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What I imagine Heaven will be like...short stories #2

This is my continuing, fictional if you DON'T like to read, because this is a longer one...and you are not to into the serious...then you might want to skip this particular post and come back tomorrow!

Again...this is fiction, just stories and feelings in my head. Most of it unrealistic, some downright crazy. I am a romantic at heart and so, of course, I feel that when we pass from this life to the next, that our personalities remain the same, that we continue to work and progress on our character, defining who we are, and also our relationships with other people.

So yea, I still think we will love, feel love, and give love, whatever that emotion is to you. To me, the very strongest kind of love is the love that is given to you from someone that is fully connected to you, open to your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and then allows you to see yourself through their eyes. Whether that is with a family member, close friend, or your soul mate. I think that we will continue to have those kinds of relationships with people even after our time down here, and that those people who have not found their soul mate or "one true love" down here will be able to connect with them up there. HIGHLY romanticized I know...but it's such a GREAT feeling, is it not? To be completely absorbed and loved by someone.

Nervous...Short Stories #1

Life in Heaven...Short Story #2

We didn't have to communicate through our voices. Our bodies communicated as well as our thoughts. Every ounce of knowledge that I had of Him came poring out. He knew I loved him, He knew I believed in him, that on Earth I had recognized his teachings and his help, and I could feel and hear him say, "Welcome back dear child, we have been waiting for you".

Immediately I was rushed with a sense of feelings so intense so full of love that I could not determine what was happening. My instinct was to grasp onto whatever it was surrounding me. I reached out knowing that soon I would have to touch something solid for my soul could not fathom that such extreme emotion, so thick in the atmosphere, could be anything other than something I could physically touch. I was not use to being overpowered by the joy, happiness, and welcoming that was coming from everywhere around me. White light stretching from dim to extremely bright where blinding me, sounds of others thoughts piercing me, but yet I was not scared, only curious.

That all to familiar voice thrummed through my spirit and I not only heard but felt him say, "Open your mind, allow your spirit to see as it knows how, do not block what so eagerly wants to be opened, let your senses, what you feel, allow you to see what is before you."

I felt myself unfold, release whatever I meant to hold back, and again looked with my whole being towards that light that previously was blinding, the thoughts piercing my mind.

Starting from my very depths a laugh began to roll from me. I could not contain it, I could do no other than allow myself to do what it wanted to do. I began to see the lights or spirits mold into their perfect physical form or bodies. My spirit instantly searched their knowledge. I soon realized that each and everyone that was there wanted to greet me and welcome me home. I knew all of them, I recognized them from either my time on Earth or my time before Earth. I laughed because I was so overcome with joy that I had to release it, to let it become a power all its own.

All of the spirits knew me. I could not hide anything. The accepted what they saw and heard because my spirit was not blocking anything from them, it knew that they held no harm or dislike for me, so it allowed them openly to search through me. It was as if they needed to, almost like they wanted to make sure I was okay, safe from my journey. Each one of them individually came to me to hug me, to sense my new awareness of them and to also open themselves up to me to search through them, their memories, so that I might reacquaint myself with our relationship.

Some of them were my family bound to me from Earth, a part of the blood passed down from them to me, through the generations of time on Earth. Our souls instantly relaying our similarities and also our differences. I could not stop smiling for their love was so beyond just an was real and living, I knew that each of these spirits knew me, every last detail and they accepted me. They saw the weaknesses that I brought back with me from my Test on Earth and yet that did not matter to them. They told me through their light that it was not their place to judge me, they relished in the knowledge that they were allowed to just love me and enjoy me.

Knowing that fact simply floored my senses to a new level and I hungered to learn more of them remaining to welcome me. I honed in on my feelings, thoughts, and senses. I realized that I could communicate through sound but there also was not a need for that. I could communicate through thought, touch,and smell also. I could choose to block all of that, not allowing others in. My soul instantly retracted from the path not wanting to give up its new freedom. I laughed again, the sound coming from my mind, but displayed through my mouth and lips, as I had done on Earth.

As I roamed the loving sea of faces and took in each of their differing lights, some brighter than others, I felt a pull coming through to me, a sense of possession.

Only experiencing that feeling on Earth from my parents and siblings I wondered where or who, in particular, it could be coming from. I relayed that thought out to them and the knowledge was instantly sent back to me, that my parents and siblings were still being tested, they were still on Earth.

The spirits of my family and friends knew what I was thinking and they began to drift apart or disappear as they finished their welcome. I could not help myself and allowed my spirit to be led by whatever was out their wanting to possess and consume me. The feelings getting stronger the closer I got to my unknown destination.

Still like a child, adjusting to the new sensations, and being curious, I held no fear.

Then I burst into a scene of color. Everything around me indulging my every sense. The smell of flowers so intense and exotic that I was forced to block all other senses trying to seep into me.

As soon as I allowed the smell to infuse with me, become a living thing, I allowed myself to open up again, only to be hit by the beauty surrounding me. Everything I had dreamed about or actually seen on Earth was not even close to what lie before me.

Stretched out in front of me where flowers of every color, shape, size and form. There were millions, billions, if not trillions of them, the number was not relevant. I sent out to receive their essence and instantly obtained the knowledge of when, how, and why they were created. Each one had a purpose, each one had its own light. I pulled in the smell again, drinking in the scene.

I sensed the warmth and love before my mind realized that there was someone standing behind me. He was watching me, enjoying the new knowledge my spirit was obtaining. He blocked who he was from me, but I sensed he wanted me to remember on my own. I had not turned around yet. I could understand little of him by the light emanating from him. The smell of him was familiar, his light that touched mine was also familiar. I gave him a mental push to let me in, only to hit a wall again.

I kept feeling him say, "Do you remember who I am?" I then tried to turn around, to spy his face, the feeling so strong to touch him. He would not allow it, every time I turned around to see him he was always right behind me. He wanted me to recognize his light, his warmth, and his overpowering love for me, because it was love I was feeling. That feeling, older than time itself, can never be confused, especially when given off to others from our light, our essence, our whole being.

"I am still just remembering what I am, who I am, what I can do." I said from my mouth through my mind. "I am learning. My light recognized yours, but I do not remember specifically who you are. You are important to me, this I know without a doubt. But who are you? Why are you so important?"

"Yes" he said in my mind, "I am MOST important to you." And then I felt him smile.


Natalie Sue said...

WOW! You are an amazing writer.. you had me conviced that it could be real! I agree that you should write a book.

Shannon said...

I agree. I kept scolling down looking for more. I can hardly wait for the next part. Hurry, hurry I want more. ;0)

The Wixom Zoo said...

Okay, so you don't know me but I found you through a field trip I took with Candid Carrie. I must admit, you are a wonderful writer. I read this and found myself agreeing with quite a bit of what you wrote. It coincides closely with what I believe and I think it's great. Good job!
P.S. I hope you don't mind if I come back from time to time... :)

Kritta22 said...

Wow I have tears in my eyeballs! You are so wonderful how you put it in words! Nice work, chica!

Natalie said...

So great! I absolutely love it. Add more soon! I need to know who it is!

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