Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a Thank You...and a prize!

So when I set out into the Blog World I did it primarily to keep a journal of our families comings and goings. Our extended family appreciated it...when I would ask them..."Did you read my BLOG?" They would say, "Yes I read it...and I am finally understanding Shell-ese".

I had just my family links on my blog page...and I was somewhat hesitant to go public because I was private at the time. It did start to get annoying when I would have to get people's email address to give them permission to enter my blog so I took the plunge and went public!

Then I had a really good friend COMMENT on my blog and I felt a giddy sense of companionship...After that I became addicted to comments. I would say to family and few friends, "So did you read my blog?" They would roll their eyes and answer..."YES! Do you realize it's past midnight and people actually sleep at this time...STOP calling me!!!" To which I would mutter..."Well I wouldn't have to call and ask if you would just LEAVE A COMMENT!" DUH!

Then I was introduced to the REAL WORLD of BLOGGING and blog surfing...I found this site and became instantly addicted and found myself checking EVERYDAY what happened on their RANCH or read the next story to their REAL LIFE LOVE STORY...then ADDED bonus...she gave away prizes...GOOD ONES...all the time! Then I found out...YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOUR BLOG ...what? All her fabulous prizes...made from her blog...I.Was.Astounded. I am also open to those of you who OWN businesses to let me promote your business on my site and give away cool products of yours, hey just want to help out... :)

I came upon the wonderful GOOGLE READER and found out about FEEDS and things like that. I could track how many people read my blog?

It was a sad day when I found out how many people DIDN'T read my blog...let's just say, those of you who have been with me from the'll be rewarded in heaven someday, I actually can't QUITE guarantee that...but you get me right? I appreciate it!

So anyway...I have found a ton of new blogs that I feel I have to check daily...I LOVE to find out that there is a lot of people out there who should have been writers...they are just hilarious and know how to put their thoughts on paper...I love curling up on my bed and reading about other peoples crazy also helps me feel normal and gives me incredible ideas for parenting, vacations, and even healthy living!

I continue to write for myself. I realize that people will stick with you for the same reason I stick with other peoples blogs...because they just plain like to hear what you say! I can't change who I am to please other people because that would be too much of a chore. Someone very important told me that one day my life would be like an "open book", what a prophecy right? If they didn't hit the nail right on the head with that one!

I have never been afraid to tell it like it is...or tell people all about me, that comes partly from my selfish nature. I don't know if anyone that KNOWS me in person has ever asked me something about myself that I haven't answered wholly, truly, and honestly! I have loved re-living my younger years and sharing with you pictures of this ridiculous and open life of mine. There is nothing I am ashamed of, okay maybe there is, but nothing I am willing to admit I am ashamed of, no sort of tact or pride will veer me off my course...nothing I mind for people to know about me.

I did, however, tell myself that if I ever got to a certain number of readers that I would GIVE AWAY a prize, so guess what? I hit that number...the number I thought would be ridiculous to get to. So ...I am THANKING you for reading my blog and learning Shell-ese, because it's not always easy or pretty.

So here we go...As you should know, but maybe don't, is that I am an AVID reader. I loves me a good book! There is nothing better than escaping my mundane life to jump into a good story and escape for a HOURS...or DAYS if you are me and reading the TWILIGHT SERIES!

So what better give away then having to do with the 4th and FINAL book of the series called "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer!

Okay it's simple. There is going to be three winners! The First winner will receive the choice of either the Twilight Series which includes ALL THREE BOOKS (Book 1 and 2 will bought in paperback) + BREAKING DAWN or THE HOST (Hardback) + BREAKING DAWN. Because I don't personally know ANYBODY that has read the Twilight Series and hasn't bought the books. But I thought I would throw that option in there just in case you have extreme self control and waited for them to be available at the you have the chance to OWN them yourself. Or you can choose her new book that came out THE HOST.

The other two winners will just get BREAKING DAWN. I have pre-ordered them you will get them as soon as I get them! YEA!

All you have to do to get this prize is two things-Leave a comment and tell me:

1. WHY you are either a Jacob Black or Edward Fan not just that you are, but WHY. For example: I like Edward and gallavant around with him as Bella does...but I am a Jacob Fan when he matures in the third book. You should SEE the image I have in my mind of WHO Jacob looks like kinda like this:
But not EXACTLY. I'm sorry but it's MY imagination...and he's warm and can give her kids! He makes her HAPPY...she get a little WHINY with Edward. Catching my drift? that is MY opinion! Of course if you haven't read the series yet...then you can just say..."Get a life Shelle...and...I haven't read the series yet!"

2. Then I want to know what your FAVORITE blog site is...and leave me a link if you can!

The Contest will run until Tuesday, July 8, 2008 5pm MST. Wow! That looks official and all...funny!

Feel free to spread the word! Thanks again...and LOVE YOU ALL!


Candid Carrie said...

Alright, the contest needs to stop right now. That's right. Now. I am the winner as of this moment in time. Yeah, me. Go, me.

Truth be told, I just have heard so dang much about this Twilight crap that I had to go buy me some. OOOOOH they were such pretty covers that I bought books one and two in hardcover so I could display them right next to my entire set of Harry Potter First Edition Books. I'll continue in another post because I want to be the first one. I'll be right back.

Amanda said...

I've read the books, but haven't bought them. Now you know... one.

Candid Carrie said...

See, I told you I'd be right back. So, I just met icky ol' Jake the Flake in the first book last night. He creeped me out. I love my husband all warm and cozy and he is a meat eater, but I wouldn't mind chilling with Edward for awhile.

I had no idea that these books were written by a teenage girl. I love when Edward spent the night in her room watching her sleep.

I wonder if vampires can do their laundry as fast as they move.

Or if there are so many of them, why can't they have bottled fresh blood in a vampire type store.

Or do they know about combining Tide with Bleach and Oxyclean to remove blood stains?

Or is this meadow that they visited a DNR protected site becaues we have a couple of cattails on our property and we aren't allowed to do a dang thing with one third of our land and if we could I would make me a vampire attracting meadow because that is so much cooler than a bat house like we currently have.

Alright, send me an e-mail and tell me if I did everything right. I have only won one thing in my life and that was a frozen duck when I was eighteen years old and to go from winning a frozen duck to a chilling vampire story would be totally the next step. The step after that would be winning a cool million in a lottery someplace.

I don't have one favorite blog, I visit a couple of them everyday and then catch up on the weeks worth of stuff when I am there. My favorite new blog? Yours, and I beleive you already know the directions.

Alright, how did I do? I am still winning, right?

Candid Carrie said...

Damn that Amanda, I used too many words and she snuck in on me. Damn.

Delia said...

I am along with Amanda except that she has read the books and for me I have not even seen what the cover looks like I had not heard of the books until I went to dinner with friends. Huh I wonder who that was? So in order for me to get in the click I would have to win these books so that I too can fall deeply into love with the vampire. He is a Vampire right? My favorite blogs are many You know the ones that make you laugh, cry and feel like you have alot of friends. The only problem about the friends part is that they have know idea the Iam a friend so dont tell!!!

MomMega said...

Well, after hearing much hullabaloo about The Host, I bought with a B&N gift card I found hidden at the bottom of the diaper bag. But that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, all I have been hearing about is the Twilight series...and I haven't read them yet! So, what better way to start than to win them!

Hmmm...favorite blogs? I have found myself ADDICTED to AnyMommy ( Also, The Secret is in the Sauce has a featured blog every day. Talk about some funny women!

Erica said...

Okay my hot tamale loving friend. I found myself drawn to your blog this morning only to find out that you are having a contest. For some strange reason I am all excited about it and feel like I need to leave a post about it because #1- I have read the entire twilight series, but borrowed every book from my mom and don't have my own, #2- I am dying to read breaking dawn and pre-ordered for my mom for mother's day so that I may yet borrow it back from her to read it. So here is my entry! Okay here is my vote - I am in love with Edward! Whoever isn't in love with Edward I just can't relate with. I'm sorry, but I just don't want any Jacob Black waiting around whining and there at my every beck and call. He's emotional like a girl and I can't stand it! I think every girl likes a guy to play a little hard to get! Am I right? Also, he's described as really hairy and that might make me throw up. Edward might be cold, but he's hot! He could actually pick me up and carry me running, for some reason that sounds kind of fun. Hot and cold - perfect. Whiny and hairy - no thank you!

I have 2 favorite blog sites that I like to visit. My first is called Smitten Kitchen. It's this lady who has a blog site and attaches pictures of everything she makes and always has awesome recipes. I've actually made a lot of things from her blog. I'm always looking for a good recipe and she always has awesome recipes. My second favorite blog is called tangled and true This lady has contests and also has the coolest things and ideas on her blog. For some reason it's just cute and I like to browse through it.
Hey, I really think that you do need to come visit me! I would just love it!
I didn't comment on your last post, but I was laughing my butt of at your cheerleading try-out pic. I look back at when I tried out for Pantheras and it cracks me up. I love it that you are so willing to post pics of yourself during that time of life. Emily and I call it our "ugly" stage. I think I might choose to lose those those pics for good! You're brave.

Kandace said...

Ok, so this may or may not be fair seeing as how I just found you last week but whatever this blogosphere and anything goes, right?

OKay, are you ready?

I have NEVER read the Twilight Series. I know, shame on me. But, it is for this reason ALONE I should win your contest, well, that and I want to be blog friends and winning your contest would win you a spot in my blog heart FOREVER:)

Um, blogs that I love? Well Candid Carrie is one of my favorites but that is how I found you so I know you already know her. Plus she's all over this contest like flies on poop.

I am digging:
Barefoot Foodie:

and really dozens more that my brain can't process right now. I have no time to read books with the quantity of blogs I read:)

So, Pick me! I NEED TO WIN!

Candid Carrie said...

I am just saying that if you read between the lines of Kandace's post she is basically indicating that she would like you to choose my name. She is practically daring you to do it. Give the people what they want! Power to the people.

Marie + Jeff said...

So here I am, leaving you a comment so that you will give me a big prize. However, I would suggest that you NOT pick me as the winner because even though I LOVE to read, I hate to buy books. I think that they are a waste of money and space...unless they are church books, then I have all the money and space you can imagine...
So, congrats on meeting your goal. Was it 8,000 hits?
I also think that you should choose Candid Carrie as the winner as she is really working it and giving out swag bags! Go Carrie!

Candid Carrie said...

Marie + Jeff = Happy Candid Carrie

I would like to accept this nomination as recipient of these books ... oops, too early?

Natalie said...

As you can tell, I am excited about the next book...I even put the countdown thing on my blog. It's only 29 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes and 13 seconds away from right now!
I am going to have to disagree with you (in the hopes that that will not hurt my chances of winning!) and say that I am an Edward fan. What's wrong with living forever as a vampiress with Edward by your side?! Plus, you'd get to do that Rainbow skin thing, and that scene in the meadow alone is the #1 reason why I fell in love with Twilight! Bella and Edward are just meant to be. Sorry, Jacob! He'll find someone else...some beautiful indian girl.
ok, as far as the blogs go: I enjoy and and and yours too! (basically, the ones that post a really lot!) ok, there it is. Pick me cuz I have borrowed all the books and have none of my own AND (sorry ladies, but the contest ends on my Birthday!!!) What a lovely gift that would be. But, I don't want to make you feel guilty if you don't give me anything... :)

Candid Carrie said...

Alright, Natalie. Here's the deal. I already own Book One and Book Two. When I win the Four Pack I will have her ship Book One and Two from my Four Pack directly to you. That way, I can claim my donation to you as a charitable contribution to your birthday fund.

Shelle said...

Okay seriously Candid are cracking me up!!! I have been showing all who live here how funny you are! hahahahahaha! I'm crying right now because I'm laughing so hard! BTW--The author wasn't a teenager when she wrote the book...but it was written FOR teenagers...I don't think she realized how many people are YOUNG at heart :)

Erica--did you know I STILL eat Hot Tamale's at least ONCE a month! And...I don't IMAGINE Jake hairy...Don't get me wrong...I do like Edward, I wouldn't mind! And it IS and was my UGLY stage...but the pics are just too funny and I can't help myself...I love remembering stories, plus it's really good therapy...because as you can see, I went through a lot! :) did you read the Host? I think the first few chapters you actually have to PAY attention when you hard to "GET INTO" but I LOVED it by the end!

First of all, Kandace, it's totally fair...I'm just glad you come back...believe me!
Second of all, I gave you a moment of silence...well you AND Delia when I found out SHE hadn't read the's almost sacrilegious! :)

Amanda-were you entering to win? Or were you just stating the fact that you have a strong will? Because you didn't tell me if you are a Jacob fan or Edward Fan and you didn't tell me your favorite site...but I already know its just tell me who you're a fan of and I'll enter you into the pot!

HUH? Buying books is a waste of money?...I can't even speak...I'm at a loss for words...I think I have a new destiny...a goal...I.MUST.CHANGE.YOUR.MIND. on that! and technically YOU are not buying the books...I am! Doesn't that make it better?

Natalie-Happy Birthday next Tuesday! So fun! I totally planned that ya know :) How nice of Candid Carrie's offer...LOL!

Bryce & Annalee Bergeson said...

Your blog has been fun to read Shelle. You do a great job writing about your life and family. I love it!

As for the Twilight Series, I haven't read it. My mom and Aunt just read them and were excited to tell me about it. I have requested them at the library, but there are about 200 people ahead of me. Dang! Oh well, I guess I better be patient.

Amanda said...

Sorry Shelle, I did it again. I just read a little blurb of your post and left a comment. I knew you were giving them away, but didn't realize what I was supposed to do.

Ok... here it is. I don't like either of them. Edward sucks. And Jacob bites. (ha ha, that is my pun)

As for blogs, I've never really been a blog stalker so I have only seen the family blogs of people I know... until this post. So I have looked at all these favorites. I have to say "Candid Carrie" has a good blog except she damned me. So I'm not sure about her. : ) I like FMH, and of course yours. I think I have laughed the hardest at yours... by far. Laughing is good.

marcipants said...

Wow Shelle! I love the comments!!.. and of course I want to be in the giveaway, just in case luck ever decides to happen to me.

#1 Edward. He just thrills me. It feels like she'll get such a long adventure this way...I do NOT relate that to what I'd wish for, BTW. It's easy to wish that for a fictional character! Jacob is pushy though...even though Edward's a bit possessive at times. Okay, they're both too possessive, but Bella's a TON worse.

#2 Aaah...this one's hard. I check most of them regularly. BUT, I do love the inspiration that comes from my step-sister-in-law's blog. She is witty, a GREAT writer, and does fantastic homemaking things that give me some mucho motivation. You ought to check out my favorite post there; umm, can you say eclairs?? mmmm Here's the site:

DeGraffenried's said...

I already have the first 3 books so just pick me as a 2nd or 3rd place winner!

Edward is my favorite! He's hot and I would just love to be on his back and running through the forest. Just to feel that sensation of flying!!

I have to check yours everyday for the un-word of the day and to see what you have to say!

Marie + Jeff said...

Okay, maybe I should clarify my stand on buying books. When I read, I read for pleasure, but I also read to escape boredom on the long commute to and from work. I read a book every 7-10 days. So buying books would be very expensive and take up a lot of space in my house...and from the looks of last weeks yard sale, they don't hold much stock in resale value. So I am a librarier ALL.THE.WAY. I am not ashamed.

And just because you are buying the book doesn't mean anything. Another thing, I am not a re-reader. I will read a book once and then not ever pick it up again...unless it is like years later and I can't recall if I ever read it in the first place...but thank heavens for websites like where I can now keep track of those types of things...what did I ever do before...

So, pick a more deserving soul. Someone like Candid Carrie...she can't afford to buy books with all the good deeds she is doing, like being a foster parent and adopting kids from, she lets us eat our toast.

Anonymous said...

i wanna win!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way:♥Have A Happy 4th Of July♥

Candid Carrie said...

Hi, did you miss me? I just thought I would watch this play out instead of attempting to influence your decision.

Last night I finished Book One and started Book Two. Sorry to say, but sometimes Bella just acts like an idiot being all independant and trying to do everything everyone says she shouldn't ... When she got that papercut at her birthday, I was pretty dang freaked and she should have been concerned.

Edward can't make so many promises and then break them and scoot back in her life. I vote he makes the bitch a vampire so she quits whining.

I have got so much whining at my house right now that the last thing I want to do is read about a teenagers point of view and that is W H I N E Y ...

Somethings got to be up with that clumsy crap too. She either has MS like Montel Williams does and if that was the case, she'd have been on the show by now because he ran out of people to feature and had to cancel. I would like to have had Sylvia Brown meet Bella, she would have told her to stay away and then she would have pointed a crooked finger at her and aimed a long fingernail in her direction and we all know what that means. Don't mess with the darkside.

And if she thinks the breath of a vampire has a strong pull that makes you melt, then get a puppy because their breath is very intoxicating, too.

Delia said...

Still have not read the books still just waiting for them to show up in the mail or something like that;). By the looks of me getting bigger and bigger everyday I am going to need to have something to read. So you really want to know the last book I bought for myself was? Well probably not but I am going to tell you anyways it would have to have been Charletts Web. Now it is one of my childrens favorite books. So as you can see here I really need some grown-up books or at least teenager ones. By the way if I dont win can I just borrow Yours????LOL

Candid Carrie said...

Happy Sunday. I will be kneeling on a cold marble floor all morning, praying for a victory in this healthy competition. I meant to say contest. Oops, was that a sin?

I am halfway through Book Two. My thirteen year old has returned from camp and I am allowing her to read the Book One.

I work very hard to keep her away from books with lust lessons, however the chances of her actually trying to recreate these "I am going to faint from breathing your cool carbon monoxide" moments with her pillow or hugging her bedspread to fly through the woods ... well these are just the kind of lessons that will help her learn that when you are with the wrong man there is no frozen air or ice cold flights that make you pass out as soon as you leave the ground. Choose your mate wisely and don't give it away to the first man that feeds you ice cubes and tries to recreate Edwardian scenarios.

So, now you know everything that is going on with me. Your hundreds of contests show up over here telling you all about themselves and I am worried about you.

How are YOU doing? What is YOUR favorite blog? Do YOU prefer Edward or Jacob? Are YOU tired of Bella? Or more importantly, are YOU tired of me?

Shelle said...

Right now I am burnt to a crisp. Besides YOUR blog as being my NEW favorite...I am a faithful follower of I like Edward overall...but I prefer Jacob in book two...I just had to delete the last sentence sense it would have been a giveaway of the third book!

Yes I was tired of Bella...she complained too much when she basically had it all...but don't we all do that when we are living i our own world such as she? I guess I can't be too mad at her for always thinking the glass half empty.

Candid Carrie...I don't think I can tire of you...I think you are hilarious...every comment has made me laugh out loud...I obviously don't get the 100's of commenter's such as I feel beneath you...I think you will probably have a good chance of winning since the odds aren't too high! :) So keep stopping by to see how it is going...I am not sick of you! lol!

Candid Carrie said...

Alright, so here's a new deal. I have anxiety issues. Feel free to send me an email privately at and let me know what sentance you left out.

I read the end of each book before I read the beginning. Always. Yup, I am realled f'd up that way. So much that even though I was not a follower of sex and the city (since I always felt that was a mockery of my life in that series), I had to know how the movie ended.

Guess what I did so I could find out? I'll tell you know because we are going to take the kids swimming at a beach/pond/lake thing with sand and I don't like the power of sand. Sand sucks. I live in a woods and I would rather deal with unremovable sap than spend two minutes with a granule of sand in my crack. Just say no to sand, it is that easy.

Anyway, I found a blog that wrote about the movie that had a private email address and then I hounded that woman until she told me the entire story. Uh huh, oh yes I did. How cool am I? Not so cool if I could seduce a stranger to tell me the information all of America was waiting to hear.

This brings me back to Edward and Jacob and now I fear that I am one of them. I have dark circles under my eyes and the only real light I get is from the refrigerator bulb otherwise I am extremely uncomfortable in bright sun. My legs are unusually hairy and my teeth are not a brilliant white but pretty dang white. I so could have convinced Bella that she should be with me.

"Hey little girl, yeah you looking all depressed. I am not a fan of the girl on girl action, but if I was I know I'd be good at it ... I'd be so good at it that I could convince you to be a fan of girl on girl action, too." That is how vulnerable I think Bells would have been. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Oh yeah, that's my power. I am not Edward or Jacob but I can relate to having to control myself when I am around the weak and clumsy. Also, I have convinced the super thin to eat rice krispie bars even though they didn't want to do it, they did. And then I stayed to see if they threw up and nope, nope, nope they didn't.

Well, my work here is done. I will check back later. Uh huh, you are almost under my power.

Twilight said...

What a great idea. I saw your post on TM's. (I'm Katieb over there by the way). :)
This is hard picking a blog. I like one I've started working on: (kidding) my favorite would be:
You can find so many wonderful ideas from this amazing mom.

Okay, so Edward or Jacob. I've become both. Why? Well to me Edward is a true soul mate, someone who's love is an eternal one. He seems like the perfect guy, but he still has flaws and learns from his mistakes. He's more human when he does that.
With Jacob in NM he became that best friend that Bella needed. He saved her from herself in NM if that makes sense. I liked him because he didn't change for her and he did what he could for her.

Kritta22 said...

OK so I decided to not torture myself and read the series, YET!! I'm waiting until the fourth book comes out so I'm not dancing with anticipation. Can I still play? I'll let you know what I think after...does that count?
My favorite site is She just cracks me up like you do!! Maybe it helps that I know her but still...I visit all the time! Oh and barbies, bottle and boys!

Candid Carrie said...

Dear kritta22, you are not playing very fair.

Barbies, Bottles, and Boys is a friend of mine. A real friend, like the kind I talk on the telephone to In The Real World. I didn't say she was my favorite because I was leaning towards the author of this blog in an attempt to win and then you come in and you are all like, "Oh, Candid Carrie's friend In The Real World has a great blog" and I'm like, "Crap, I should have been dropping my friends names over here so now I'm all like One Crazy Chick, Outnumbered2to1, Barbies Bottles and Boys, Insane Mama, Chris the Weather Moose, Two Knit Monkeys, Lulaville. Those are some of my friends In The Real World, oh and Mrs. R and Tif and Pioneer Woman and (alright this is a lie but, I'm going to hell anyway) Dooce even left a comment on my blog one time (in my dream).

Rachelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelle said...

Well I never said to PIMP out your favorite just lucky I like the ones you mentioned or I'd have to drop kick ya! lol!

Anonymous said...

OK....I got your message about the contest :P

As you know,
I can't give an opinion about those 2 men cuz I haven't read those books...I even went to our local library & they didn't have them, either. SO I am extremely interested in these Twilight Books!!! ((i ♥ reading))

And as for my Favorite blog site....I would have to say this one for Obvious Reasons: ♥

Jamey said...

Well, I will admit that I have looked at your blog before, but there is never a better time to make a first comment, than when there is a PRIZE involved! I saw your pictures that you took of Amanda's kids - they are GREAT! I was also showing my husband what great things you can do with Photoshop (hint, hint: for him).

You probably don't even remember me, because I really don't remember you that much, but I live in your old ward from WJ. The crazy thing is, I was looking at your blog and realized that your sister "sun's fan #2" is married to someone who was in my ward growing up! SMALL WORLD

But onto your contest rules:
1. I think that Edward is a little over-protective! But there is just something about him that is intriguing...I don't agree with the fact that at first, he just hung out in her room while she was sleeping. But Jacob has his moments. I love how young, and sincere he is. So it is a toss up for me.

But I also have another problem. I have a hard time remembering things that I have read. I need to read all of the books again so that when the next book comes out, I know what is going on. (I put a hold on them from the library...)

#2 as for favorite websites: (I am always looking for dinner ideas)
365daysforactivities.blogspot (I try to do fun things with my kids...or at least have good intentions) (I have become obsessed with food storage lately!)

Well, how was that for a first comment! I love your photography! I asked Amanda how much you charged...but she said she got the "friend discount" I am trying to find someone to take pictures for me that aren’t the normal "studio" pictures...your pictures are great! Good job!

brooke&dus said...

Ok I haven't even read one of the books! How can I possibly be one of the "cool moms" when I can't even join in the conversation.....because almost every conversation is about these books!! I do have to say though that I would be quite afraid to win because from what I've heard is my kids will have "no mom" if I do read the books! So actually now that I think about it.... don't pick me!!!
So I can't comment on the characters because I don't know them......BUT I will tell you my fav. blog that I always love to check out, I found it a couple weeks ago and she always has the cutest and most interesting stuff on her blog.....

Candid Carrie said...

Whew, just finished Book Two. Haven't cooked cleaned, bathed.

Then I show up over here, you flash a picture of Jesus at me and I remembered that I forgot to pray.

I put Twilight in front of Jesus, but then you put Twilight in front of Jesus by telling me to check out the contest status before I read about Jesus. But I picked the Jesus post first. I still don't know how the entire thing is going to go down from Jesus' point of view, but if you and me end up in the same place ... that is going to be fun, right? No matter how hot it gets, right?

mrsb said...

Awwwww! I missed this one by a day! You've seen my book list, so you know I love these. And I admit I squealed a bit when I saw you had the trailer up on your blog (My 16 year old has Twilight fever as well, so we are going to see this one the first day out!).

Totally loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

How sad am I that I missed this? Very. I actually only have the first book and am still working on it and getting to know the characters. Oh well, maybe next time.

Debbie said...

Hi Shelle,
I found you on TwilightMoMs and thought I would hop over and check out your blog. I Love me some Jacob. What I love about Jacob is that he tells Bella like it is. He doesn't hold back or hide anything from her. He is also adorable....well at least the Jacob in my head is (so is Taylor Lautner). I also love that he brings out the carefree, fun Bella. She really doesn't have to worry about anything when she's with Jacob.

My favorite blog site actually belongs to my cousin.

Sorry I missed the deadline for the contest. I still got to gush over Jacob Black.

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