Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yea...this is me frustrated...

Before I say anything I want to say...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope your turkey's dead and your naps long!!!

Don't You Hate It When--

Yea Don't you hate it when you put a fun game out there on the internet and people get all crazy over it and make it NOT fun by accusing REALLY good people of cheating!

Let me get this out there so EVERYONE understands my side of things.

First of all...I'm a chill person. I don't take things that seriously (you would probably know that if you read my blog on a consistent basis)...that goes for my contest. I set boundaries and rules and for the most part people adhere to them.

Voting on a poll.

I CAN'T help how the poll vote comes out. It comes out how it comes out. I checked my FeedBurner and from what I could came from legitimate websites. I checked in the history of hits and where they came from. There was a time there where 3 contestants were kind of neck and neck...all getting a crazy amount of votes from a site that blocks peoples someone or people were voting for EACH contestant of the three throwing in more than one vote.

Guess what...

I don't care.

The last votes coming in towards midnight were all legit from what I can tell.

So this is the part that makes me sad...

I'm okay with people NOT happy about the outcome emailing me and venting out their frustrations...

What I really think while I read the emails is this...IT'S a CONTEST...a GIVEAWAY of sorts...its FREE STUFF...why are people crying over it?

I can understand being mad...venting...and then it's done...

sometimes even I have to do that...which is why you are getting this post.

But what I HATE and what made me decide to write this post is--PEOPLE EMAILING OTHER PEOPLE IN THE CONTEST AND SENDING THEM HATE EMAIL accusing them of CHEATING.

I want you to know right NOW...that if you point the FINGER and accuse people you DON'T EVEN KNOW of cheating...then you better be a freakin' SAINT...and I mean PERFECT!

Especially over MY contest...where I am just happy for people to enter and be a part of it! And because I KNOW in my gut that no one cheated on PURPOSE...yes there was someone voting for each contestant from an hide-your-address-site...but that was for those TOP three in the running...and even for the 4th contestant...but only like two votes.

So basically there is NO need to accuse just ONE person...point fingers at all four!

This is what makes people not want to HOST contests or GIVEAWAY's because some immature people.

So this is how it's going to be for this contest.

I am going to FORFEIT the poll and choose myself who I thought was the funniest post along with a few other trusted sources...

Drumroll please...

And the winner a split decision...

Crash Test Dummies!!! Congrats Crash...

Please email me with your address so we can send the quilt VIA snail mail!!! And I'll send you the Amazon Gift cards through email!

Now...nobody cheated and everyone is happy! Or at least I am...and let's be honest...that's all that matters.



P.S. Because Of this...I am going to host the contest probably ONE more time to give the last of my Donated things away and then I'll probably bag it! So watch for my upcoming post for the ONE day in December! Love ya all!

Don't you hate it when that happens?

P.P.S. If you have Hate tendencies where you get volatile over free things...please stop following me because you probably won't like the way I do things! Or how I handle them...and you make me sad. I hate being sad. :)

P.P.P.S. I am blocking comments because I just needed to get this out...

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