Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shhhh...don't tell him, but I missed him...

You know that great spontaneous trip I took a couple of weeks ago...or maybe it was last week? I am losing track of time. Anyhow, the trip to Minneapolis where I packed my two kids and I up to fly out there and visit my cuter younger sister?

Yea, wasn't too spontaneous.

You see, my husband had this boys man trip planned where him an 5 other guys drove up to Canada to Mountain Bike for 3 days straight on Whistler Mountain. It's in the Providence B.C. is all I really know about the place...oh, and that it's a Mountain Bikers Heaven!!!

Well when I found out that he was FOR REAL going to doing something as INSANE as driving over 20 hours, especially with the way gas prices are now, and with stinky boys men...just to Bike down a mountain...well I panicked...

I try and give off this tough girl I don't care...I panicked!!! Because I DO care...

I'm going to admit this, right now, in front of all of you...I am a WUSS! I absolutely hate to sleep in my BIG king size bed with out my husband taking my covers and man handling me ALL night. Sure I complain about gets hot...and then when he turns away from me and pulls the covers with gets cold...but you see I am so use to it, that I hate to be with out that special routine we have, he kinda makes me still feel wanted with all that touching and stuff! :) I don't sleep as well and then through those sleepless nights I tend to miss to BIG BLOKE!

So I called my sister and told her I was coming to invade her space...and to test her on her Hostess abilities. Let me just sidenote here because this post is going to be about my husband and not my sister: Suns Fan #1 and Suns Fan #2 completely passed the hostess test. I let my kids run amuck and they still didn't twitch convulsively crying disease and making us go home early. When my little sis was cooking dinner or breakfast...I completely ignored helping her (just to test her you see, for the sake of research) and blogged on her laptop...she was like a rock solid wall not letting it show how irritated she was with me! I made sure to have our stuff strewn everywhere among her little apartment...and both of them just walked over it like they hadn't noticed their compulsive clean behavior was being ignored! They were champions...passed the test with flying colors!

Moving right along...I am just saying. I missed my guy. But please don't say anything, because his head is big enough with all the other chic's around town flirting with him and so I try to seem aloof when I am in his blessed and dang sexy presence...even though I am affected, like a dog to a fire hydrant, I am affected.

A recent example being...

We had to switch our Costco membership from a Business Member to just a Gold Member since my busniess was no longer setting us up with them anymore. My husband's job was to go and get his picture taken while I stood in line to pay for our WHOLESALE lie, it took me 20 minutes to get that done and I thought, FOR SURE, he would be done and waiting for me. I go walking toward the membership counter and this is the scene that lay before me.

My husband standing there with his arms folded and the chic on the counter leaning over laughing and smiling at him...then she leans back from the counter, husband must have said something EXTREMELY hilarious because she broke out in an unabashed, deep gut, laugh. My husbands face alight with amusement that he is making someone laugh continues with what he is saying...only to have her lean into the counter to pretend that she needs to get closer to hear what he has to say. She hands him the card. He puts it into his wallet...then turns around...sees me, and walks over like I hadn't seen what had just transpired.

Me: "That girl has a great smile...she smiles with her whole face."

Him: "Yea...she does, doesn't she!"

Me: rolls my eyes.

So here are some fun pictures of BOTH of our trips. I missed him...but we still had lots of fun! I guess he did too! :)

My Trip in Minneapolis Minnesota--Most at the mall of America in the Nickelodeon AdventureLand...some at Como Zoo!

MountainSportMans Trip: Whistler in Canada somewhere!

I had to post this picture of my friends husband Nate because My guy isn't to good at taking pictures so I thought I would post a picture of the guy that took pics of my husband...thank goodness for him!!!


Anonymous said...

AAAW♥♥ Shelle---i think it is SO SWEET that you missed your hubby!♥♥♥

Those pictures of your trip & your hubby's trip are WAY COOL!!!!

Shannon said...

Hey! I'm totally with you. I can't sleep without Trent either. But I've decided it's kinda nice to remember how much I love em'! check out my blog i have a fun little game thingy!

Lacey said...

Hey, it's Lacey from Jetettes!! I found your site through Lindsay! So fun to see what has been going on in your life!! Don't you just love blogging and how you can reconnect with past friends and new ones too??!! Love it!! Your kids are so cute.
My blog is private...if you want an invite you can e-mail me at laceyDOTrignellATgmailDOTcom

Angie said...

I feel the same way about my hubby when he travels (although I would NEVER admit it to him). LOL!

Great pics! I'm hoping to make it to the Mall of America someday. Shopping mecca. Woo hoo! And my girls would love that Nickelodeon world. I'll have to check that out.

mrsb said...

LOL, I have one of those! Women constantly flirt with my husband. And he flirts right back -- from 2 year olds to 80 year olds. He just can't help it. Thank goodness I'm not (usually) a jealous person.

Of course, if any of them take him seriously, he freaks out and runs!

Looks like you guys all had a great time on your trips!

Kass Martin said...

How fun. I know the feeling, you go on a vacation thinking it's the perfect break and then you miss the hubby. The last one I went on was in April when Brian broke his leg. It was the worst call on a girls trip-your husband's in the hospital under going surgery...DRAMA! I love the pics with the kids and the characters. I bet Dora was a hit!

Candid Carrie said...

Hi, it is me Carrie. Hi!

** Gosh, you are gorgeous even when you are making a dopey face.

** Did the girl at the counter have big boobs that lit up when she smiled?

** Next time you need to run away from home, you must run right through the Viking territory all the way to Title Town ... I'd love to have you here.

Better yet, hand deliver my prize and we can read together. My thirteen year old can watch all the kids ;)

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