Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Letter to the Lady/Man...Family Reunion

Dear Lady/Man (?) who wasn't wearing a bra at the LAX airport:

All I am saying is that when you are traveling you MUST remember to wear a bra...especially if you are well endowed in that area of your womanly physique. I mean SICK...if I wanted to watch something off of the Discovery Channel I would do so (the over sized shirt did NOTHING ...it in fact made it more prominent that you weren't wearing a bra...

there was no need for you to be giving me Reality TV in the airport while I am trying to eat my dinner...and then give me a disgusted look when I stare at you because I am in utter shock that a woman of your size with not-so-much-plastic-surgery boobs, is NOT wearing a bra. Get it? I almost lost my lunch and it wasn't pretty. At least tuck them in! Really!

Isn't it common knowledge that gravity does things to our womanly well-endowed anatomy? I mean Victoria Secret has made A LOT of money trying to spread the word...so much so, that they actually have bras that would do for the comfort of your desire...its not hard, you walk in, they size you, you tell them you would rather not wear a bra and so would desire a bra that felt like you weren't actually wearing one...and viola, they come at you with like 20 different choices...do you need a pen? You might need to write that down.

I was tempted to give you money so that you could afford a bra...since I see that your well, hard-earned money, went to gas to get you to the airport and, of course, you needed your airport ticket...

Sincerely, Shelle

A Family Reunion with my crazy, always laughing, sometimes arguing, and bull headed family, is in Hawaii and we made it here late last night!

Let me take you back to our younger years. The years were filled with a lot struggles, with laughter through it all, that's how we roll...we laugh, ALOT, at ourselves! :) Which is why it is hard for me to take anything serious...because, in most serious situations, like our electricity getting turned off in the middle of the dead dry heat of summer, among many other things, we would end up making something of it...like, gathering around our fireplace and roasting marshmallows in our living room. We laughed about it then and we laugh about it now. Good times...never seemed too much of a struggle while living it, at least as one of the children. My parents on the other hand were probably stressed to the Max!

So it's always great fun when we get together...we are pretty tight as a family, my husband thinks we are a little TOO tight...always telling me to cut the apron strings or whatever strings are attaching me to them...but it is what it is.

Here is my family: Minus my mom who is taking the picture...take out my Indian Sister who no longer lives with us...Minus my older sister Dance Masta who is probably at College partying her life away or studying and dancing every waking minute. You have my Dad, then Me--still thinking that a shirt 3 X's to big is sexy, my little sister, Suns Fan #2, in front of her Roburto with his dreaded dog BUBBA, my older brother World Traveler, Indian Sister, and Broadway's who's hair is always in...lol--us in our early years!
And we've grown...we are all going to Hawaii to hang...here's OUR kids, 2 of them mine, 4 of them my older sisters, and 1 of them my older brothers.
and the men...the boys...Roburto could not come to Hawaii, they are having a baby in a couple of weeks and his wife couldn't fly...we already miss you Roburto...we really really do! (He's the one giving you the lovely view of the triple chins)...
and the girls...the sisters in the middle, being supported by the Sister-in-laws...Mands on the end, the only one with blonde hair is the one having the baby in a couple of weeks (next time plan around our family reunion will ya...sheesh)
And here we all are! We've grown...we've added more crazy's...and We are going to have blast!

P.S. more pictures to come of the Lovely Hawaii!!! :)


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I agree. Bras should be a required item of clothing, not optional.

Beautiful family. You guys are going to have so much fun.

MomMega: mothersmilkblog.com said...

Ummm... to the braless person? EWWWW! No one wants to see that. No. One.

You guys look like such a fun family!! You will have a blast!

Angie said...

I'm totally with ya on the "no bra" thing. Yuck!

LOVE the family pics! Especially the last one. Great looking family! :-)

Shannon said...

Lucky you, going to Hawaii! I've never been and would like to go one day... but there's that whole flying over the ocean thing....

Anonymous said...

wow. I love all of your pictures!!!!

and by the way Shelle---you would be PROUD of me....You got me like totally interested in te TWILIGHT books (since i had neverheard of them before you mentioned them) and the other day i got them from my library and I READ ALL THREE BOOKS IN A ROW!!!

i swear...i almost feel like a walking Zombie! I couldn't even sleep last night because my brain was totally RUNNING a million miles an hour!!!

I LOVED THEM! Thank you for getting me interested!!!!

i can't wait TO READ THE LAST ONE!!!

mrsb said...

I admit, I HATE wearing a bra - but religiously tuck the girls in when leaving my own home. Sheesh. Ick. Show others some compassion!

What a lovely family you have! And what beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

LOL at the braless person..yuck.

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