the usuals.. you know... you will never forgive yourself if you don't... one place I really liked was Greenwich... it is in the south.. you know where time begins... there you can stand in two hemispheres at once.
Another place is in the North, called Camden... its really punky and has great markets.
I lived in East London and there is AMAZING Indian food... find Brick Lane and that is the place to go ( a little note: basically its lots of Indian restaurants in a row all serving the same thing... they will try to give you a discount... haggle your way through it! You could end up with a GREAT deal)
And don't eat Mcdonald's ( not even to save money) just find a nice pub (look for a "Whetherspoons" pub... they have great food at great prices)

I hope I gave you some good advice! Have fun!
And I'm sorry but I never went to Manchester... but try ... they should have some ideas.

Marie said...

You're killing me smalls!

Two fabulous trips in two weeks! As if the rest of us have the time or money to do that! It must be one of those "perks" for working in the airline industry.

Have fun.

1) ride the tube
2) rent a mini cooper
3) go to Abbey Road
4) Go to Buckingham Palace
5) go to the Lourve
6) nevermind, don't go to the Lourve, that is in Paris...unless, of course, you are going to Paris too and just didn't want to tell us.

Gosh, I really do hate you!

hehe have fun.

Dopp Family said...

Wow!! That is so awesome you are going to London! I wish I were going with you! Dirk and I have been really wishing we could go on some crazy trip, but with me being pregnant and all, it's going to have to wait.

I did go there when I was 19, but I don't remember much. All I can remember was that we wanted to go shopping at Picadelly Circus (or something like that... I did find some sweet shoes there) and we tried to get the guards to smile (they didn't... they are good...).

Anyways, that's about all I can tell you! Have such a good time and let's go to lunch when you get back so you can tell me all about it!

Kritta22 said...

Yes my ceiling had a drip in it from the bathroom upstairs. Thank goodness the landlady had a repair man!! (So what if he's 70?!) I live in Alaska, remember? We don't have big bugs up here. In fact the ONLY bugs we have to worry about are mosquitoes..well those are big too but no cockroaches or anything.

I'm with Carrie...don't you leave for London until my book is in the mail! You'll have two of us after yoU!

MomMega said...

I know I'm a little late to this, buuuut, I just wanted to say JEALOUS!! I have never been and want to go soooo bad, I can't wait to see and hear all about it!

Angie said...

Oh my, I'm not hatin', but I'm seriously jealous. England is my fave place in the world. Have a wonderful trip and take video and lots of pics! Can't wait to see the results.

Natalie Sue said...

Ah, oh. Which extended family are you talking about? lol...

Have fun in London, cous! Cous, once removed.. :)

Mindy said...

Serious???!!! I left you a message a few hours ago, finally calling you back (my week has been crazy, just got your message late last night) wondering if you were still in you are off to London?? Before I was really jealous, now I am REALLY jealous! Have fun! Is it just you and the hubby? Jason's cousin is living in England right now for work. She's been there for awhile (in Swindon) and has tons of blogging about her travels around there ("Becky" on my blog link list). If she's back from her trip to Germany you could probably even talk her into guiding you to some places, she's enjoyed showing her friends/family around when they have visited. Call me if you're interested in that and I can get her info to you. I would say the guards wouldn't crack a smile, but for you I think they may! So, as Katie says while watching her British cartoon Charlie and Lola, "give it a go!" And by all means video tape it so the rest of us can enjoy it and wish we were there:) I know you will, but just incase you need to be encouraged, post tons of pictures!

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