Thursday, October 30, 2008

Now I'm going to be thought of as UN-Creative!!!

You know what sucks more than wasting a post on CONTEST rules? It sucks that one can NEVER have an original idea about anything because it's already been done!!!

Or so it seems in the blogging world.

Everyone knows I am a wanna-be-writer…always have been.

My parents say it has something to do with never reaching "my potential". My husband says I have a bad habit of talking myself out of things.

Either way…I'm a Professional Wanna-be in A LOT of things…and NO ONE…I mean NO ONE can take that away from me!

For instance…

I feel like I can never tell you guys about how MountainSport Man and I met because I don't want people thinking I am copying this story of THEIR wild and crazy romance…cause even though OUR story is pretty crazy, less romantic, but good to say the least…it just couldn't and wouldn't be written AS WELL, and so I feel like it wouldn't be given its justice…it would just be another passing couple story, trying to be like THEIR story, and that's IT!

I couldn't deal with that. The FAILURE!!!

Another example…

I've always wanted to write a Romance Story. But not a relatable one…one that touches in the paranormal…the unbelievable…because the best thing about reading a book, I THINK, is being taken away to somewhere UNREALISTIC…where a lot of the time there is Happy Endings, and good feelings, and the heroine of the story gets what they want!

But can I write that story now?


Because incredible and crazy writer Stephenie Meyer took that away from me. Now if I write a book I will always be known as the girl or WOMAN the followed the all time great Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT series…that nothing could be COMPARED to that…so on, and so forth. Even though there have been HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of incredible great paranormal romance stories before the TWILIGHT series, and most definitely will be AFTER the series…for some reason I feel if I attempted to write one…that I wouldn't do it justice anymore…that I would be plagiarizing in a way.

I'm just keeping it real people!

Last, if not BEST, example:

Sue from Navel Gazing at its Finest, whose writing I ALREADY adore but only updates her blog once a week or twice, if we are lucky, wrote TWO posts yesterday!!! And because I have Google Reader I was notified of the second post! I was freaking excited to see what she had to say. The title was, "Where Sue gets herself into a bit of a pickle"…so of course I hopped right over to see what in the heck could be more of a pickle then forgetting to pick up her Kindergarten daughter from school…which would've been her FIRST post of yesterday.

It wasn't only INCREDIBLE…it was AMAZAZING

She has been writing this other blog…"My Super Hopeless Romance" about a girl named CORDY…but the cool thing is, she wrote it in blog/journal style…AND she didn't tell her readers it was only fiction! Seriously GENIUS! She just started the blog up and started writing about a LOVE or CRUSH this Cordy had with her best friend and people reading the blog thought that CORDY was a real person…telling her life story…

Not understanding what the hullabaloo was all about, cause I had never heard of her other blog before yesterday, (she already had over a 100 comments by the time the post showed up in my Reader) I decided to go over and check it out.

From the very first post I was ENTHRALLED by this fictional characters romance. She is relate-able! (Although Cordy is sometimes dumb…is whiny a lot of the time…which is funny because SUE wrote this post about a dumb BELLA from another popular series and totally ripped on her…yet her character, to me, is somewhat the same, because she is totally in love with Seth and it effects her whole life…interesting...I'm not saying that's a bad thing...who doesn't let their infatuation rule their life?)

I read the whole thing in like an hour and a half. And RIGHT when it was getting to the good part of the story, fictional or not, she cuts bait…and your left unfulfilled. You see, this unassuming blog became EXTREMELY popular. People were wrapped up in CORDY's life…giving her advice…emailing SUE what this CORDY should do…only they thought they were emailing CORDY…not SUE. Anyway, Sue started feeling guilty about people thinking, because they had no other reason NOT to, that CORDY was real! So SUE let the cat of the bag (hey that's two post in a row that I mentioned that phrase…)!

But it was great writing! Seriously! You should go over there when you have time and read it!

And BRILLIANT that it was swept up like it was!

But getting to my point…now my crazy unsuspecting blog I WAS GOING TO START can not be any longer ***shakes head***. Because NOW I would be copying SUE.

*Throws hands up in the air*

I can't WIN! I have TOO many grammar mistakes as it is, anyway, to be a writer.

Do you sometimes decide not to post about something because it seems to have already been POSTED about and you don't want to be thought of as a plagiarizer…or worse…uncreative?




Rhea said...

What a post! I love Twilight. And I plan on writing a book one day. It may never be published, but I will write it, darnit.

Love your contest, I just came over to vote for Shannon!


I agree with you. There is so much out there, but I think you are an amazing writer and I loved that story you started and have YET to funish it! Anyways, it is going to take a lot of failures to write something perfect you have to start somewhere! Love ya!

brooken'dus said...

I think that all the time....that people will probably just think I'm copying them!

Pat said...

I totally agree, it does seem to be that everything has been done, except my life seems to be chuch full of blogging opportunites, so maybe all is not lost.

Aubrey said...

All. The. Time.


Kristina P. said...

I think that if you did the fictional blog, and put it out there as such, it would be fine.

I've actually been emailed by several blog friends who are really upset by this whole Cordy situation. They wrote her actual emails and shared some personal information with a person that didn't exist.

I know they feel hurt and betrayed. I do think that if she admitted to the fictional blog a couple of weeks ago, this could have been avoided.

Oh, and I read a blog friend's blog yesterday and realized that it was plagarized and I read a post almost exactly the same, a couple of months ago. Not cool.

Barbaloot said...

I think that's why people like tagging so much. It gives them an excuse to copy something they liked:)

And also-I say write the story of your and your husband! Judging from the blogs I follow it's always a winner. I'm totally gonna write one soon about me and my non-existent husband. Oh wait...

Kritta22 said...

I think your posts are great!! Really I do! I love it when you update! You are so funny and creative.
No I don't worry about what I put up on my blog because it's my blog. I have different viewers than you, than PW, than Sue. I 'borrowed/stole' your letter writing idea. I love it!! I love reading people's meme's and those are soooo old it isn't even funny. So go do what your little ol' heart desires and mess with everyone else!!

mrsb said...

Just to make you feel better...Twilight was by far NOT the first paranormal romance series. Go through my blog roll of author websites, and almost all of them are paranormal romance writers. And as much as I love the Twilight series, many of the other writers have written it better (please no throwing things at me).

And, I can tell you that, about 5 years ago, I did the "fake blog I'm going to turn into a novel thing". It was all about this girl who had been a foster child, but had run away when her foster dad got handsy. She runs from Jersey to NYC and ends up living with an older girl who she had previously lived in foster care with. Sadly, after a year, she tragically took her own life after a horrible rape.

Yes, I am serious. I still feel horrible for all the people that I traumatized with her death.

Anywho, nothing is new. Everything has been done before. So write your heart out and don't worry about what's come before.

Anonymous said...

I feel like this all the time! But your post reminded me of something I read on author Susan Wiggs blog. She was posting notes from a writing lecture and this was one of the tips "Everything has been done before. Great stories are consistent in their basic foundation, but unique in the particulars. Don’t worry about being original, just don’t copy the particulars of a story. Work harder to make your story seem unique and new. Find a new way to use the principles of a classic story." Go for it Shelle, don’t let what others have done hold you back! :)

Here is a link, she has a lot of notes on her site.

Sher said...

At least you have ambitions to write something good. Even if other famous people have already stolen your ideas.
My confession: I read Ree...sometimes, but I've never read her love story. Not once.
And I didn't know about Cordy and her superhopeless whatever until I read that post on Sue's blog.
And Twilight? oh, where do I start? I've read them, but I'm pretty sure I was the last person on the planet to do it.
Someday, I'll pull my head out, and pay attention to what's going on around me......

Alyson (New England Living) said...

First of all, you need to get some confidence and stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Whenever any of us do that, it makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Secondly, nothing is orginal. Everything's been done. People have done fake blogs before Sue. People have wrote romanic, paranormal novels before Stephanie. These people are not orginial. They just happened to get popular. So, do what feels good and natural to you and don't worry about being viewed as uncreative. Not true.

Mother Goose said...

you should write and be yourself. if you want to share a story about you and hubz. do it! it's for YOU right?? your writing should be for no one else, others are just frosting on the cake. If I had no readers I would still have my blog! WRITE IT!

BE original don't copy anyone and no one will care, they will be completely ethralled by your story. I wrote dh's and my love story or the start of it, I intend on doing a series of our tender moments! NOT FOR ANYONE but so that I can have it recorded in my blurb book and so MY KIDS can have that record. HAving others partake and enjoy my writings or posts are like winning the lottery. But, i'm not bankrupt if they don't comment.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Heee hee hee Everyone has missed the point. The point is . . . what was the point again?

Okay, first people only like tagging because it counts as their visiting teaching.

Second, Sue is more brilliant than we think. She planned this whole thing out because now that it's all controversial she's probably doubled her readership to 12,000 a day and she's got a book contract.

But even though I 'm so glad people are applying the atonement her and being so forgiving I'm with Kristina P. on this one.

And PEOPLE! Shelle is not insecure and UN-Creative. She is totally pulling our leg. Look at her photography! Look at her dripping in chocolate spook-a-rama entry. The girls got skills and she's totally pulling a fast one on us here.

Shelle, girlfriend, you are my adopted twin, but I gotta be honest. You're just trying to manipulate us all into stroking your ego and encouraging you to write your plagiarized book.

You don't need us to tell you YOUR BLOKTHOUGHTS are original! You are one-of-a kind. (You and me both).

Go out there and touch the stars girl! And stop being so sarcastic. Sarcasm doesn't become you.

Oh, and I almost wrote that same post today.

Seriously, I totally thought about it.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

K - Shelle, you dork! Totally did not see sarcasm in here. I wrote a response about this on CTD's comments.

Mother Goose said...

hmmm... so not nice! I guess I need to read shelle more so I can see your sense of humor! DaNG! now, I feel a bit dumb or like I was walked in while in the bathroom stall! LOL, shows me for just jumping in and leaving a comment.

I don't read sue, so.... I can't comment. I just read the big controversy blog today.

she has a book contract? Is that the book where everyone is suppose to send in their funny stories? That doesn't count. They are other people's stories. When they are all your own then we're talkin.

It's like pioneer woman is publishing her first recipe book but many of the recipes will be recipes that her readers send in. everyone's ideas but one person gets the profits.

Pat said...

Sorry I missed the sarcasm, I consider my self queen of that.

Don't you just love Crash, she is like a great big sis or something.

And I agree with Kristina P on the Sue thing also.

But I never had time to read the super hopeless romance thing.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I still love you my distant...uh, what was it again...adopted cousin? I'm so confused! haha

Natalie Sue said...

Yes! I seem to have a lot of the same stories as my friends... and I usually end up posting about 90 percent of them anyway. Oh well. Love the post!

Andrea said...

Yes! I was gonna post about it too (grumble) :)
I have seriously thought about the fake blog thing because I would love feedback for the characters I am writing in my book. Kind of see what people think of her and how she reacts and if it would be real. Guess that idea's taken!

It's the internet, it's inevitable that all the good stuff has already been done.

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow, well yeah. I feel like it's "been done" and don't wanna seem like a IDEA STEALER"!
And BTW, if you wrote a book even CLOSE to cool as everyone thinks Stepehenie Meyer's has, they might compare YOU, but they would still LOVE you. I have daydreamed enough stories, and they can be based off a show I watched at the time (like Buffy or Angel or Roswell), etc. but it would STILL be an original by ME, if I wrote it. As it would be if you wrote it. SO DON'T give up! WRITE!! I'd read it!

Laura said...

too funny-
I think Crash has you pinned.
I was feeling sorry for you- you and me both..
then i read CRASH's comment- and it is soo true! Look at you with 22 comments on this one post! if I got 22 hits on my site a day I would be skipping and dancin a jig!

:0) Loved your spook-a-thon entry!

Shannon said...

"Professional Wanna-be in A LOT of things"... yeah, me too!

I feel the same way... that m y ideas of what to post about are not original...

But I say go for it... I'd love to read about your romance and how you and MSM met.

Shannon said...

Oh, and I am going to be obsessively checking the poll...

This is gonna be a long day!

Shannon said...

AND... you've been BOO'd by me... come on over to check it out :)

Liz said...

Happy Halloween!
Liz & Mabel

Sue said...

I totally love you - you know that, right? Thanks for saying that about my silly little romance blog. (And yeah, I'm a little sheepish about the Twilight thing.)

For the record:
12,000 readers IN MY DREAMS
NO book contract (I wish - maybe someday, but probably the old fashioned way, by writing a lot lot lot of query letters to a lot lot lot of agents, getting rejected and then someday getting lucky)

Whoever said "there is nothing new in the universe" - absolutely true. Write what you want - we all stole the idea from someone else anyway :>

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