Thursday, September 18, 2008

Part Two--this is some freaky stuff!

***I wrote a post over here...check it out if you like to read about people getting hit by a ball...

***And I still need ideas on what to do about my sister and our "war" this if you are behind... Now get to thinking!

Now for part ONE of this story go here, which was posted earlier is part two!

"AAAAAAAYYYYYY!" I screamed…"What the heck are you doing right there MSM?"

Not a movement…he just stood there holding this immaculate plate of brownies…not just plain brownies, I discovered as I slowly perused him from head to plate of brownies (I couldn't get past the brownies), but brownies with thick chocolate frosting on them…MY FAVORITE! Then the ever so fleeting thought swept quickly through my brain, 'Aaahhh how romantic…my guy cooked me brownies!' Then I remembered…my guy ISN'T romantic…he's just not…hmmmm.'

Then I start to laugh and said, "Guess what MSM…you'll never guess, but I was in the bathroom peeing and SMELLED these brownies. How did you know I have been craving them for the last WEEK and a half? This is so strange! And stop smiling like that you are freaking me out!"

He didn't say anything…he just picked up a chocolate covered frosting brownie and slowly, ever so slowly, lifted it up to his mouth and took a bite. Then he began to chew and his jaw went round and round and round, chewing the soft ever so succulent-looking brownie. My blue eyes followed his every movement but the rest of my body stood frozen, like a statue' or my favorite vampire Edward. It felt like minutes had passed by before I made my first movements…and only out of necessity, because drool had slowly found its way out of my open mouth and down my white freckled chin to hang there ready to drip onto my well endowed chest. I lifted my arm and wiped my chin with the back of my hand, every movement seeming like it was taking me FOREVER!

"MSM…are you going to share one of those with me?" I said.

The silence was starting to be scary. He just stood there, swallowed his well chewed brownie…then stuck his tongue out to lick his chocolate frosting covered lips.

"Seriously…you are starting to freak me out a bit." I reach to grab me a brownie…because at that point is was like I couldn't help myself…I needed to have one of these brownies. Not only could I smell them…but I could taste them, in my mouth. My body KNEW…and my saliva could not deceive me. I only needed ONE bite, I could stop at ONE bite…right? At 4 in the morning it wasn't the BEST breakfast, but I figured I could work it off throughout the day.

But MSM was to quick for me…it's like he went from vampire statue-to fully functioning Samuri Warrior! He was there right in front of me with the plate of brownies and then he wasn't!
I looked left and then right and then left again. Where did he go?

"MSM?" I said, now a little tentatively.

"MSM?" I said a little louder.

I slowly walk over to couch to turn on the lamp light. I turn the knob on the lamp…click…the light flashes on, temporarily blinding me.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the light I saw MSM standing there in his pajamas with his hair disheveled and his eyes blinking furiously.

"Shelle…what do you need? I heard you calling me and you sounded scared! Are you okay?"
What? Was the guy playing stupid? And where was my brownies?

Attending to the most important question I asked, "Where is the plate of brownies?"

"What?" he said, bewildered! "What are you talking about? Are you all right? Why are you covered in Chocolate Syrup?"

I look down at my chest. I WAS covered in chocolate syrup…it was dripping from my long white fingers. I brought my hands up to inspect them.

"It's all around your mouth too!" he said.

I felt my mouth with my tongue…chocolate!

I looked something like this...except not as thin, and I didn't have a strawberry!

What is going on!

"What is going ON!" I yelled.

"It's okay Shelle" he said, slowly, like he was speaking to a child. "It looks like you had an accident and you are bleeding."

"BLEEDING!" I yelled, now half crazy, "I'm bleeding CHOCOLATE?!"

"Of course you are bleeding chocolate, honey, what else would you bleed? Did you try to eat the brownie again? You probably just cut yourself…don't worry, I won't tell your therapist…this is our little secret. You just had a relapse is all." He said this as he slowly began to walk towards me.

"A relapse honey? You are speaking crazy to me right now. I'm going to scream in 3.12 seconds if you don't start explaining to me exactly what is going on! Please MSM…this isn't funny…if you are trying to scare me away from chocolate, it's working!" I said, trying to calm myself.

"Shelle, sweetheart, I’m not trying to scare you. I’m slowly going to help you okay?"

I look straight at his eyes…they are swirling still…and they are slowly changing from black to red.

I start to back away…

"Shelle?" He asks.

"Shelle!" He says, firmer and louder.

He crouches down, leans forward, getting ready to spring…He opens his mouth. He has remanents of brownie in there and FANGS! And then he springs, shouting my name…"SHELLE!"

I spring up to a sitting position in my bed…eyes wide open. I look around, feel my face…no chocolate…look at my hands…no chocolate! I look over to see MSM softly snoring, his head laying on his arm with one leg wrapped around our chocolate colored body pillow.
It was just a dream, I thought…my heart still beating a million beats a minute.

That is the last time I go to bed reading a vampire book while trying to stay away from chocolate!

I better take this "Life Style Change" a little slower and make myself some brownies…I'll only have one bite...I promise!


P.S. Let's just say this could have actually been a real dream or something I just made up…
guess you'll never know! :)


Staci said...

Hey good luck with the war and the no chocolate thing that would be rough I think I want to go make me some brownies right now.

DeGraffenried's said...

You are a fabulous writer! Loved it!

Jen B. said...

Great story... whether a dream or not! Thanks a lot... now I'm craving brownies! :)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

This totally rocked!
I wish you would head on over to my blog page now and enter my Bloggin to Win button contest! this is so worthy of a blog button for your page!
Just one bite...HA!

Dopp Family said...

Wow... I was in complete suspense the entire time! I think it was partly dream partly made up?! You will write another post and let us know... right? So, good luck with the chocolate war. I'm weird with chocolate... sometimes I seriously don't like the stuff and never want it and then other times it's all I want. Are a lot of women like me??

It was really good to see you today. After I get this baby out, we'll have to go on a double date... that would be a lot of fun!!

Keep up the good work on the "War". I still have to read about it so I'm not exactly sure all that's involved, but hopefully I can read more on it tomorrow. :)

binks said...

Sweet mother of all that is good and holy. I was starting to think you were a few cards short of a deck and ready for the men in white coats.

I think you are just going through withdrawls and having hallucinations.

Good luck with the war and let me know if you need any help. ;)

Palmer Family said...

That is one of the funniest stories I have ever herd!! I love love love chocolate expecially chocolate brownies mmmmmmm!! So, the moral of your story? I should never try to avoid chocolate :) We need to ge together the next time im in town.

ps. How did you get that picture of me?

Kritta22 said...

Of course I am done with the book!! Don't be silly!!! What do you want to discuss?

What gadget thing are you talking about that I need to add? I wanna play!

Barbaloot said...

Too funny! How weird would it be if you actually did cover yourself in chocolate while you slept?

Giggle! said...

ha ha!!! A dream??!!!!

Oh I am dissapointed! I thought it was real! Sounds like a normal day of my life! :-P *GIGGLeS* xx

Shannon said...

I was thinking you had sleepwalked into the kitchen and had gotten into the chocolate syrup... but the it kept going! HA!

Anonymous said...




Natalie Sue said...

Okay, I absolutely love your stories, dreams, blog. You are such a GREAT writer and it's so fun to stop by and look at your posts!!

Cuz Heather said...

OK Shelle,
First let me thank my wonderful cousin who made me so envious about the Twilight series, that I went out and bought all the books and have read them all....Loved it ohhhhh so Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

very funny post I was laughing so hard lol

love ya,
cuz heather

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