Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A band wagon jumper on-er...

I can't believe this has happened to me... a complete parent FAIL!!!

My daughter is a band wagon jumper on-er!!!

It's true.

Yesterday she was wearing a Justin Bieber shirt and reading a Justin Bieber book...

This morning I walked in and found this hanging up on her push pin wall...

It's true... a Justin Bieber poster!  I may have bought the shirt and book for her with begging and pleading... but a POSTER!?

I'll understand if you judge me, I would do the same in your position...

The apple, however, hasn't fallen too far from the tree... I remember putting up a poster, or two, of New Kids On The Block when I was younger... but I had reformed and thought that I could teach my children better... apparently I failed.

Do you think I can find a support group?  Let me know, I'll wait here and wallow in my failure.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

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