Monday, September 15, 2008

Letter to the Lady in Zumba Class...

Letter to the Lady in Zumba Class--

Okay, so this new phenomenon called Zumba...totally fun! I shake my hips like there is no tomorrow and get down with my bad self...ahhh the love of sweating and burning calories. It's like a sisterhood...and sometimes one brotherhood...that we all get together to shake our things if you know what I mean! I haven't worked my hips like that since, well, since a while back.

I'll admit I was late getting to three minutes...and everyone already had their place set to work out! I chose somewhere in the back, even though it's against everything I was taught...but I needed a place in the mirror, because how can you work your "thang" if you can't see yourself? Plus there were a handful of beautiful polynesian ladies who have taken or are teaching polynesian dance and KNOW how to move their hips...I needed to make sure I wasn't being out shone.

After a warm up song or two (I tend to make the first workout song a warm up song, just working into it ya know?) slowly were moving in front of "my space". I kindly would move right our left, mostly left, more mirror for me, to be in your "window" so I could vainly see myself in the mirror...but you weren't having's like you NEEDED to deny me of mirror time?

What did I ever do to you? !

You already were smaller than me, and I don't mean shorter. You were definitely tanner than me...okay you're right, that doesn't mean anything because EVERYONE is tanner than me...but if I dare say you were even cuter than me...REALLY THOUGH, who puts make up on for Aerobics class?

That reminds me, since I'm writing this letter anyway...could you keep it casual next time? It's hard to REALLY get the full effect of my red cheeks and winded breath when I have you to compare myself with!

Okay...back to the REAL time, when I dutifully choose a spot...could you please stay out of it? I couldn't see myself with you hippin' your way over in front of me!

There is an unwritten rule in dance and aerobic classes everywhere...NEVER invade someone's groovin' space...which is a 3 -5 foot circumference around each individual. The fine print says that if there is a REALLY full class then that circumference is obviously going to be smaller...BUT if there is not, which was our case on Friday, then let a girl have her mirror and circumference space!

That is all...let this letter not get in the way of our potential friendship. Aside from the fact that you are a floor hog...I got the vibe that you were a pretty nice person. Don't let the fact that your cute and skinny get in the way of that! :)

Okay, well until this Friday...hope you have a good week!


Anyone else ever have a girl like this in their dance/aerobics class? If so...was she tall, skinny, tan, nice set of white straight teeth, with beautiful long Auburn hair? Maybe there are others of you out there that have been her victim also?

Just wondering.



Erica said...

You seriously crack me up! Being in Iowa I haven't seen this girl. But would probably want to beat her up if I saw her!!! Quite obviously she wasn't a dancer or she would have known the unwritten rule "right behind or right between". In the case or aerobics (zumba) "right between". Sounds like she was a mirror hog. But you might want to look at it this way. She thought you had better moves than her and wanted to stand right in front you so she didn't feel so self conscious about herself! Good luck next time shakin' your thang.

brooken'dus said...

Where do you work out?? I would totally go with you....if we go to the same place! I was thinking I also need to write a letter.....a letter to the man who was sitting next to me at the red light with sunglasses over his reading glasses because he doesn't want to buy them combined.

mrsb said...

Sadly, things like this bring out the crazy in me. I would have been "accidentally" bumping into her until she got the heck out of my way.

Not the nice thing to do, I know. But the pretty girl should know to get out of the bigger, crazier girl's way. Shoot.

Staci said...

Hey I think I know who you are talkin about she did the same thing to me when I went to the zumba class last time we were down but I went to the back on purpose but I still love the class...

Kritta22 said...

I think I like msrb's idea! Cuz if you and Staci have both had issues with this chick, something needs to be done! I mean, it's the law!!

LOL I heart you! you make me laugh!

Kritta22 said...

PS your ad at the bottom of your post is for scientology video channel. Are you spreading your wings? Trying to catch Tom Cruise?

binks said...

Oh, I want to try zumba. But then I remember that I am a fat ass and hate to exercise. Go figure.

It definetely is not me hogging your mirror space, I am always trying to hide behind everyone to avoid looking at myself.

I am gonna have to go with MrsB on this one bump away until you break her skinny little hips with your far superior physique. ;)

Barbaloot said...

Oops-my bad. Didn't realize I was taking over your space! JK It fully wasn't me cuz A) I don't look like that at all:) and B) I don't really know what zumba is.

If I ever see her though, I'll probly go right next to her cuz I'm not sure my self-esteem can handle watching me dance. Too embarrassing.

Natalie Sue said...

I hate when that happens! I know exactly what you mean. SO annoying.

Anonymous said...

ooooh are SOOO FLIPPIN FUNNY!!!! ♥

Shannon said...

She must not have gotten the memo!

DeGraffenried's said...

I've taken Zumba before, it is pretty fun. Now I teach on the nights it is offerd.

Tiff said...

That's hilarious!!!
Is that unwritten rule kinda like the one in bowling where you never bowl at the same exact time as the guy next to you?
Maybe next time you should be late again so you can pick the opposite end of the room from her? then you can shine all you please without her hoggin the rays of your brightness.. ;o)

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