Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh how I love being called Sweet Muffin!

So I found something out yesterday that I didn't know previous to yesterday. I hate dislike Field Trips...or a better way to put it is...I hate dislike being the Parent Volunteer on 1st grade field trips...yes...that's much better.

The kids...LOVED it...the teachers...planned a great outing for the kiddos...


Hated Disliked it!-I'm going to be conveniently busy the next few years of his school-going-field-tripping-life!

The Field trip was to the Corn Maze...I hate corn mazes...because, I'm ashamed to say, I have never successfully entered one without getting myself lost in it, and then Claustrophobia, that I have never really even had a problem with, kicks in...and this happens only with Corn Mazes...OH do I have stories. Just another reason why I don't enjoy Halloween so much.

Moving right along. Like a good Mom I brought my camera (Not my NICE one...I want to save the embarrassing things such as hauling all kinds of camera equipment to kids' events when they get into high school) to take pictures of the whole shin-dig...

See DCar in the middle there...the one just a tad bit taller than the rest of the kids? Yea, that is how I look when I am in a TV's funny how those kinds of genes are passed down from generation to generation.

AH! There we go...that's my boy...answering a very important question...I'm sure of it!

Since he is kinda the taller one of the group...he wasn't able to stand right by the gate ever because he was always asked to move back so someone shorter could get in and he didn't really get to pet the I snuck him away from learning about the sick HOG to pet the miniature horse!

Sorry'll thank me for your height later in your life...I'm sure of it! :)

Here we are on the Wagon...that took us to the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze...YEEEE HAW!
In honor of Pioneer Woman...who I know will comment some day on my blog (lol)...I caught some pictures of what my son was so intently looking at...

A Texas Longhorn itching his...well, if I have to explain what, then you shouldn't be reading my blog!

Those Cows...well Rudy over there and her plus one, are eating...but from my Point and Shoot camera's point of looks like they're sleeping right?

We are in the Corn Maze...where I had placed myself in the back to bring up the rear...I think I creeped that kid out? Maybe it was the, "Pay attention...creepy guys are hiding in these Corn Stalks to scare us...I know this kind of stuff...just trust me...wwwwoooooooo"...yea, maybe that was it...but I just wanted a picture of the kids holding hands...they had to do that the whole time we walked anywhere with their partners. I thought the teacher was pretty tricky placing partners in boy/girl pairs! (BTW--somehow I ended up leading for a bit...TOTALLY got us lost...they had to ring the bell to lead us back in the right direction!!!)

At the end of the whole thing...when I couldn't see past my nose because of all the COUNTRY AIR I was sniffing (learned that smell was not Manure...but Alf Alfa...remind me that when I become an expert gardener someday and own/run a find a way to make Alfalfa smell better!) The people that run the farm take the kids around in this train pulled by a fast Tractor...if that is what it is called...anyway

They loved it...and I liked that we went to lunch right after it! :)

Okay, I will Admit, the part of the Field trip where the kids said things like, "WOW, you're pretty", and "You're Awesome!"(which has to be true because kids don't lie right? They tell you like it is right?) Oh and the "I like you, I want to be in your group", and where there was almost a fight trying to get into my group, I liked that!

And on the bus where a sweet boy stood up and said, "You are a Sweet Muffin"!

I said, "Who's a Sweet Muffin?"

The boy said, "You are! Because you are so pretty!"

and another little boy stood up and said, "No she's a Princess!"

and I said, "Why Thank you need to fight over my sweet endearments...we can just call me Princess Sweet Muffin!" Where all the kids then laughed! :) I love being the comedian. Kids really get me!

Note to Self: Don't start farm related kids songs, such as B-I-N-G-O, on the will continue song until end of bus ride...shouting at the top of their lungs...and also take IB Profin for headache caused by Country Air smell combined with shrieking BINGO song!

Love ya,


P.S. The light at work this morning...totally went out while I was going the about FREAKY!

P.P.S. Day 7-no comment from Ree!


Marinka said...

OMG, I posted about a corn maze today, too! It's like we're mental twins or something. With the emphasis on mental.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I need to hang out with young kids more, to boost my self esteem.

Kritta22 said...

I wanna be in your group too! Oh can you just see the two of us at a farm??! The world is not ready.
I hope you have a great day, Ms Princess sweet Muffin!

PS Comment 259 on T-shirts is all you!

Anonymous said...

PRINCESS SWEET MUFFIN!!!! playa... you know how to win the hearts of YOUNGER MEN!!!!!

Tiff said...

Too funny, wonder where he learned "Sweet Muffin"?! kids are great like that!
You know, I never though about the taller kiddos always having to move back, I'm going to be more sensitive to that from now on, thanks for teaching me something new today. :o)

Nan said...

yep, I'm 5'10" even to this day, I end up finding myself creeping to the back of a group so "I won't be in the way" It always made me self conscious, and that might be where some of my shyness came from because I always felt signaled out for being tall, so I would want to melt into the back ground, but now I'm glad I'm tall.

Now for your pictures and post, even if it WAS just your cheap camera, it took some good pictures and your layout and pictures kind of you know... reminded me of a certain Pioneer Women we all know!

Hey, there's a blog award for you if you want it on my blog, since you seemed to enjoy your last one! Also cute story my friend send me in an E-mail that made me grin!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Ha, love the tv coma look and I know it well! Never thought about it being passed down in the genes, but it must be true.

I'm with you on field trips. I do not like going either. I signed up for going with my daughter's orchestra to NYC last year. They didn't end up needing me and I was secretly glad. Don't get me wrong, NYC is awesome, but it might have been ruined for me if I'd been there in that context.

Jen B. said...

Awesome fieldtrip! Looks like the kiddos had a blast!

Momma Trish said...

Princess Sweet Muffin is a perfect nickname! I think you should make everyone call you that from now on. Yes. Yes, I do.

Good fieldtrip story. And I'm sure DCar will thank you for his height later on too. Our boys will always be short. *sigh*

Insane Mama said...

comment 312 is all about you at Ree's :) You are a brave woman, I'm so not doing the field trip thing EVER again

Pat said...

I always hope that there will be too many moms and then I will take one for the team and stay back, or better yet, if there is not room on the bus, then you volunteer to drive your own car. After three kids I am way over the excitement of these fun things. And yes always take the Extra Strenth Excederin, before the trip and bring some more the trip home. Great pictures. And it is good to be there so that you can make sure DCar gets his turn to pet the animals. Good job Mom.

binks said...

Is DCar chanelling Chris Isaak today?

You have sucessfully succeeded to totally make me happy I never got to participate in any of Cab's field trips and there are no corn maizes within 500 miles so I am safe in that regard. It does seem sufficiently creepy.
Have you noticed that my comment has had an excess of double lettered words? How queer.

Anonymous said...

You got some great shots -- Canon or not. I feel so bad for your son, that was sad being shuffled to the back!

You are so funny. Princess Sweet Muffin...hahaha

Oh wait...I just took that another way. Past time for bed I think. Now I have potty mind.

John Deere Mom said...

As a teacher, I can tell you that field trips are the worst. I have one this Wednesday...a painful 90 minute bus ride away. I get nauseous just thinking about it.

Shannon said...

Guurl, you are way braver than I am. This is one field trip I would have passed on.

Princess Sweet Muffin!!! LOVE it!

The Motherboard said...

I hate field trips. I always get car sick.

Amanda said...

I wish we could be room moms together. We would have such a blast.

Aubrey said...

You had me cracking up! Those were some pretty smart kids...Princess Sweet Muffin!
The field trip looked like a lot of fun (you brave, brave woman!)

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