Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's not Snow Ski season...right?

So have you gone and seen what I am giving away? If not, click here, there still is a few days!

What do you get when you mix...a girl, brown hair, about 5'7", fair skin, and freckles, who wears a UV protective Hat gear...Stylin' sunglasses...or not, depends on your opinion...and a tube to lay out on at the lake on the Fourth of July?

You get Ski we call it around these parts...only it would be COOL if it was actually ski season...but it's not...not snow skiing anyway, and I look like an idiot! My kids think it's hilarious and my husband is demanding I wear the sunglasses when we are out and about...but I'm here to show and tell you what I have learned from this experience...

Put the SUNSCREEN on your face, instead of just thinking the hat and sunglasses are going to do it. I tried to stay in the Shade or have my hat on...cause I hate the SPF on my face...YUCK...but, well, obviously it doesn't work, those wicked sun rays sneak right in there and burn one's face off. Especially if they have fair freckled skin such as mine!

If you couldn't tell, we went to the lake on Friday. IT was great fun. My brother-in-law had his jet skis out and we had a wicked time speeding around on the choppy water. We slathered the sunscreen on my kids and husband...I thought I would do it when I got to the lake so I would have the sunscreen on for the least amount of time possible...unfortunately, I forgot...and my skin is very mad at me...I toasted, fried, burnt it to a crisp. SUCKS!

But everyone else had a good time!
So I had to put this video on. My nephew Crazy E. came down with his brother Z. to our house last month. We met my sister half way to pick them up and we had a great time with them. When we took them back up to give them back to their Mom we met at the same place. It is a gas station that has a small park next to it for the kids to play. It's a great place to meet because we can talk and catch up while the kids play.

The boys were climbing on the outside of the toys. Climbing up the slide, on top of it, and any other way they could in order to try and break their neck or some other part of their body. We paid no mind...we just kept chatting.

Crazy E. was monkeying around when I saw a bright red streak going down his arm. I said, "E. what do you have on your arm?"

He looked at it and his face scrunched up and he said, "I scratched myself..."

I realized my mistake of pointing it out and said in a hurry, "Oh it didn't hurt before I mentioned anything, don't worry it's nothing."

He looked back down at his arm and said, "Yea, it's just's not blood".

Not wanting him to freak out, I just let him think that. Dance Masta, his mom, got her water bottle and cleaned the scratch...

This is what happened have to get past the part of Baby Ry dancing but then you will hear E. in the's hilarious...or I think it is, but I am easily entertained!


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Poor you. Don't fret over it. You're still cute.

nick said...

Bummer that you got burned, but it still looks like a fun trip!

Kritta22 said...

I so got burned too!! What's up with that!? What a fun place to play!

Shannon said...

I think you look hot! HOt sunburned and hot with your shades, suit, and hat on! Looks like you had fun!

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