Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I don't much care for Halloween--what the linky love?

Like the header says, "I'm TRYING to win another contest!"--focus on TRYING. I enter so many contest it kills me...my husband finds it humorous...but unlike the lottery, I always feel I have a chance...except for those that use the stupid Random Integer thingy they find on the internet...I curse that thing or whomever came up with it...I NEVER win...it has something against me.

So I have a strategy...I try to enter things with 10 or less people entered...or enter contests where I have to be smart or creative and they pick depending on ability(okay I never win those either)...such as MY COOL CONTEST I hold every Monday! :) lol! I kill myself! Or the odds have to be in my favor...anyway, Insane Mama is having a contest...not sure when it ends...but I get more points if I enter a Halloween post...hence the post title--but because I have NO idea when it ends I went over to her site to see if she might have announced the winner of the unending contest...but she hadn't, and now there is like 90 entries...so I have gone against all I believe...I'm entering a BIG contest AND it's Random! Freak!

I'm going to tell you why Halloween is NOT my favorite Holiday...I'm probably going to lose some followers over this...and I KNOW that one of Hugh Hefner's bunnies on Girls Next Door will look down upon me also...but this HAS to be said. Not EVERYONE can love this holiday right? There has to be others like me!

If you read my recent MEME-YOUYOU post...on number 1 it states that I scare easily. This alone should make you understand why I don't really care for Halloween. I HATE...HATE scary movies/horror films. They give me a creepy, evil feeling...and I miss half the movie anyway because I'm hiding behind the blankets. Part of that could stem from watching a marathon of America's Most Wanted when I was 10...not sure...but that could be some reason why I scare easily. The only thing I'm NOT scared of is Haunted Houses...Forests...whatever. I think they are dumb...but when I'm FORCED into going to them...I take some pleasure seeing other people scream...and then laughing at them!lol!

But what I hate more than ANYTHING and why I have fallen in LOVE with TRUNK OR TREATS is not only can I get the trick or treating done with two heaping bags full of candy in 60 minutes and be home before the sun is completely down...but I also can avoid walking up to houses where they have someone dressed up, sitting on the porch as if they are dead! I HATE those houses...I am terrified of them...and they make you look dumb because you sit there and contemplate if it's real or not...but the desire for the TREAT over powers your good since to RUN and you walk up to the door anyway...ever cautious of the DUMMY/REAL MAN ready to assault you, or at least scare the living day lights out of you! *shudder* I really hate those things!

When I was 10 or 11 I liked Halloween. (I can't remember now exactly what age I was...but I'll never forget the experience that turned me from this horrid holiday...but it was after the America's Mosted Wanted marathon for sure).
I was dressed as Pippy Longstocking. My mom loved dressing me as her...because I had the freckles and she made my hair stick out with a hanger that she masterfully snaked through my hair and colored with Red/Orange hair coloring.

This was back in the day when Trunk or Treats where not even a memory and you had to run/walk from house to house, knock on neighbors and strange people's door and say, "Trick or Treat" like a thousand times in the freezing weather.

This particular and fateful Halloween I was trick or treating with my brother and his friends. We were suppose to stay together...but I always liked to forge ahead and stake out the scary houses and then wait in the dark to watch my brother and his friends get scared...then I would laugh at them.

So I was by myself...walking up towards the next home...it was eerily silent except for the haunting, classical, Halloween music playing from the house. My Brother and his friends were quite aways behind me as I turned to check their status. I looked forward and proceeded on my way. As I usually was back then, and most of the time now as my husband would say, I was in my own little world...because I didn't see the fake dead man until it was too late. I looked up...and stared...frozen in my terror. The hanger holding up my hair begin to feel to small...my palms began to sweat even though it was freezing temperatures...and my mouth had fallen open. I only remember my mouth because I remember the desperate thirst for water. The fake dead man didn't move. I stood there for what seemed like forever. I tentatively whispered, "Trick or Treat"? But nothing. I became confused at what I should do...I NOW was not only scared but confused. Perfect America's Most Wanted images trickled through my brain of men snatching innocent girls and cutting their throats or kidnapping them for them to never see their parents. I took a step closer to see if I could see his chest moving...and he jumped up and lunged towards me while yelling in a deep voice"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Forgetting about the candy I dashed away screaming as if I was going to die and ran smack dab into my brother and friends. Who were laughing at me because they had watched the whole thing.

I flipped my head in disdain and caught one of them in the eye...boowahahaha...okay i lied...I didn't, but what a great story if I did! :)

So I dislike Halloween...and fake scary men ready to scare young Pippy Longstockings!!! And boys...and....and...

Thanks Insane Mama for making dig up deep disturbing issues...


For lighter news...I have the BEST blogging circle and friends in the WORLD...I know you guys think YOU do...but you're being punk'd...it's definitely me! :)

I read all my favorite bloggies through my Google Reader...I've been down and out for a few days and haven't been able to keep up on ALL my reading!

So you will understand when I show you the love that was showered my way! :)...I'm SO dang lucky! :)

Tiff gave me this award...and I was seriously SHOCKED...I want to tell her THANKS! She found me off of Bayou Belle's and her Beau's and she is so real and down to earth on her blog. She loves God and that is the biggest thing we have in common!
I am suppose to pass this on to 4 friends and one from another country...
1. Binks--I LOVE her posts...she gets my humor(like commenting on Ree's website daily) and her comments make my day! :)
2. Kritta22--I feel like the girls my sister...really I do...she'll talk about anything...she doesn't mind embarrassing herself...and she is DONATING to my contest! Plus she says, "I heart you" what's not to love! :)
3. Kenz--beause she is my BFF in real life! So why not a BBFF?
4. Jessica over at MomShots--I've won over on her blog...she is making me a better photographer...and we live in the same state! Love her!
5. AFrameinTime and The Daily Click--they know each other...take awesome pics so I feel honored to be in their circle (I'm in right girls? like i've been invited?)
6. ABritDifferent--Because even though she LIVES in the States...she's technically from Scotland and feels her website every Wednesday with Scotish vocabulary! And she still has her accent...so she counts as my Out of Country-er!(I am practicing for when I visit there!)

Okay this one I get to name six things that make me happy:
1. The Gospel
2. My Family
3. Blogging
4. Reading
5. Photography
6. Dancing
Six other bloggers to award this to and I'm going to add who make me happy: The Funny Farm, Crash Test Dummies, New England Living, CJ Purple Diva, Modern Molly Mormon, and Merrianne!

And these next two awards were given to me by Purple Diva who is linked above...and NO I didn't just give her the award because she has given me SO many...but she DOES make me happy! But I get to keep these awards ALL TO MYSELF...so HAHAHA! Sorry Sucka's!

Love ya,


P.S. Day 5--no comment from REE.











thedailyclick said...

Thanks SO much for the award, Shelle! It's my first one EVER! :-)
And yeah, if your blog link is on my sidebar, you're definitely IN!

Annie Valentine said...

First, I have never entered a contest on the internet (sometimes at fairs) so I never lose.

Second, I too had the hanger-in-the-hair Pippy costume, but after a month or two of me watching and copying Pippy's every obnoxious move and phrase, my mother destroyed our VHS copy with two of the Pippy movies on it. It kind of broke my heart. I didn't realize until later that she'd done this deliberately. Smart woman.


shelle: ha haaaa!!! you are so funny!!!! {{about your boob comment on my blog}}

yep... girl... you & me are total SOUL SISTAS!!! dark hair, long lashes and big bazookas!

Insane Mama said...

I understand the scary house dilema we do trunk or treating too at my parents church, yea, I have LDS blood. Anyway, you might not like my trunk, I realy creep it out.Thanks for participating, you are in for 3 entries. It's running through the month

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Ok, I can forgive you for not liking Halloween after reading that. Halloween happens to be my favorite, but I don't understand why people try to scare trick or treating children. Makes no sense!! I hate that. It seems to be big to do that in Utah. Have no idea why. It's just cruel and I think those people should be shot. Ok, maybe that's a little drastic, but whatever.

And even though I love Halloween, I'm horrified by the haunted house thing. I can't deal!! I went to one in Provo with my husband when we were engaged. It was at a real insane hospital and I was freaked. I'm such a baby! You would have laughed your butt off!

THANKS FOR THE AWARD YOU AMAZING LADY YOU! You are such a sweet blogging buddy and funny to boot! Who couldn't love an awesome woman like yourself?!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wow, shelle, I'm verclempt. At first I thought my award was the Geekasm thing. But this is even better!

My first award!

I'd like to thank the academy . . .

I feel just like I did that one day back in Jr. High when the super pretty popular girl (with the big bazookas) asked me to sit by her at lunch and I didn't know what to say.

You are super pretty and I love your photography and I love your sites, both, and I look forward to hanging out at this lunch table more often.

So, (new at this) embarrassing question . . . do I have to tell a bunch of embarrassing stuff about myself and then copy that credit card and pass it on? Can I keep the credit card? (What's the limit?)

georgie said...

Okay pippy! it took me friggin 2 hours to get to your comment section...i kid i kid...but i read one part and scrolled to comment only to read more LOL your "killin me smalls" bonus points to anyone who knows where that line came from....

It is apparent that like you I thought for dayummm friggin sure i would get some votes/win a contest something anything...pfffttt in your contest LOL but since I love and adore you so much i will NOT enter my halloween story in IM's contest-cuz i am pretty sure I could take you...yanno broken tailbone an all...everyone LOVES a sob story...

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I still love ya even though you don't like Halloween and I do! I do not however like any thing scary-so why do I like Halloween? I don't know!
Anyway, I will still be your friend!
And thanks so much for the award and the SHOUT out! I got more buttons and more contest! Don't give up! :-)

abritdifferent said...

Get this: (and don't hate me), I recently entered a bloggy giveaway for a new digital phone with answering machine. I didn't need it, but I entered anyway cos I loved the question. She asked if we had ever pranked called anyone. So I told her my poor Mum was generally the bane of my jokes. (I'd phone her and talk in a really annoying English accent and pretend I was from one of the mail order catalogues she belonged to; or, years ago in Britain you could dial 1-7-4 hang up the phone and 30 secs later it would ring. After about 10 secs a voice would come on and say "line testing OK". I'd do that when she was waiting on an important call.) I was comment 13 out of like 550-something. I freakin won.

I LOVE your hair, that's so brilliant! In the Uk when I was a kid, we used to have to tell a joke, sing a song or do SOMEthing to get the treats. Kids get it so easy these days.

Oh, and if I haven't said enough already, thank you so much for the award. I love you. :o)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wow ... what a post. You've been busy. Congrats on all your major awards.

aframeintime said...

Thanks Shelle! This is my first blog award and I'm so excited! :)

Yes, your defiantly IN :) Love your blog and pics!

Shannon said...

Remember that show, "Unsolved Mysteries"???... sometimes they had stories about people trying to find their lost loves or their birth parents...

BUT mostly it was about alien abductions and unsolved crimes... haunted houses.... creepy stuff! I would make my little sister watch it with me! No way was I watching it alone!

I don't like scary/horror movies either. Suspenseful ones, yes... but not gory horror films. Yuck :P

Shannon said...

Oh, and congrats on all the new awards! :)

binks said...

First let me start by saying,
I just woke up, it is 2 am and where do I go? Here!

Seriously, thanks for the award. You are a crazy kook, but I heart you, too.

I love how you took the "give it to 4 more" and somehow made it 6.

One question - what in the sam he!! is trunk or treat? Is is because I just woke up and am confused or am I really that un-enlightened? Crap, now I gotta go Google it.

Dolly said...

I'd like to know how Merrianne can get to so many blogs in one day! It's now 12:38 a.m. and I finally made it over here...sorry Block:) I still want to read your posts! yeah-I like Pippi Longstocking too...and I hate finding costumes. I'm not scared of Trick-or-treaters..just run out of candy too quick-♥

binks said...

PW - iPhone post
comment # 501
(500 comments about an iPhone, vuts up vis dat?)

Tiff said...

Aw, thanks for what you said about me :o)
Sorry to get pleasure from your pain but that Halloween story is hysterical, I would have peed my pants if I had been your brother. But being your friend I would have ran and helped you instead. Okay, I might have been laughing my head off while I was helping you, but still...
I know what you're saying about watching too much AMW as a kid, to this day I can't pass a discarded trashbag on the side of the road without thinking there's a body in it... my husband thinks I'm demented.

The Wixom Zoo said...

My mom totally dressed me up as pippy for like 5 years running. My condolences. :)

Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

Thanks for the award! You are so kind!

BTW - I think your "don't you hate it when" contest is hilarious!

Aubrey said...

Sorry to be laughing at your expense. The Halloween story was just way to funny! *hugs*

Congrats on the lovely awards! You rock!!

Jen B. said...

TOTALLY understand why you don't care for Halloween! We don't get into the scary/creepy stuff in our house.... just the cute & lovable things. Like pumpkins, scarecrows, & those sort of things. The scary stuff creeps me out, too!

binks said...

Squid - I heart you you goof.
Just thought you should know!!!
where am I again?

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