Monday, June 15, 2009

We were one of THOSE families this weekend

I realized something about my family this weekend. We are one of THOSE families.

Back in the day when I life guarded and it was a RAINY day where the clouds where black and the lighting was just seconds from showing itself along with the Thunder. You could smell the rain and the always HOT and DRY temperatures of the summer would drastically drop and I would have to wear a sweatshirt and long pants.

The rule at the pool was that if we saw lighting we would close the pool.

So when I would drive into work and see that it was going to be one of those days I would always think to myself, "Who in their RIGHT mind would come on a day like this?" and then I would dream about what I would do with my day off, because FOR SURE they were going to close the pool down!

When I'd show up to work there would always be THAT family. The one that still came because that is what they had planned for the day and whether RAIN or SHINE they were going to swim!

You better believe that on those cold, always windy, and dreary days when I was wearing a hoody and sweat pants that A-there was NO WAY I was jumping in to save someones life--they were stupid enough to come when it was cold and there was a chance of rain, i believe they should have to endure the consequences. And B-as my eyes were shooting them daggers behind my sunglasses (I never guarded without sunglasses on, even on cloudy days) I was SCOPING out ANY sign or flash of lighting!

I mean... how DARE that FAMILY ruin my carefully thought out plans for my GUARANTEED day off???

So when my family woke up Saturday morning with dark clouds looming overhead and the sound of thunder by the mountain slowly moving the direction of the water park we were going to and informed me.

"The storm will pass... it usually does. We are still going!"

We became THAT family to those lifeguards at the water park!

I hang my head in shame.

Not an hour into our water park adventure... a MONSOON hit the park and we were told that the park was shutting down.

The relief on the completely covered from head to toe lifeguards faces was exactly the same relief I probably showed years ago when WE would finally shut down the pool on THAT family.

FTR-I was against going to the Water Park--but my family was determined... it was planned and they were going.

But we DID get FREE passes to come back again on a SUNNIER day! :)



Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you didn't die!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Everybody's "that family" sometime. At least you've gotten it out of the way.

Cameron said...

You should have improvised...just send the kids out in the backyard and hook up a sprinkler. It's a win-win!

Youngblood4ever said...

I am one of THOSE parents that looks for any reason to get out of said planned activity. If there is ONE cloud in the sky I have often been heard saying "looks like rain, I'm pretty sure we should just stay home."

Barbaloot said...

Hmm-my FHE group is going slip n' sliding tonight despite the fact that it's probly gonna be pouring. And I can't wait! I guess we're one of THOSE wards:)

Anjeny said...

Oh Shelle...I can see you pointing your finger at me...yes, we're THAT family too! But to protect myself, I'm going to say that I am actually like Jules up there, the ONE who is always looking for any excuse to get out of any planned family activity.

My hubby on the other hand, is one persistent bugger...if it's planned, even a tornado wouldn't stop him from carrying out that activity...yep, that's how determined he can be.

Glad you're able to get some free passes to go back.

springrose said...

We are that family all the time, mostly because we have 5 children! Noise follows where ever we go!

T said...

now you've gotten the best of both worlds - a fairly empty water park AND passes to return on a better day! (hopefully the lifeguards don't have photos of "that family" posted so that they can harass you on your return visit)

and I keep debating SITScation... but I think M.O.T.H. would not appreciate it if I bailed on our anniversary weekend... maybe we can celebrate early? yeah, I'm not holding my breath either :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kristina P--Yes, well we COULD have died by lighting striking us for being there during a lighting storm... but you're right, glad we didn't!

DGB-HA! True... thank goodnes!!

Cameron--you are SO full of knowledge... seriously, you should write a book!

YOUNGBLOOD__HAHAHA!!! okay, me too... since life guarding killed my desire to ever swim for recreation!

Barbaloot--see but that's fun cause you can flirt and be cute and there's BOYS... when you're married with kids... not so fun! :)

Anjeny--Me you and Youngblood are peas in the same pod... and it sounds like our hubbies are similar also!!! So you mind me calling you up when we come to Hawaii in Oct? :)

SpringRose--Bless you and your five children. LOL... well now I'm one of THOSE families so I can't judge!

T--Fine Fine... your anniversary can come between US just this once... but after that, you've used up that sorry excuse so you'll have to think of a better one next time! :)

You guys... this post was suppose to have been edited and written a little different but my internet when down when I pressed post... so you get the sucky version!


H.K. said...

I am totally one of those families! I'm pretty stubborn so I follow thru with plans no matter the day is going or unfortunately what kind of mood my family is in.

I wish I could go to that convention with you Las Vegas it sounds fun, but it's my sons last football season in college, dang!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Funny how you can see things one way when you're a teen and it totally changes when you're a mom!

We're sooo not one of those families, but only because my husband happens to be a big baby.

P.S. I'm gonna sound dumb, but what does FTR stand for?

The Blonde Duck said...

At the Pond, Queen Bitty only allows us out to swim for thirty minutes on Saturday, monsoon, hail, tornado or snowstorm.

We take full advantage.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

OMG, I used to lifeguard and I would tell "those families" that bad weather was on it's way and all the lifeguards would be inside so they would have to swim at their own risk! Worked great until some biotch reported me! After that, my boss made me stay and clean up after everyone left on rainy days. I hate rain to this day~
Hey....I'll go to Vegas w/you! I don't have an anniversary (I don't think)!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Yep, we are often THAT family. No worries. They get paid to sit in the rain. :)

Tiffany said...

LOL Don't worry we are all THAT family at some point. Thats awesome that you got a free pass for another day though!

Just Jules said...

So, who cares. You know that they had to stay there until the announcement came in anyway... this way you gave them something to do (think evil nasty thoughts about you) to pass the time. You are providing fabulous life lessons and work ethics to the youth of America

Melinda said...

I'm from Washington, so if you don't suck it up and deal with bad weather, then you pretty much just live inside. But thats a little different than here in Utah, where it doesn't rain 75% of the time! haha You're funny!

Anjeny said...

You're coming to Hawaii in Oct? Before or after your Vegas meet? I just read that Vegas thingie up there...I would love to do that, my bday is just day before so that would be a great bday treat, wouldn't it? My gigantic enormous problem would be convincing the man to fork up the dough..he's sooo darn stingy I'd have to come up with a really compelling reason for the trip...hmmmmm.

Anjeny said...

Oh right, I most certainly have to look me up when you get to this rock...a MUST, I tell

Marla said...

isn't it awesome how we've grown up to be so many of the things we wouldn't... i'm still trying to figure out what if anything i thought when i saw a woman who was 38 when i was 15... thinkin i never noticed her...

binks said...

You're going to Hawaii again?!?!?!
And you say I travel a lot. I don't get to go to cool places like London and Hawaii.
♫ ♪ J-E-A-L-O-U-S!! ♫♪ ♫

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